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Diverse Options

There are four options in the major of Health Promotion. They are not the typical fields of the health profession.

To which of the following would you say “yes”?

Community Health

Would you find it rewarding to help people make informed decisions about their health? A health educator works with nonprofit groups, local public health agencies and health care systems. Click here to learn more.

Health Administration

Does helping health organizations achieve maximum efficiency offering the best quality services appeal to you? This entry level program ties health services with business administration. Click here to learn more.

First Responder

Does helping others during an emergency sound rewarding to you? Do you want to help organizations and communities with disaster preparedness? Are you a first responder looking for a bachelor’s degree program that builds on your professional training? This is the option for you. Click here to learn more.

School Health

Are you passionate about influencing the health choices of children in a secondary school setting? Be a School Health teacher. Impact the lives of children.


Are you looking for a way to enhance and expand your career options? A minor can complement the professional training you are getting in your major, and expand and diversify your potential employment opportunities. Click on the links below for more information about the minors offered in the Department of Health Promotion.

Community Health minor

Supplements your major with coursework directly related to health education and health promotion in the community setting. Click here to learn more.

Health Communication minor

Is a unique program in the state of Illinois which combines health knowledge with communication skills to change health behaviors. Click here to learn more.

Safety and Driver Education minor

Designed for future teachers, gives you the qualifications to teach driver education to potentially earn additional income. Click here to learn more.

School Health minor

Designed for future teachers, will expand your employment opportunities by adding a second field of teaching to your credentials.

Faculty Highlight

Dr. Sheila Simons has been a faculty member in the Department Health Promotion for nearly 25 years.  Recently she has taken on the role of the Graduate Coordinator for the program's new M.S. in Health Promotion and Leadership.  Dr. Simons is a terrific role model and mentor to junior faculty.  What is really extraordinary is that she has become this superb teaching professional, while still providing extensive service to the university, her college, her department and community, and maintaining an enviable research agenda.  Dr. Simons was also instrumental in the development of the department's new Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness option.  

Her collegiality, generosity of spirit, and positive impact on her students, the university and community at large are unsurpassed.  We are pleased that Dr. Simons has been named the department's first faculty member to be highlighted. 

Capstone Experiences


The internship experience is a vital component in the overall professional preparation of students in the Health Promotion major at Eastern Illinois University with the Community Health, Health Administration, and First Responder options. From local agencies, to state and national associations, and international settings, the internship is designed to provide the student with professional work experiences beyond the classroom.

Internship with ADAInternship2

Student Teaching

The student teaching experience takes place in settings ranging from home town schools to multicultural national and international settings. From classroom observation to small group teaching, and finally student teaching, Health Promotion students receive many opportunities to develop into school health teachers.

Faculty/Student Collaboration

From the first moment students enter the Department of Health Promotion to their time as a professional in the field, faculty members are dedicated to providing the resources and assistance to help students succeed. Through these faculty-mentored experiences, students are equipped with the latest concepts, theory, and best practices in the health studies profession and an ability to think critically in an ever-changing global society. A few of the specific examples of the Department’s faculty-mentored experiences include:


Faculty work with students in conducting contemporary research and creative activities. Students have the opportunity to present their research at local, state, and national conferences.

Research 1

Research 2

Research 3

Research 4

Creative Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in various experiences outside of the classroom.

Creative activities 1

Creative activities 2

Creative activities 3

Creative actives 4


Skid Monster

Video demonstration of the Skid Monster interactive driving system. Click here to read more...


National Health Education Honorary

Etta 2

etta 2

The Beta Nu Chapter of ESG is the active health education honorary and registered student organization at Eastern Illinois University. Students participate in chapter activities such as teaching, research, and service projects: student/faculty collaborated projects, volunteers opportunities, professional conference attendance, professional involvement opportunities, job and intern information.

Health Fair

Students in the School Health Option develop, implement and assess a health fair in local public schools each year. This activity provides an opportunity to combine skills and knowledge obtained in the classroom while interacting with real students in a school setting.

Health Fair 1

Health fair 2

Health fair 3

Health Fair 4

Case Study Competition

Majors have the opportunity to demonstrate professional skills developed during their time as students by participating in a national Case Study Competition sponsored by the Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE).

Since 2007, EIU teams have consistently finished in the top three places.

Case study photo one

Case study photo 2Case study photo 3






Fostering a sense of “community.”

Simply put, the faculty of the Department of Health Promotion cares about its students. Faculty recognize success goes beyond student performance in the classroom. Also of importance to faculty, is personal development. Students are encouraged to develop their skills by attending workshops, research symposiums, and conferences. These experiences help establish a strong sense of professionalism.

Achieve Your Goals

The ultimate goal is to be employed! Whether your plans are to work as a health educator, health administrator, first responder, health teacher, or furthering your education, the Department of Health Promotion can help you reach your goals.

We have a proven track record of students who have completed degrees in Health Promotion and are happily employed and working in the world of health.

What are your possibilities?

Here are job facts from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Health Educators and Community Health Workers.

Number of Jobs in 2012: 99,400

Job Outlook, 2012-22: 21% (Faster than average)

2012 Median Pay:

Health educators: $48,790

Community health workers: $34,620

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014): “Growth will be driven by efforts to improve health outcomes and to reduce healthcare costs by teaching people about healthy habits and behaviors and utilization of available health care services.”