Dean Richard England - A Bit of background 


I taught for many years at Salisbury University where I also directed the Honors Program. I study science in controversies in which there are competing claimants for the laurels of cultural authority. As a historian I have particularly focused on the late nineteenth century. So for instance, I have explore Victorian efforts to reconcile the first chapters of Genesis with modern science; controversies over vivisection; and arguments over the nature of knowledge at the Metaphysical Society (1869-1880),

I am also interested in  twenty-first century controversies, such as debates over evolution, climate change, genetic modification, and pollutants. 

My other main scholarly interest, particularly in recent years, is Honors pedagogy and Honors programs in general, as you can see from a list of my recent essays below. 

If you have really run out of fun things to look at on the internet, you could check out my short C.V., or look at the essays below. 



Assorted Scholarly and Popular Writings with Links where Available

This list is intended to supplement my C.V. and provide links to some material which is either readily available online or to provide context. Some of the short essays in the Saunterer are really just for fun, but I enjoyed writing them!

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