Instructions for YouTube Upload


Step 1: Make you own video clip using you camcorder, cell phone, or camera.
Step 2: Convert the video into one of the acceptable formats for YouTube such as AVI, WMV, & MOV. Make file small while retaining high quality. Most camera devices save the file in a YouTube acceptable format.
Step 3: Visit the YouTube website. Click “Upload” in the upper right-hand corner. Sign in to you account or create a new account.
Step 4: Enter information about you video such as title, tags, category, & a brief description.
Step 5: You will have the option to set your video to “Private” or “Public.” Please make sure it is set to “Public.”
Step 6: Click “Upload video.” Click on Browse. Find your video & click on the “Upload” button. This will upload your video to the YouTube website.

If you have problems uploading your video, please contact Catherine Bocke at

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