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Curating Collections and Built Environments 

In this sequence students will be immersed in the critique, practice, theory, and history of the management of archival and museum collections, and of the built environment.  Topics include physical and intellectual control of collections, professional standards, planning, and digital applications relevant to curation.

HIS 5030: Introduction to Archival Methods

Students are introduced to the method and theory of archival administration.  The course covers the history of archives, current archival practice, the public dimensions of archives such as the development of outreach programs, and issues relating to access and preservation of archival material through digitization.

HIS 5060: Historic Preservation in the United States

This course provides an introduction to the practice, theory, and history of the field of historic preservation, with a focus on preservation practices at historic sites.

HIS 5090: Care and Management of Historic Artifacts

Students are introduced to the physical and intellectual management of collections with the goal of mitigating deterioration.  Topics include material identification, museum registration and cataloging standards, preventative conservation, and planning for long-term collections development and stewardship.