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Funding Opportunities

Grad School Funding: Exploring the Possibilities

We are committed to working with students to defray expenses of our program. In particular, we offer promising students a number of graduate assistantships—providing tuition remission and a living stipend. Through the History Department and Graduate School, we also offer programs and financial awards to subsidize student research and travel to conferences. As the cost of graduate education everywhere soars, our history master’s degree program remains an exceptional value providing an equally exceptional educational experience.


Flexible Curriculum

Putting Students First

Recent graduate Krishna Thomas and Dr. Jinhee Lee discuss how they worked towards a research subject of interest.

Graduate students in History at Eastern Illinois University encounter a plethora of study and curriculum options. Degree candidates may focus in European, U.S., or World History with a wide variety of course/seminar options in each concentration. Students also have the option of writing a thesis or completing their degree through coursework. Likewise students are encouraged to enroll in at least one independent study (a one-one course with a faculty member) during their studies.


Engaging Research

Graduate Showcase

Graduate student Aaron Psujek discusses his research on Anglo-American relations in the 1950s Middle East.

One of the hallmarks of our graduate history program at EIU is the myriad of opportunities we offer to publish and showcase graduate research and writing. All students are encouraged to present a scholarly paper at an academic conference at least once as a sort of capstone of their graduate careers. Our graduate students have presented research at conferences across the country—as far away as Texas and Minnesota. Supplemental funding for travel can be secured through the Graduate School’s Williams Travel Awards and through the History Department. The History Department’s award-winning annual journal Historia [www.eiu.edu/~historia/], featuring the best of both undergraduate and graduate research, offers another a venue for students to publish their work in a more traditional format

Graduate Showcase

Graduate student Ryan D'Arcy and Professor Debra Reid give insight into Ryan's graduate research.


Alumni Placement

Alumni of our program teach and work in a variety of fields around the country—and around the world. Dr. Eva Pfanzelter (class of 1994), for instance, is now professor of History at the University of Innsbruck. A remarkable number of our students are now in History doctoral programs, including Western Michigan University, Cornell University, Iowa State, Purdue, Arizona State, and the University of Illinois-Chicago. Other alumni have gone on to enjoy fruitful careers teaching in secondary schools and community colleges. Recent graduates hold tenure track positions at the Moraine Valley Community College in the Chicago area, and Ivy Tech in Indianapolis. Three recent graduates, trained by Asian scholar Dr. Jinhee Lee, are currently teaching English in Japan. Finally, some alumni, harnessing the transferable skills honed in our graduate program, have pursued careers outside academia—taking jobs in the finance, sales, law, consulting and marketing fields. As students face life after their graduate studies at EIU, our faculty stand prepared to provide vital support.