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CRAWL stands for Choosing Responsibly and Within Limits.  It is based on the latest and best practices in addressing substance issues with College Students. Below is a description of the program and how to sign up for the program. 

Current CRAWL Attendees: Click here to complete eCHECKUP-to-go. 


The CRAWL Program is designed for students who are first time offenders not viewed as a SIGNIFICANT offender of the University Student Conduct Code for substance use. The program is based on the eCalc presentation that has a series of interactive exercises that raise awareness to myths and realities at it relates their own drinking habits. It also provides alternatives to their current drinking habits so they can make better choices in the future.

The program is scheduled to meet for an hour, one time, in an assigned room on campus. Students are generally referred by judicial affairs whenever they have violated the Student Conduct Code. The charge for the group is $35. If you want more information on how to make a referral you can contact the Health Education Resource Center at 217-581-7786 or the Office of Student Standards 217-581-3827 Monday - Friday 8-4:30pm.

 Advanced CRAWL

The Advanced Crawl Program is a 4 week group experience designed to help students who have committed a significant alcohol or marijuana-related violation of the Student Conduct Code.  The program is evidenced based, employing the most up to date interventions for college students with substance abuse. Students participate in 4 group sessions where their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about alcohol and marijuana are addressed by various individual and group interventions.  The participants complete pre and posttest surveys to assist in measuring changes in their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. 

The alcohol group addresses the pharmacological vs. expectancy effects of alcohol.   The participants monitor their drinking weekly where feedback is provided to them each week.  The participants develop a goal to follow in the second week of the program and report out on their goal each week to the group.  They are educated on BAC, protective factors and standard drink size.  They implement action plans in their goal that includes reduction of drinking, use of protective factors and a plan for safe drinking. 

The marijuana group consists of tracking their cannabis use, goal setting for use reduction, learning about physical and psychological effects of marijuana use, learning about triggers for use and developing the skills to cope with these cravings, identifying automatic thoughts that lead to use and skills to challenge these thoughts, and how to manage slippery slope situations that lead to marijuana use. 

Both groups conclude their participation by an individual meeting two weeks after the final group that reviews the pre and posttest measures as well as their efforts since the conclusion of the group sessions.  

Sign Up Below for the Advanced or Basic Crawl you can attend.