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Homework Heroes Academic Mentoring Program is a program designed to support and promote academic excellence. The program offers a way for residents to find other students that can provide help with materials presented in classes as well as provide general academic advice. The Homework Hero Academic Mentoring Program strives to provide a comfortable atmosphere where students can discuss academic goals.

Our goal is to strengthen students’ academic skills while helping them work with the appropriate campus resources to address their concerns. The Housing Professionals and Student Staff members work hard to ensure that all of its residents receive the advice and support they need to academically succeed. 

All Homework Heroes are volunteers that share interest in helping their peers achieve their academic goals. Homework Heroes choose what subject area that they believe they are capable of helping their peers. As Homework Heroes accumulate service hours they are entered for monthly prizes. In addition, volunteers will be able to document their service hours through the Office of Community Service and will be eligible for the United States Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Here are some things homework heroes may assist with – (Request a HomeWork Hero)

  • Your homework!
  • Calculate GPA
  • Monitor your academic progress
  • Direct you to Student Success Center or Writing Center, etc.
  • Direct you to campus and community resources and services.
  • Assist you with setting academic goals

Homework Heroes get to- (Sign-up to be a HomeWork Hero)

  • Develop interpersonal skills.
  • Gain teaching experience.
  • Become a student leader within your community.
  • Count time commitment as community service.
  • Strengthen your own knowledge – the best way to learn is to teach.
  • Make an impact in someone’s life.
  • List this experience on your résumé. 
  • Be a mentor!