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The following actions will govern an extra-help employee's salary:
  1. Extra Help Appointments

    Extra help appointments must be for a minimum of 30 consecutive days but not more than 90 days. In certain circumstances, an extension to a maximum of 6 months less one day may be requested with prior approval by the Executive Director – System Office. A temporary appointee upon reaching the maximum shall be terminated and cannot resume employment in any temporary appointment in the same class until 30 calendar days have elapsed.

  2. Pay Rates

    Extra-help employees shall be compensated, in terms of direct pay, at the same rates as status employees in the classifications for which they are most closely associated. Normally, these rates are the range minima for these classifications. They are not eligible for premiums.

  3. Range Adjustments

    After the pay ranges for status classifications are adjusted, an extra-help employee whose rate falls below the new minimum shall receive an adjustment to the new minimum. Annual increases may also be given to an extra-help employee whose rate exceeds the new minimum upon recommendation from the department head and the Director of Human Resources. All extra-help range adjustments and annual increases will occur after all annual status employee range adjustments and annual increases have been made for that fiscal year. There will be no retroactivity to annual increases for extra-help employees.

  4. Overtime

    Overtime worked by extra-help employees shall be compensated in the same manner as status employees with the following two exceptions: 1) it will be compensated in cash only (no compensatory time) and 2) "consecutive days" (i.e. double time) and other overtime provision contract language of labor contracts shall not apply. Extra-help employees also shall not be eligible for benefits or temporary upgrades. Payment for work on a holiday shall be made at the rate of time-and-a-half.

Salary Administration Plan Review

The Salary Administration Plan will be reviewed annually by the Director of Human Resources, who may make amendatory recommendations to the Vice President for Business Affairs. The review shall take into account such factors as statewide or regional labor market conditions, internal and/or external pay grade relationships, concerns and/or suggestions brought forth by the Civil Service Council, availability of funds and need for policy changes.

The Salary Administration Plan is subject to revision as necessitated by changes in Board of Trustees' regulations, State Universities Civil Service System statute and rules, state and federal laws, or relevant internal governing polices.