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Unit B negotiated faculty benefits are summarized into four categories (click to expand). Links to the necessary forms are also included. For your convenience, a condensed PDF version of the information below is also available.

Basic Benefits

Health Insurance

Provided for full-time employees with a minimum contract length of 4.5 months. If employment is less than full-time*, but 50 percent or greater, participation at a cost to the employee is optional. Employees pay a monthly premium for their own coverage under any of the health plans. The premium amount is based on the employee’s annual salary. The cost of dependent coverage varies by the health plan selected.

Benefits Choice Booklet
State of Illinois Benefits Forms

Dental Insurance

Employees pay a monthly premium for their own and any dependent coverage under the Quality Care Dental Plan.

Dental Claim Form

Sample – Full time 100% employee with annual salary of $50,000



Employee & One Dependent

Employee & Two or More Dependents

Health Alliance HMO




Coventry HMO & OAP




Health Link OAP




Quality Health Care









Vision Insurance

Employees and their dependents enrolled in any of the health plans are automatically provided this benefit at no cost.

Basic Term Life Insurance

An amount equal to the employee’s annual salary is provided at no cost.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Form

Retirement Plan

Offered through the State Universities Retirement System (SURS). Participation is mandatory for employees with a minimum contract length of 4 months or more. The employee’s contribution to the retirement plan – 8 percent of gross earnings – is automatically deducted from the paycheck. Contributions made to this plan are not subject to federal or state income taxes until funds are withdrawn following retirement.

Irrevocable Election to Retire
State Universities Retirement System


Disability Plan

Disability benefits for University employees are provided through the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) at no additional cost. Supplemental long term disability benefits may also be selected.
Paid Time Off
University Holidays

The University recognizes 11 holidays for all employees, including:


Tuition and Fee Waivers


A full-time faculty member may enroll for credit for a maximum of two courses, or six credit hours, whichever is greater, in any academic term during which she/he is employed, with exemption from the payment of tuition and fees. Part-time faculty members may also be eligible for this benefit, but at a reduced number of credit hours.

Faculty and A&P Tuition Waiver
Request for Job-Related Course Form
EIU and BOT Undergraduate Application Waiver
Graduation Fee Waiver
Graduate School Fee Waiver

Child of Employee

For children of current employees with at least seven years of service, a 50 percent tuition waiver may be available for up to four years at an Illinois state institution of higher education, depending on employee’s length of service and appointment status.

Inter-institutional 50% Tuition Waiver for Children


Additional Benefits

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)Insurance

Additional Term Life Insurance, including spouse and/or child coverage

Adoption Assistance

Employee Assistance Program

Employees and their eligible dependents are provided counseling services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Contact Benefit Services, 217-581-5825, for further details.

Flexible Spending Accounts

FSA Reimbursement Request Form

Smoking Cessation

Supplemental Long Term Disability

Supplemental Retirement Plans

Tax Deferred 403b Form
Deferred Compensation 457b Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Form 
Deferred Compensation 457b Change Form

U.S. Savings Bonds

Leave for Court Required Service

Leaves of Absence

Bereavement Leave

Family and Medical LeaveMilitary Leave

For information regarding any of the benefits listed above, please call the Benefits Office. 

Summary of Unit B Faculty Benefits (pdf)

This information is a summary of available benefits and should not be interpreted as policy. It is not intended in any way to replace or supplement a collective bargaining agreement.  If you have any questions please contact the Benefits Office.