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Administrative and Professional

Administrative and Professional employees are managed by the Office of the President and the Vice Presidents.

Health Insurance

All employees pay a monthly premium for their own coverage under any of the health plans offered. The premium amount is based on the employee's annual salary. The cost of dependent coverage varies by the selected health plan.

Dental Insurance

Employees pay a monthly premium for their own and dependent coverage under the Quality Care Dental Plan.

Vision Insurance

Employees and their dependents enrolled in any of the offered health plans are automatically provided with Eye Med Vision Insurance at no cost.

Sample: Monthly premium for a full-time employee with an annual salary of $50,000



Employee + Spouse


Health Alliance HMO








Health Link OAP




Quality Health Care (Aetna)








Life Insurance

Employees are automatically provided with Term Life insurance coverage at no cost. The coverage is equal to the employee's annual salary. An employee can be insured for additional coverage through Member Optional Life and can select up to eight times the Basic Life amount. An employee can also choose Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Spouse Life, and Child Life coverage.

Click here for more information on life insurance coverage.


Offered through the State Universities Retirement System, the employee's contribution to the retirement plan is 8% of gross earnings. This contribution is automatically deducted from the paycheck. Contributions made to this plan are not subject to federal or state income taxes until funds are withdrawn following retirement.


Disability benefits for university employees are provided through SURS at no additional cost. Supplemental Long Term Disability benefits may also be selected.

Vacation (Accrued) Leave

Employees with twelve-month contracts will earn vacation leave at the rate of two days per month. Temporary positions will not earn vacation leave in the first year.

Sick Leave

Employees earn ten non-cumulative and eighteen cumulative sick leave days per contract year. Temporary positions earn ten to twelve days non-cumulative per year, based upon contract.

Employee Assistance Program-Magellan

Everyone needs help from time to time dealing with life's challenges. Often, it's not the unexpected event that catches us off guard. It's more likely the predictable events and transitions in our lives — things like starting a new career, marriage, the birth of a child, the challenges teenagers present, or buying a house — that find us unprepared. When you have a physical problem, you talk to your doctor. But who do you talk to when you're looking for ways to better manage your life?

When you feel like you need help dealing with a situation that's troubling you, call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is a confidential assessment and referral service that will link you to EAP counselors, who will help you develop the life management skills needed to enjoy life more fully. The EAP is available to you and your eligible dependents.

EAP is confidential personalized care.

To access services call 1-866-659-3848 and visit https://www.magellanassist.com/default.aspx for self-help tools and resources for life's challenges and opportunities.