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  Team meeting at Lincoln Log Cabin


The planning of an exhibit is a complex process. The HA class began work on "From Fiber to Fabric: Uncovering the Handweaving Process" in August 2008.

The steps of development included:

Front-End Analysis involved assessing what potential visitors already know about the exhibit subject. With this data, the exhibit team can be sure they are not making assumptions about content or design elements.

The Design Brief laid out the communicative goals of the exhibit. The main themes were decided upon and potential problems, including conceptual limitations and space constraints, were identified. This was our first attempt to wrap our minds around the exhibit. Naturally, our ideas changed and evolved.

The Floorplan showed a top-down view of the E and Brainard galleries, drawn to scale. This assisted with the practical layout of the exhibit, making sure that all of the objects fit nicely in the galleries while allowing appropriate room for visitor traffic.

Front Elevation drawings provided a head-on view of each wall, drawn to scale. These drawings helped the exhibit team plan where to hang each artwork.

The Exhibit Binder, turned in at the end of December 2008, charted the class' progress throughout the first semester. The program instructors and Lincoln Log Cabin representatives were able to assess the progress and direction of the exhibit in preparation for next semester.

BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS of the HA class working on the exhibit development