Open Session Schedules for 2013

Open sessions require no registration and are FREE to students. So be sure to stay updated on dates and locations and stop in for a fun learning event!


Rubber Lovers

Rubber lovers open sessions teach students the basics for safer sex, including the 18 steps to proper condom usage. Upon completion of the session, students will receive one free safer sex packet per month for one year. Each session is approximately one hour.


  • 3/3: MLK Union - Arcola/Tuscola Rm, 6pm
  • 3/6: MLK Union - Charleston/Mattoon Rm, 6pm
  • 3/19: MLK Union - Martinsville Rm, 7:30pm
  • 3/24: MLK Union - Arcola/Tuscola Rm, 6pm
  • 4/2: MLK Union - Martinsville Rm, 7:30pm
  • 4/10: MLK Union - Effingham Rm, 6pm



All sessions meet in the MLK UNION MARTINSVILLE ROOM

  • 2/27: 7pm
  • 3/27: pm


Sleep Open Session

Learn the importance of healthy sleep habits and ways to achieve those goals from our Community Organizing & Leadership Coordinator.

  • 3/20: 7pm, MLK Union - Effingham Rm