Chew Vegas: A Man's Best Friend

A man would never leave his home without his best friend.  They are constantly attached at the hip and can never get enough of each other.  They will do anything for each other and drop all plans if they are in trouble. His brother's wedding, his child's first baseball game, nothing is too important that they can not take five minutes for some alone time.  Their loyalty to one another can be compared to that of a mother and her first born.  They are constantly on one another's mind and their love is deeper than the ocean.  A man's best friend is....his tin!

Nicotine: Highest to lowest levels of selected brands

  1. Kodiak Wintergreen
  2. Skoal Longcut Straight
  3. Copenhagen Snuff
  4. Copenhagen Long Cut
  5. Skoal Bandits Mint
  6. Hawken Wintergreen

List is provided for information only.  NIDCR and NCI do not endorse the use of any tobacco product.