What Step are You at?

Precontemplation: You don't even know that a problem exists.

  • You have not even considered the possibility of quitting.


Contemplation: You realize that you have an issue, but are not ready to try to quit.

  • You go back and forth about your readiness to quit.


Preparation/Determination: Stating that you are ready to quit.

  • Start creating a Quit Plan about how to quit and what steps will be taken next. 

  • DECIDE ON A QUIT DATE.  (usually within 2 weeks is best)

  • Taper down the amount that you dip.

  • Cut back where and when you chew.

  • Notice what friends and co-workers do during normal dipping times.

  • Build a support team: tell friends and family you are quitting.


Action/Willpower: You actually quit using tobacco.

  • Focus on all the things you don’t like about dipping or chewing.

  • Write down reason to quit.

  • Make your day special from the beginning.

  • Change routines.

  • Keep busy and active.

  • Chew substitutes: sugar-free gum, cinnamon sticks, mints etc.



  • 2 Days after quitting:
    -Increase your physical activity
    -Give yourself a pep talk and remind yourself of the reasons you are quitting
    -Use nicotine lozenges, patches, or gum
    -Ask your friends and family for support and understanding
    -Avoid situations where you may chew

  • 1 Week after quitting:
    -Buy yourself a treat
    -Give yourself a pat on the back
    -Use nicotine lozenges, patches, or gum
    -Tell your friends and coworkers about your success

  • 2 Weeks after quitting:
    -Think about the benefits of being Tobacco Free
    -Plan new ways to deal with stress
    -Challenge yourself: cut back on Nicotine


  • Get back on the right track.

  • A slip does not mean a failure!

  • Learn from your slip.

  • Pick up right where you left off.

  • Don't give up!

  • Call resources/help lines
    -National Cancer Institute: 1.800.422.6237
    -National Network of Tobacco Cessation Quitlines: 1.800.784.8669
    -NCI's Smoking Cessation Quitline: 1.877.448.7848