Need Help Quitting?



On Campus

HERC Programs can be tailored for a specific group or topic, these programs will be presented by the Substance Abuse Coordinator.

If you are ready to quit smoking, the HERC offers free personalize smoking cessation sessions to help you quit smoking. You will work directly with the substance abuse coordinator to reach your goals.

Located in the human services on campus the clinic will be able to help to help you quit smoking, by prescribing medications, counseling patients, and treating current health concerns

Off Campus

The Coles county offers some wonderful programs for the residents of the county. Residents can request a program for their business or organization. If you are ready to quit smoking the program "Breaking the Habit" in collaboration with the Illinois quitline is available. The Coles county health educator is Lee Ann Bryant, R.N. and can be contacted at (217) 348-0530.

Participants will be able to call 1-866-QUIT YES (1-866-784-8937) and receive professional tobacco cessation session over the phone. Counselors are available 7am to 11pm everyday of the week. Participants will be able to receive free nicotine replacement therapy, if their insurance doesn't currently cover replacement therapy. 

The American Lung Association offers, The Freedom From Smoking® group that includes eight sessions and features a step-by-step plan to quitsmoking. Each session is designed to help smokers gain control over their behavior. The clinic format encourages participants to work on the process and problems of quitting both individually and as part of a group. Call (1 800) LUNGUSA or (1 800) 586 4872 for more information.

The American Cancer Society offers downloadable and printable guide to quit smoking. They also offer a quit line for individuals that want more information about what it will take to quit smoking.

The EX Plan is a free quit smoking program that helps you re-learn your life without cigarettes. The plan helps you to re-learn the habit, re-learn the addiction, and re-learn the support needed to quit. The plan helps to better prepare you to quit for good.