Exhibit planning at Lincoln Log Cabin


Meeting with Matthew at Lincoln Log Cabin



Matthew discussing an idea for the exhibit



Kitty unveiling the pop-up



Kitty and Chris setting up the pop-up



Chris and Mr. Riccio evaluating materials for the vignette



Kitty showing the class where some of the materials are stored at Lincoln Log Cabin



Kim, Anthony and Mr. Riccio evaluating the tall display case



Saige, Kim and Chad discussing their visions for the exhibit


Chris cutting wood for his interactvie at the sculpture studio



Mr. Riccio and Kim looking over plans for the tall case



Kitty and Lauren picking out wood for the floor and the barrier



Saige measuring the board for the floor



Working hard on label copy in the lab



Saige sewing the pillow for the vignette



Chris testing out his interactive



Saige, Kitty, Amanda, and Kim hanging our first coverlet


Tamara, Anthony, and Katie pondering the process case's display