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Benefits Choice FY2018

May 1st to May 31st

Benefits Choice is the time to make changes to your insurance selections. You can add or drop dependents, add or drop health and dental coverage, change your health insurance provider, and more!

This year's Benefits Choice period runs from May 1st to May 31st and changes are effective July 1st. There are a few updates worth noting for this year's Benefits Choice.

Benefits Choice FY2018 changes include; no paper forms, name change, premium changes, and continued participation.

FY18 Benefits Choice Booklet 

Benefits Choice FY18 Flyer

No Paper Forms

Benefit enrollment and changes will be done online through MyBenefits Marketplace. To login to MyBenefits please click here.

For open-enrollment training resources please click here.

Name Change

Coventry Health Care's name has been changed to Aetna. This includes HMO and OAP plans.

Quality Care Health Plan (QCHP) will transition from Cigna to Aetna pending on litigation.

Premium Changes

Monthly premiums have not changed for full-time employees. However, part-time employee monthly premiums will increase.

Continued Participation

Re-enrollment is required for continued participation. If you are currently enrolled, please review your annual contribution amount to determine if it still meets your needs. 

MCAP maximum contribution amount increased to $2,600; $500 maximum rollover remains.

Additional Benefit Information
Sick Leave Bank

If you are a previously enrolled in the Sick Leave Bank, you will be re-enrolled automatically. New members can sign up on PAWS during the Benefits Choice period.

If you are interested in becoming a Sick Leave Bank member, you can view the policy and enrollment instructions.

Flexible Spending Accounts

The Flexible Spending Account Program helps save money by getting medical, dental, and or dependent care expenses out of your pay check tax free! ConnectYourCare is the program's administer.

If you are interested in signing up or re-enrolling for a Flexible Spending Account you can do so during the Benefits Choice period through MyBenefits.

Additional Resources

Life Insurance Coverage

Statement of Health Form

Opting Out of Coverage

Part-time Employees-Waive Coverage

Part-time Employees Insurance Coverage