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Interpreting for Public Audiences 

In this sequence, students examine the history of museums and exhibits, historical interpretation, museum education, digital applications, public history, research methods in local history, project management, visitor studies, and the theories, principles and critiques of interpreting for the public. Students will research, design and install an exhibit, along with researching, designing, and presenting public programming.

HIS 5020: Historical Interpretation for Public Audiences

Students will examine the purpose, content, and communication processes involved in interpreting the past through artifacts, historic sites, and associated public programs. The course is organized around field-wide issues related to historical interpretation for public audiences, the different venues in which interpretation occurs, and the identification and application of the key elements of effective public programs.

HIS 5040: Research Methods in American Local History

This course explores approaches, models, and methodologies involved in interpreting the histories and cultures of American communities in their national, regional, states, and local contexts. The course fosters original research and writing into the history of a local community and examines the issues and problems associated with doing American local history. Students will explore the nature of localized records in the United States and systematically interrogate the sources of American local history according to critical historical method.

HIS 5110: History Museum Exhibits I

While studying the role, function, and development of history museum exhibits as part of its interpretation for public audiences, the students will plan, research, and design an exhibition in collaboration with a local museum using standards and best practices of the museum profession.

HIS 5111: History Museum Exhibits II

In this second semester of History Museum Exhibits students will continue to study the role, function, and development of history museum exhibits as interpretation for public audiences. The students complete the final design phase of their exhibit project, and fabricate, install, and evaluate the exhibit.