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Financial Health: Identity Theft


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How identity theft can occur:

  • Dumpster diving
  • Stealing wallets and purses
  • Stealing mail
  • Pretending to be a representative of a company or a government official
  • Internal employee theft
  • Phishing
  • Skimming

Why are college students the highest age group at risk?

  • Easy access to Social Security number
  • Many students do not balance their checkbooks, view credit card statements
  • Receive excess credit card offers
  • Inexperience

Ways to protect yourself

  • Shred everything with your information on it (even if its just your name or address)
  • Never give your social security number or other personal information to anyone unless you initiated the call and are fully aware and trust the person with whom you are giving the number
  • Check your credit report. Be aware of what is on it and make sure all the accounts on the report were initiated by you

To gain more information on identity theft or if you feel you are a victim - call (217) 581-7786 or stop by the Health Education Resource Center located in the Student Services Building at Eastern Illinois University and schedule a Financial One-On-One peer education assessment today.