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Signs of gambling problem

  • Much of your thoughts and or concentration are focused on gambling.
  • Time loss from school or work due to gambling.
  • Relationships with others are being affected because of gambling.
  • Gambling with borrowed money or credit cards, that you know you can't pay back
  • After a loss do you feel you much play again to regain losses?
  • After a win do you feel like you need to keep playing to win more?
  • Considering stealing to finance gambling?
  • Considering suicide as a result of gambling?

Internet Gambling

  • There are more than 1,400 internet gambling sites on the Web.
  • Internet gambling is the fastest growing part of the gambling industry.
  • The United States has no regulations or control over Internet gambling.

(Oregon State University, 2007)

Gambling can lead to a serious addiction. To find out more about gambling or to evaluate a friend's gambling practices - call the Financial Health Education Coordinator. You can also set up a One-On-One financial assessment with the Financial Health Education Coordinator. To schedule call (217) 581-7786 or stop by the Health Education Resource Center located in the Student Services Building.