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Dr. Edmund Wehrle

Dr. Edmund Wehrle

Office: 2576 - Coleman Hall
Phone: 217-581-6372
Fax: 217-581-7233
Email: efwehrle@eiu.edu
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For over a half century, our graduate program has produced outstanding historians who have gone on to positively impact our country and world as educators, researchers, lawyers, librarians, etc. Our master’s degree program in History provides students a personalized, accessible yet intense and challenging graduate education experience. We put a premium on flexibility (with concentrations offered in U.S., European and Modern World History), small seminar-style classes (capped at nine students), close faculty-student interaction, and numerous opportunities to develop and practice the skills of independent research, writing, and critical analysis.  The curriculum combines traditional approaches with innovative, thematic courses in social, cultural, gender, and global history.

We have over 20 faculty members — all with Ph.Ds from top ranking universities and all engaged in research, having produced dozens of books and articles in the past several years. Simultaneously our faculty has earned reputations as dedicated teachers, committed to their work both in and outside the classroom. A 2007 review conducted by EIU’s Council on Graduate Studies and Graduate School awarded the History graduate program the distinction of “first choice”—the first campus program to be so honored. In 2012 the EIU Graduate School renewed renewed our “first choice” designation.

Every year between nine and 12 students enter our program. Roughly 10 percent pursue our thesis option; the remainder complete their degree through coursework. While the program and curriculum is challenging, our students have thrived. Almost universally, graduates praise our program as an important stage in their professional and personal lives.

Among the hallmarks of our program is the myriad of opportunities we provide to publish and showcase graduate research and writing. We urge all students to present their research at an academic conference at least once in their graduate career (funds to supplement travel and registration expenses are available through our department and through our graduate school). Our students also edit and publish an annual scholarly journal entitled Historia.

If you have questions or concerns about our program and the opportunities we provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.

-Ed Wehrle