HA class of 08-09 at the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, IL

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HA Class with Mr. Riccio at the end of installation week



The Curators: Lauren Wojnarowski, Saige Jedele, Chad Burroughs

Provided specialist information on the subject matter and undertook any necessary research. As the major contributors to the brief, the curators identified, located, selected and if necessary negotiated the acquisition and/or loan of material. Provided label copy, references for illustrations, etc. Above all were enthusiastic about their subject matter.



The Designers: Kim Grauf, Jenn Fair

Contributed to the brief and undertook any preliminary programming and/or feasibility study. Undertook research into exhibition methods, materials, and solutions. Produced and supervised the production of work drawings, specifications, tender work documents, and developed a construction budget. Ran the design review meetings and supervised the production and installation of the exhibit.



The Educators: Anthony Bowman, Amanda Paszek

Contributed special knowledge on educational aspects of both the subject and the exhibition to the brief. Undertook research as necessary and advised on aspects of educational psychology and technology. Planned for educational use of the exhibit and devised associated teaching materials. Worked with Curators and Designers to refine the content and exhibition elements.



The Registrars: Katie Ebeling, Chris Davis, Kitty Nowak

Kept track of the exhibit artifact list and filled out information on object data sheets. Made arrangements for loans and kept files of all paper work. Managed artifact location and condition reports. Worked with the Photographers to record the artifacts on exhibit. Set up the schedule for traveling exhibits and helped to coordinate the installation of the objects in the exhibit.



The Website Designers/Photographers: Tamara Wolski, Betsy Giles

Photographed or scanned all two dimensional graphics for inclusion in the exhibit. Used digital camera primarily for artifact record keeping. Kept a photographic record of the exhibit development process as well as shots of the exhibit after installation. Worked with Educators and Curators to develop the label copy for the website. Designed and constructed the website for the exhibit.



Guest Curator and Client: Sharon Stovall, Matthew Mittelstaedt

The guest curator helped with weaving terminology, label copy editing, and wrote the introductory statement for the exhibit. Sharon's years of weaving experience helped the team in developing the content of the exhibit.

The client set the goals of the exhibit, the target audience, space, and total project budget. Oversaw the contracting between all parties. Gave final approval of design and label copy.



Additional thanks to Katie Ebeling and Lincoln Log Cabin for providing photographs for the website.