Residents of Chew Vegas

Residents of Chew Vegas come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. The residents of Che Vegas are called "Chewies."  Chewies can range from early teens to 100 years of age.  Chew Vegas is a very diverse place that is made up of a wide range of races and ages.  However, it is mostly comprised of males.  Chewies have 3 social classes:

  • Newbies: People who just moved into Chew Vegas and love every second of it.

  • Dippers:  After the initial rush of being a Newbie and loving everything that Chew Vegas has to offer, some residents become complacent with their current lifestyle and contemplate a change of scenery.  These residents will decide whether they are going to move out or become Lifers of Chew Vegas.

  • Lifers:  This group has been in Chew Vegas for over 15 years and is showing no sign of moving out.  They are content with their lifestyle and are going to live with the consequences of being a Chew Vegas resident.