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Apply for a Civil Service Position

Civil service openings are sometimes advertised online; however, you should test for any EIU civil service classification in which you are interested before a vacancy occurs. Read the hiring booklet we provide to learn how the hiring system works for Civil Service.  You can also read an abbreviated version of the process below.

1.  Select Job Classifications

Select two to five classifications for which you are interested in applying. Classifications are listed online or can be reviewed in person in the Office of Employment and Examinations in room 2020 Old Main.

EIU Civil Service Classifications

2.  Complete an Application

The civil service employment application can be completed online or picked up in person from the Office of Employment and Examinations (Old Main, Room 2020). Candidates are encouraged to include any additional pertinent information such as a resume or school transcripts. Regardless of how many civil service positions you are interested in, you only need to complete one application.  Once you have submitted your application, please contact us at eiu_employment@eiu.edu or by phone at 581-3911 if you have not heard from us within 30-days.  By completing the application online, you will also be able to track your progress through our examination system, including your rank on registers and when you are eligible to take each exam again.   

We currently have scores in this system for paper exams only.  E-Test scores are not available here.

3.  Submit the Application 

The civil service application can be submitted online or sent directly to the Office of Employment and Examinations. With your application, please include (in a cover letter or e-mail) the classifications in which you are interested. 

Paper applications can be sent or submitted in person to:

Old Main, Room 2020Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL  61920

4.  Candidate Screening With an Employment Counselor

The Office of Employment and Examinations screens your application materials to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications and are eligible to take the examination for a specific classification(s). You do not need to be present for the screening, but it is in your best interest to provide a phone number or email address in case the employment counselor has questions about your materials.

Screening is a process by which the Office of Employment and Examinations ensures, based on the application materials you have provided, that you meet the minimum qualifications for the EIU civil service job classifications you have selected.

5.  Status notification by an Employment Counselor

You will be notified by email or phone to schedule your appointment for each examination you qualify for.

6.  Schedule Examinations

Once the Office of Employment and Examinations has notified you of the examinations you are eligible to take, it is your responsibility to set an appointment to take a civil service examination.  For great tips on testing and interviewing, visit the Systems website at www.sucss.illinois.gov.  Click on Employment/Testing on the left banner to reveal topics of interest.

Schedule an examination appointment by calling 217-581-3911.

7.  Civil Service Examinations

Passing scores are placed on a register for that job classification in descending order. The higher your score, the more likely you'll be contacted when there is a job vacancy. If you wish to improve your score, you can retest after 30 days and up to three times in any 12-month period. Your scores will remain active until you are notified otherwise, you ask for your scores to be removed, or you do not reply to our correspondence. It is your responsibility to notify the Office of Employment and Examinations if your contact information changes.

8. Civil Service Job Vacancy

When a position becomes available, top-ranking candidates are contacted by the Office of Employment and Examinations. Interested top-ranking candidates will interview with the hiring department. 

If the hiring department selects you, a human resources representative will contact you with a job offer.

If you have any questions or concerns about the civil service application process, please contact the Office of Employment and Examinations at eiu_employment@eiu.edu or call 217-581-3911.