Myths About Chewies

MYTH: Chewies consume less nicotine than smokers.

FACT: Holding a dip in your mouth for 30 minutes equals the same amount of nicotine in three cigarettes.  A two-can-a-week dipper equals one and a half packs per day of nicotine

MYTH: Chewies are great athletes because they dip.

FACT: A study consisting of professional baseball players found no connection between spit tobacco use and player performance.

MYTH: Chewies have good teeth because they floss.

FACT: Brushing and flossing does not undo the harm that dip and chew are doing to your teeth and gums.

MYTH: Dipping is a harmless alternative to smoking.

FACT: There is a warning label on it for a reason!!! Spit tobacco still has nitrosamines, cancer-causing chemicals from the curing process.

MYTH: They can leave Chew Vegas when they want.

FACT: It is still a nicotine addiction, therefore it very hard to kick the habit.  HOWEVER, those who do are very happy.

 Retrieved from: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services