Study Abroad

Presidential Scholars are expected to design an "honors experience" that is approved prior to their participation. One potential experience that we encourage students to consider is participation in a study abroad program. We encourage not only the Presidential Scholars to participate in study abroad, but all honors students to consider it as part of their holistic growth. Students typically return reporting that they cannot decide what they have learned more about - the culture of the society they have visited, or themselves!

Study Abroad at Eastern is administered through the Office of Study Abroad, and it can recommend a wide variety of study abroad experiences for any student. Whether you want to participate in a Spring Break program in Nicaragua, an interdisciplinary faculty-led program for part of the summer to Egypt, Turkey, and Greece, or want to student teach in New Zealand, it will have a program, or several, for you.

If you need help selecting a program based on your major, please review the Office of Study Abroad's advising sheets, which has information from a variety of majors.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to go over any study abroad idea and help you fit it into your Honors Experience.