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See the war through their eyes...

Welcome to the exhibit website for "Experience of the Illinois Civil War Soldier: Reflections through Art and Artifact." In conjunction with the Tarble Arts Center, the Eastern Illinois University Historical Administration program assembled a focused collection of historic items to portray what life was like for a soldier from the state of Illinois.

Over the short span of seven months, our class of eleven students coordinated and assembled this exhibit with the cooperation of various institutions including the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the Illinois State Military Museum, the Chicago History Museum, and Bishop Hill State Historic Site, who each lent us images and artifacts. Objects were also lent to the exhibit from Reynald Everett, Jr. and the collection of Dr. Robert Sterling.

On display from April 13th through July 7th, the exhibit will be held in the eGallery of the Tarble Arts Center, located on Eastern Illinois University's Campus.

This year's exhibit team is listed below. Click on each student's name to visit their personal page.

Molly Brown, Curator/Registrar
Felicia Camacho, Educator
Danielle DiGiacomo, Photographer/Web Designer
Wade Ellett, Registrar
Josh Jordan, Designer
Dan Lund, Photographer/Web Designer
Anna Mullen, Registrar
Michael Smith, Curator
Clarissa Thompson, Curator
Katherine Unruh, Designer
Susan Voskuil, Educator
Rick Riccio, Instructor/Project Manager
Mike Watts, Director of the Tarble Arts Center
Dr. Mark Hubbard, Guest Curator
Dr. Terry Barnhart, Faculty Advisor
Mike Schuetz, Advisor