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The Leading Edge Workshops

**Due to budgetary uncertainty, The Leading Edge for 2016 will be postponed until further notice.  Please check back or email Human Resources, humanres@eiu.edu, if you would like to be notified when the schedule is released.

Electives (need three)
*** Mandatory modules are only offered to Leading Edge participants.  Elective modules are open to the university community.  To view or register for upcoming electives, please go to our registration page.
Introduction and University Organization
The goal of this module is to help set the stage for ongoing learning and organization development at Eastern Illinois University. A general discussion of the characteristics and skills of an effective supervisor are compared to participants own supervisory strengths and weaknesses based on responses to a self assessment tool. The Leading Edge program is explained and supervisors will formulate their personal objectives and goals for this program. The supervisors are introduced to the university's organization and discuss their role in the successful accomplishment of the university's mission. (mandatory)

Managing University Resources
This module introduces specific university policies that deal with the management of resources. Specific topics include budget planning and execution and responsibilities for safeguarding university resources. This module is presented by representatives of Planning, Budget, and Institutional Research, Procurement, the Business Office, and Internal Auditing. (mandatory)

Adventures in Leadership and Team Building
Supervisors will start by defining leadership and discussing the characteristics of "quality leadership." Utilizing an assessment tool, they will also talk about the ways leaders can bring out the best in others, build commitment to goals and the importance of leading with integrity. The Team Building workshop will be interactive and lively and the participants will leave with their own personal plan for "quality leadership" and being a part of a team. (mandatory - this counts as two modules)

Labor Contracts and Discipline
This module examines the supervisor’s responsibility in the discipline process (before, during and after).  The workshop offers ways to communicate and work through discipline issues before they become a formal discipline process. "Collective bargaining" and the supervisor’s role in a collective bargaining environment is also discussed. (mandatory)

Legal Responsibilities and Safety
This module identifies the legal and ethical responsibilities of supervisors with regard to managing our diverse work force. The ADA, FOIA, FMLA, discrimination in employment, and harassment on the job are included in specific issues discussed as well workers' compensation procedures and safety issues. (mandatory)

Performance Evaluation
In this module we will look at the performance appraisal "process." As supervisors and employees, we shudder at the thought of a performance appraisal. Through the information and discussion you will find the performance appraisal is an ongoing process that will turn the "shudder reaction" into a healthy communication tool and professional development opportunity. (mandatory)

Interviewing, Hiring, and Retaining Employees
This workshop explores proper interview techniques to ensure a thorough and fair process for choosing the best candidate.  After the employee is hired, the most important part begins for the supervisor.  The supervisor will learn ways to retain the employee by development and motivation.

The Respectful Workplace
This workshop explores the reasons why we sometimes do not treat one another with respect and what specific actions we can take to ensure our behavior is respectful to our coworkers. The supervisor's responsibilities are stressed. The program explores our own biases, examines how experiences shape perception, and provides tips for how to let others know when they have offended us or those around us.  (mandatory)

Ouch! Your Silence Hurts!
This workshop explores the high cost of silent collusion, the power of the bystander to make a difference, and enhance skills necessary to become an effective ally.   We are the audience and we have a major part to play.  We will also explore the main question, "Who am I to get involved?"  You have a voice - Your silence hurts.  (mandatory)
Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts!
This workshop explains the damage done when a bystander or victim stays silent to inappropriate and stereotypical comments. Using this program as a base,the workshops explores our own biases, examines how experiences shape perception, and provides tips for how to let others know when they have offended us or those around us.  We can all use a broader understanding of the impacts of stereotypical language. (mandatory)

Customer Service for Supervisors
We discuss the supervisor's role in making sure his or her unit is providing exceptional customer service as well as how to find ways to improve that service.
Ethics for Supervisors
In Ethics for Supervisors, we will discuss how we arrive at our ethical decisions and the supervisor's role in establishing and nurturing an ethical environment for our employees. We will examine the results of the recently completed ethics survey and discuss some common ethical dilemmas that supervisors and employees might face. You will critically examine your own workplace behavior to identify those actions that could be inappropriate.
Effective Communication
Lack of effective communication is often the number one complaint among employees and managers alike. Effective communication takes a lot of thought and effort. This module will explore why we have so much trouble giving or following simple instructions. We will examine how to design our messages to be more effective and how to minimize errors or confusion blamed on poor communication.
Time and Stress Management
Do you ever feel like you would need an extra pair of arms to get all of your work done? Do you find yourself making statements like, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day…”? The workshop provides you with information and skills to take control of managing your professional responsibilities. The program will provide how to prioritize tasks, review creating S.M.A.R.T. goals, offer tips on successful delegation, and more.  The module shows how time and stress management go hand in hand.
Dealing with Difficult People
Dealing professionally and confidently with difficult people, whether it's a co-worker, a student, or a customer, is one of the biggest challenges we face in the workplace today.  We will explore the various types of “difficult” people and how to work with them, how you can ensure you are not the difficulty person, and to transform conflict into cooperation. 
Working with and Developing Student Workers
Student workers are an essential element of the workforce at EIU. Where do student workers come from? What can you expect from them, and what do they expect from you? Do we have any special obligations when employing our students? Representatives from various EIU departments will identify ways to maximize the benefits of the student-employer relationship.