Honors College Alumni

Dear Alumni -

Following our successful gathering last August, I would like to invite you to another gathering of EIU Honors College alumni and guests at the Brick House tavern in Downers Grove from 7-9 pm on Friday May 12th. Jack Pine, the benefactor of the Pine Honors College will attend, as will professor emeritus John Best, and several other professorial friends of Honors. I will also bring some current students along. We would all be very glad to see you (or see you again). I also hope that EIU Honors graduates of the past will be able to connect with EIU Honors graduates of the future. 

The gathering is free of charge - there will be a light buffet dinner and a cash bar. The restaurant address is 1461 Butterfield Rd, Downer’s Grove, IL.

Please RSVP at http://goo.gl/LM2wDr - or just e-mail honors@eiu.edu – you can also let us know whether or not you will be bringing a guest.

I look forward to seeing you and hearing about what Honors has been for you, letting you know what it is now, and talking about what it will be for the next generation of EIU students.

Richard England

Dean, Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College

@RichardKEngland on Twitter


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Thank you for your memories, news and your continued support!