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The links below will direct you to the State Universities Civil Service System's website and display the general details of the classification. To view the experience, qualifications, and general duties required for the particular classification, click on the PDF or HTML version to the right of the "Class Spec".

Temporary Extra Help | Business | Clerical/Secretarial | Communications | Food Services | General | Human Resources | IT | IT | Library Services | Medical | Police | Trades/Crafts


Public Information Coordinator

Temporary Extra Help

Extra Help (Substitute) Driver (CDL License required; "P" endorsement preferred. Hire is contingent upon passing both parts of "P" endorsement test at DMV at the candidate's expense. ($5)) -- Job is Currently in Demand
Extra Help Clerical (Extra Help may be full or part time and is limited to 900 hours. Applicants for Textbook Rental Service should apply for this class.)
Extra Help Custodial (Extra Help may be full or part time and is limited to 900 hours.)
Extra Help Food Service (Extra Help may be full or part time and is limited to 900 hours.)
Extra Help Nurse (Extra Help may be full or part time and is limited to 900 hours.)


Account Technician I
Account Technician II
Account Technician III
Accountant I
Accountant I
Accountant II
Accountant III
Assistant Bursar
Assistant Chief Accountant
Assistant Comptroller
Budget Analyst I
Budget Analyst II
Budget Analyst III
Cashier III
Collection Assistant Manager
Collection Manager
Collection Representative
Collection Specialist
Image Processing Technician II
Medical Insurance Manager (Health Service)
Procurement Officer
Procurement Officer Assistant
Procurement Officer Specialist
Procurement Officer Supervisor
Program Coordinator
Statistical Clerk (This position is in the office of Planning, Budget, and Institutional Research.)


Administrative Clerk
Chief Clerk
Office Administrator
Office Manager
Office Support Assistant
Office Support Associate
Office Support Specialist
Staff Clerk


Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Broadcasting Engineer
Graphic Design Associate, Graphic Designer
Public Function Supervisor
Public Information Coordinator
Public Information Specialist
Publicity/Promotion Specialist
Radio Station Production Supervisor
Television Director-Producer
Television Program/Operations Coordinator
Television Traffic & Continuity Supervisor

Food Services

Catering Supervisor
Culinary Worker III
Food Court Attendant
Food Court Supervisor
Food Service Area Supervisor
Food Service Sanitation Laborer


Administrative Aide
Administrative Assistant
Admissions & Records Officer
Admissions & Records Representative
Admissions/Records Specialist I
Assistant Bookstore Manager
Bowling & Billiard Center Attendant
Child Care Resource Specialist
Financial Aid Adviser
Financial Aid Adviser Coordinator
Financial Aid Adviser Manager
Graduate Placement Officer
Housing Officer
Musical Instrument Technician II
Night Supervisor of University Union
Program Director
Safety Officer II
Safety Officer III
Space Administrator I

Human Resources

Benefits Counselor
Benefits Representative
Human Resource Assistant
Human Resource Assistant Manager
Human Resource Officer
Human Resource Representative
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Specialist I
Payroll Specialist II
Payroll Specialist III
Program Assistant
Training & Development Specialist I


IT Associate Director


Applications Analyst
Applications Programmer I
Applications Programmer II
Applications Programmer III
Assistant Manager
Communications Network Specialist I
Communications Network Specialist II
Communications Services Specialist II
Graphic Designer Associate/Graphic Designer
Information Technology Technical Associate - Desktop Manager
IT Manager
IT Technical Associate - Report Writer
IT Technical Associate - Technology Support Specialist
LAN Administrator
LAN Support Specialist I
LAN Support Specialist II
Microcomputer Support Specialist I
Microcomputer Support Specialist II
Microcomputer Support Specialist III
Network Engineer III
Network Engineer V
Public Information Specialist
Senior Applications Analyst
Systems Programmer II
Systems Programmer III
Web Specialist II
Web Specialist III

Library Services

Editorial Writer
Library Assistant
Library Operations Associate
Library Specialist
Senior Library Specialist


Administrative Nurse II
Administrative Nurse III
Licensed Practical Nurse I
Medical Office Assistant
Medical Radiographer Specialist
Medical Records Technician
Medical Technologist II
Medical Technologist III
Nurse Practitioner
Pharmacy Technician I
Phlebotomist I
Physicians Assistant in Medicine
Staff Nurse II


Police Lieutenant (Police testing is done as needed. Watch this website for notice when scheduled.)
Police Officer (Watch this site for news of when we will be conducting Police Officer testing again.)
Police Sergeant (Police testing is done as needed. Watch this website for notice when scheduled.)


Architect I
Architect II
Architect III
Automotive Technician
Brickmason Foreman
Building Mechanic
Building Mechanic Foreman
Building Service Foreman
Building Service Sub-Foreman
Building Service Supervisor
Building Service Worker
Carpenter Sub-Foreman
Chief Plant Operating Engineer
Coin Machine Mechanic
Construction Laborer
Construction Project Coordinator I
Electrician Sub-Foreman
Electronics Technician
Grounds Gardener
Grounds Worker
Locker Room Attendant
Mail Messenger
Mail Supervisor
Mailing Equipment Operator/Expeditor I
Maintenance Equipment Operator
Painter Foreman
Painter Sub-Foreman
Pest Controller
Pipefitter (Refrigeration Mechanic)
Pipefitter (Refrigeration Mechanic) Sub-Foreman
Plumber Sub-Foreman
Press Technician
Principal Electronics Technician
Printing Production Assistant
Roofer Sub-Foreman
Route Driver
Routing Dispatcher I
Routing Dispatcher II
Routing Dispatcher III
Steam and Power Plant III
Storekeeper I
Storekeeper II
Storekeeper III
Superintendent of Grounds
Supervisor of Building Craftsmen
Supervisor of Building Craftsmen
Temperature Control Mechanic
Tree Surgeon