Qualities of Honors Courses at Eastern

An ideal Honors Course at Eastern Illinois University ...

Encourages critical and analytical thinking, and provides ample opportunity for structured reflection,

Incorporates problem-solving skills;

Engages students in the learning process;

Sharpens communication skills;

Is integrative, and connects skills and knowledge gained from multiple courses and experiences;

Accentuates one-on-one interactions;

Exhibits inquiry-based learning;

Encourages collaboration in assignments and projects;

Encourages intellectual curiosity and intellectual risk taking;

Evidences openness to new ideas; and

Demonstrates pedagogical innovation and experimentation.


As appropriate to the scope and focus of the course, Honors courses ...

Are interdisciplinary;

Emphasize diversity and global learning, and encourage intercultural knowledge and competence;

Are writing intensive; and

Emphasize service-learning and community based-learning in order to allow for real-world application of knowledge.