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A&P Exit Procedures

When administrative and professional employees decide to leave the University, he of she must:

  • Give a signed letter of resignation or intent to retire to supervisor

  • Then, copies should be distributed to the appropriate department chair, the appropriate dean/director, the appropriate vice president or the president's office, and to the Human Resources Office of Employment.

  • It is the employee's responsibility to ensure that copies of the letter are distributed to the appropriate offices.

When the Office of Employment receives the letter of resignation or intent to retire, a clearance sheet will be sent to the employee. This form requires the employee to obtain signatures and denoting clearance from various departments on campus.

After all signatures are obtained, the clearance sheet is submitted to the Payroll Office (Old Main, Room 2011). For employees whose wages are transmitted electronically (electronic funds transfer), the clearance sheet must be received in the Payroll Office by the 15th day of the month. If the clearance sheet is received after the 15th day, a paper check will be issued.

All A&P Employees Must Return:

  • Keys

  • EIU credit cards (if applicable)

  • Telephone calling cards (if applicable)

All A&P Employees Must Notify:

  • Information Technology Services (217-581-3227) so they can cancel passwords, cancel e-mail accounts, etc.

  • Business Office (217-581-6446) so they can cancel passwords, revoke access to systems, etc.