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Sororities on EIU's Campus  
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta Sigma Kappa    Sigma Kappa
Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Sigma Sigma Sigma  Sigma Sigma Sigma
Alpha Sigma Alpha  Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma Theta  Delta Sigma Theta
 Alpha Sigma Tau  Alpha Sigma Tau Zeta Phi Beta  Zeta Phi Beta
Kappa Delta  Kappa Delta Delta Delta Delta  Delta Delta Delta
Delta Zeta  Delta Zeta    

  Fraternities on EIU's Campus
Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha    
Sigma Nu  Sigma Nu Sigma Alpha Epsilon  Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Kappa Alpha Psi
 Kapa Alpha Psi Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta 
Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon

Greek organizations that reside outside of Greek Court: 
Sigma Lambda Gamma Sigma Lambda gamma Phi Kappa Theta  Phi Kappa Theta
Sigma Pi  Sigma Pi Pi Kappa Alpha  Phi Kappa Alpha
Beta Theta Phi Beta Theata Phi Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega
Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha