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The Center for the Humanities promotes team-taught courses that forge inroads between disciplines, between theory and practice, and between thought and action. Through these courses, we offer a forum for faculty to challenge the discursive limits of their own disciplines through exposure to the “languages” of others. Leading a Humanities Interdisciplinary Course is as much a chance to learn as it is to teach.

Our Curriculum Committee is looking for affiliated faculty interested in collaboratively teaching fall semester HIC 2000G Introduction to the Humanities: Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving or spring semester EIU 4114G Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies in Matters of Culture (Senior Seminar). The courses will be team-taught, with both faculty members receiving 3 c.u.s. for the course.

If you have an idea, and know someone from a department other than your own with whom you’d love the chance to teach, contact us about the possibilities, or take a look at the straightforward online application forms for HIC 2000G, the interdisciplinary introduction to the humanities (here) and EIU 4114G, the interdisciplinary senior seminar (here). We simply ask that you 1) explain your idea, 2) provide a brief overview of some of the material you’ll cover, 3) show why your topic or problem lends itself well to an interdisciplinary course and how it will appeal to undergraduate students.

Faculty members interested in teaching one of these interdisciplinary/integrative humanities course can click here for the application to teach HIC 2000G or here for the application to teach EIU 4114G. Applications are due on the first Monday in October. Review and approval will be handled through the CTH curriculum subcommittee.

Applications for the 2016-2017 academic year are now being accepted!