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Life Science BuildingThe Life Science Building in September, 1962. I hope you recognize this, there were a couple of ashes in this, I don't know if I can point out an ash, although along Seventh Street there are some pine. There are some honey locusts in here somewhere.      

Life Science Building AnnexAddition to the Life Sciences Building in June, 1969.  You know all about this.      

Room 205Room 205 in the Life Sciences Building in 1967. This is botany laboratory room 205 in 1967. There was a 1912 picture of the [botany] laboratory so I put the two pictures together. The 1912 picture [taken from the 1913 Warbler] is the west end of Old Main and you can see the dearth of materials on the lab tables. But, the one thing that is common in both pictures is this chart of Agaricus campestris, a meadow mushroom.  It's a delight to eat if you can find them. There it is, the same chart, right there. This chart, in this picture, right there. I wish it were a little brighter, but there it is in a black and white picture. So you can see 1967 and 1912 like this and this chart has -- is it still around? -- it is? -- This has been a remarkable chart because I think it came from the year one. I'm not sure about that.      
Fourth StreetWest side of Fourth Street from the 1947 Warbler.  South on Fourth Street we now have the Science Building and the Gym. After the war, they put in a lot of temporary barracks so that these veterans that got married could go to school.  A lot of veterans lived in here for several years. This didn't last too long. Here's the campus lake.    

Shahrer FieldSchahrer Field in 1938. (Ed. The stone with the name on it is now west of Booth Library) This is Schahrer Football Field. It is the southwest corner of the 40 acres and I want you to see the bleachers right there, see the bleachers?  Boy, they're enormous bleachers! Of course there were more bleachers on the west side of the football field. You see, we didn't want to treat our enemies too well. We just give them sort of miserable bleachers to stand on and yell from. These are sassafras trees in the grove I was telling you about in the southeast corner of the campus. 

Now, are you ready for what's standing on the sassafras?       

Booth LibraryWest side of Booth Library in the Fall, 1954.  Here it is. I don't think any of you ever saw this picture. And I hope you recognize it as the library. ‘Cause, there, see the top of the library? And, they put so much money into the front of the library, and the front entrance is hardly used today, and it's a disgrace because of the million dollars they put into this to make it cathedral-like and we come in over here through the new annex. But, there is the library--you ready?      

Booth LibraryWest side of library with the Gregg Triad in the foreground in April, 1969.  There it is. See it right there? That's the library. Of course this is Weller, Ford, McKinney and especially the bean joint.  That's called Greg Triad I believe.   I believe Gregg Triad has hidden the beautiful view of the library from the west side.      

Booth LibraryBooth Library in Fall, 1954.  And here is the library from the north, looking at this quite cathedral-like building.  Most of the buildings were at the north end of the campus. And, this building — Gee — it was way down there. Why, who can walk down to the library? That's an awful distance down there. One time I was taking a beginning botany class around to show the little trees in the grove down here.  This is after about seven weeks of school.  We were walking along and this one boy said to another, "What is this building?" The second boy said," I really don't know, but I think they say it's the library." And the first one said, "I've never been in it." And the second one said, "I haven't either."  Well, this is the library that was built w-a-y-d-o-w-n-t-h-e-r-e near Cleveland.      

Booth LibrarySouth of Booth Library.  This is an aerial view of the library. Behind the library was a flower garden filled with iris.  That's Cleveland Avenue.  The Life Science Building is right over there to the left.  In here we had an outdoor theater. It was about 4 or 5 feet up from the walkway to the top of the seats. And they had plays on this area and people sat in this semicircle to watch the plays. It lasted a few times but I think probably the mosquitoes were a little discouraging.  The outdoor amphitheater was taken over by the Life Science Building. The picnic grounds were to the left of this picture in the woods. I want you to see this flower garden behind the library here. Ready?      

Library Parking LotParking lots south of library.  There it is. See it? That's the flower garden behind the library.      

QuadLibrary and beyond in January, 1963.  Now, of course, here is the library.  There wasn't anything beyond the library except open fields. Now look at all the building that took place down beyond the library. We have these several buildings, Life Science Building, Practical Arts Building and Thomas Hall. Anyway, the library is now pretty much at the north end of the campus and when they built the thing it was w-a-y-d-o-w-n-s-o-u-t-h at the end of the campus. So that all has happened through the years.      

Thomas HallMen's dorms under construction on August 1, 1962. Now, here is the building of Thomas dormitories.      

Thomas and Andrews HallsThomas and Andrews Halls in April, 1969. And here is the Practical Arts Building, Home Economics and Industrial Arts Education, Thomas Hall and Andrews Hall.  And what do they call this beanery here? Anybody know? Oh, is it Thomas-Andrews Food Service? OK, thank you very much.      

Applied Arts EducationApplied Arts Education Center on June 14, 1967.  Here is the Industrial Arts, Home Ec and Education Building. This was taken from the west side of campus by Coleman Hall.      

Coleman HallColeman Hall in October, 1965.  And this is Coleman Hall and everybody knows I ought to take another picture because there is more added to Coleman Hall back there but this was the original Coleman Hall.      

South QuadSouth Quad.  And, now we have south of the library this interesting mall. It's quite attractive. But, you see, this was just a field and you know, I heard a couple of students discuss this one day and they said, "I wish we could park in that area there." They were going to park all through this. Thank goodness somebody kept them out. But, that's the way of the world, they want the greatest convenience. This is south of the library. Who would ever have dreamed there would be all these buildings south of the library?      

Sunset over the golf courseSunset over the golf course at Eastern in 1940. I'm on Fourth Street looking west. After the 40 acres they eventually bought 80 acres.  Really it was 72 acres because an old road that meandered down towards Lincoln Log Cabin State Park cut off a corner of this 80 acres and so the school bought 72 acres. Eventually they bought the corner and got 80 acres out of it. We're looking west and there is nothing here other than a golf course. I wish it were a brighter picture, but this is sunset, and you can see no buildings.

Lantz GymLantz Gym east side in June, 1967. Same picture today is this and you all recognize Lantz Gym.

Lantz GymLantz Gym north side In September, 1973.  This is the front of it - Lantz Gym.

Lantz GymLantz Gym from the southeast in September, 1973.  This is the east end of Lantz Gym. Inside it would be the basketball court. I don't dare call it the Cracker Box.

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