Psychiatry and Mental Health


Mental Health:

  • Consultation and Treatment

  • Our Psychiatrist, Dr. Lo has appointments on Wednesdays

  • $20 Co-pay/$30.00 no show fee

  • Referral Required

Adult Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Services:

  • Consultations and Treatments

  • Available Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

  • $20 Co-pay/$30.00 No show fee

  • Call or go on-line for appointment. No referral necessary.

    A $30 no show fee applies to:

  • Mental Health visits with Dr. Lo

  • Mental Health visit with Kim Dowland, Adult Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

  • Women’s/Men’s health visit

  • Travel Consults

  • Dietician visits with Laura Jacob, Registered Dietitian