The challenges of this new century call for innovative ways of translating research into action, creating citizens who will be more effective in their personal and professional lives. A mid-size regional state university, EIU is a model for democratic, liberal arts education and takes seriously its responsibility to serve as the intellectual and cultural center of the surrounding region.

With the development of a Center for the Humanities, housed in the College of Arts and Humanities, EIU embraces the opportunity to generate conversations that challenge and define our culture and our conventions. Translating between historical and contemporary worlds, and exploring the benefits of disciplinary cross-fertilization, we also strive to establish communication between the studies of academia and the everyday lives in our community.

Programs and courses sponsored by this center explore the translation from global investigations by university researchers to local understandings of culture. Our center for the humanities will bring together diverse traditions and methods of critical inquiry. We envision a place where faculty and students can access popular notions of the humanities and make our specialized work speak to the public, even as we reach out to our audiences with new information and ideas to foster creativity, engender tolerance, and spark further dialogue.

Nota Bene

Consider proposing a talk as faculty speaker for the Humanities Center! You can apply here.




Announcing the new chair of our Digital Humanities Committee, MJ Rymsza-Pawlowska!  

 The committee will be putting together a series of flash-talks that will address research and pedagogical questions of concern to the humanities and beyond. 

 Chair Rymsza-Pawlowska and her committee [Steve Brantley, Jay Grabiec, Newton Key, and CC Wharram] will work together to create The Digital Humanities Initiative, a web-based repository that will provide an overview of some of the interesting work currently underway at Eastern.

 If you are a faculty member or graduate student at EIU and would like to be part of our Initiative, please contact us! 



The Humanities Center's last interdisciplinary lunch for the Spring 2014 semester is scheduled for Thursday, May 1st from 11:30am-1:30pm in the Edgar Room of Booth Library.  We hope everyone can attend in order to hear about the Center's successes this year and to learn more about next years' events!