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Dr. C.C. Wharram, DirectorC.C. Wharram

Welcome to the Center for the Humanities! While I was appointed Director in January of 2014, I couldn't begin to offer the opportunities, events, and outreach for which our Center has become known without the help of our fantastic office personnel (below), the chairs and members of our many committees, and our affiliate faculty

My own research in the Humanities focuses on translation studies, Romantic and Gothic literature, and the intersections between literature, philosophy, and science in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Of late, I've become intrigued by  scholarship that puts the humanities, translation, and the nonhuman into conversation, to which my recent essay "Nothing Human" in Educational Theory (October 2014) testifies. Last year, I also edited a special volume on “Teaching Romantic Translation(s)” for Romantic Circle Pedagogies (July 2014). 


Caitlin Danforth, Social Media Manager

Caitlin Danforth

I am a senior at EIU, studying English with a minor in Creative Writing. I'm currently completing undergraduate thesis work focusing on children's and young adult literature, specifically examining the effects of death and grief on young people. Outside of the office you can find me at Padovan Pool as a captain of the EIU Women's Swim Team. I run the Twitter and Facebook pages for the Center for the Humanities; check out our pages for info on internships, career opportunities, and events on campus.


BaileyBailey Martin-Giacalone, Assistant

Hi! My name is Bailey Martin-Giacalone, and I am a sophomore at EIU. I am majoring in biology (pre-med) and minoring in music and chemistry. I am a part of the EIU Symphony Orchestra, Wind Symphony, and Oboe Studio. I am also an undergraduate research assistant and an RA on campus. I am extremely excited to be working with the Center for the Humanities. I love the interdisciplinary aspect of the medial humanities research that Dr. Wharram has been cultivating, and I hope to be able to contribute to the success of the Center.



Austin Parrish, Assistant

I am a junior here at Eastern Illinois University majoring in Biology focusing in Austinpre-medicine with a minor in Chemistry. I currently do undergraduate research work under Dr. Anabela Maia, where I study the evolutionary aspect of dorsal, caudal and anal fin development in basal bony fish. Also, I look at the morphology as well as the genes involved in the placement of these fins and  the role they play in routine swimming. Outside of the Humanities center, I can be found at the Ray Padovan pool as a member of the Men's Swimming program. I'm also a teaching assistant (TA) for Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II. I can also be found tutoring for the athletic department in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Spanish.  Dr. CC Wharram has intrigued me when it comes to relating medicine to humanities and I am excited to be a part of this team!