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Free Flu Shot Clinic (Students Only) in the Fall Semesters

Influenza (commonly known as the flu) and colds are among the most common infections of the respiratory system. People often confuse the two, calling a bad cold the "flu" or vice versa. There are some key differences between these two unwelcome visitors even though they are both caused by viruses and are both likely to occur during the winter months. However, the information here is as useful in July as it is in January.

As a college student, you are even more likely to catch the flu! College students live in close quarters with their roommates, share bathrooms, and participate in social activities that make them more prone to catching the flu. A hangover and dehydration may also weaken your immune system making you even more susceptible.

Every year the EIU Health Service offers free flu vaccines to students. Stop by the Bridge Lounge of the MLK Union during the scheduled date in the fall semester!  Stay tuned for the 2016 date and details! 

Help spread the word!  Below you may print your own poster or quarter flyers for the event! 

For additional resources on cold and flu, please click here.