Social Event Registration Status

Social events with alcohol are governed according to policies in the "Guidelines for Fraternity and Sorority Use of Alcohol." All of these events that are sponsored by a fraternity or sorority, or would be generally perceived to be a sponsored event, must be registered with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Programs.

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Registration Status


Spring 2015 Semester

Monday, January 12th - Sigma Pi, "Cowboys," Mother's, Registered

Wednesday, January 14th - Sigma Pi, "Wall Street," Marty's, Registered

Friday, January 16th - Sigma Pi, "T-Shirt Friday," Ike's Bar, Registered

Saturday, January 24th - Kappa Delta, "New Year's Eve," The Penalty Box, Registered

Thursday, January 29th - Sigma Phi Epsilon, "Throwback Thursday," Ike's, Registered

Saturday, January 31st - Alpha Gamma Delta, "Crush Dance," Little Mexico, Registered

Thursday, February 5th - Lambda Chi Alpha, "Mardi Gras," Ike's, Registered

Friday, February 6th - Alpha Sigma Tau, "Crush Dance," Roc's Blackfront, Registered

Friday, February 6th - Alpha Phi, "Ties and Tiaras," Mother's, Registered

Friday, February 6th - Sigma Sigma Sigma, "Crush Dance," Ike's, Registered

Saturday, February 7th - Pi Kappa Alpha & Sigma Phi Epsilon, "RAVE," Friend's & Co., Registered

Thursday, February 12th - Delta Zeta, "Crush Dance," Mother's, Registered

Friday, February 20th - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Crush Dance," Ike's, Registered

Saturday, February 21st - Sigma Nu, "Crush Dance," Ike's, Registered

Saturday, February 21st - Kappa Delta, "Grease" - Crush Dance, Mother's, Registered

Saturday, February 21st - Sigma Kappa, "Crush Dance," Penalty Box, Registered

Thursday, February 26th - Delta Chi, Unnamed Delta Chi Event, The Uptowner, Registered

Friday, February 27th - Delta Delta Delta, Date Party, Ike's, Registered

Saturday, February 28th - Delta Tau Delta, "Rave," Stu's, Registered

Thursday, March 5th - Pi Kappa Alpha, "Crush Dance," Ike's, Registered

Friday, March 6th - Lambda Chi Alpha, "Crush Dance," Mother's, Registered

Friday, March 6th - Alpha Phi, "Date Night," Mother's, Registered

Saturday, March 7th - Sigma Chi, "Wake up with a Sig," Panther's Paw, Registered

Saturday, March 7th - Sigma Phi Epsilon, "Semi-Formal," Top of the Roc, Registered

Thursday, March 26th - Sigma Phi Epsilon & Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "March Madness," Ike's, Registered

Friday, March 27th - Sigma Pi & Lambda Chi Alpha, "Lucky Fest," Panther's Paw, pending

Friday, March 27th - Alpha Sigma Tau, "Semi-Formal," Penalty Box, Registered

Saturday, March 28th - Delta Zeta, "Spring Fling," The Penalty Box, Registered

Saturday, March 28th - Sigma Sigma Sigma, "Semi-Formal," Ike's, Registered

Saturday, March 28th - Delta Delta Delta, "Belles and Beaus Semi-Formal," Mother's, Registered

Saturday, March 28th - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Paddy Murphy," Friend's & Co.Registered

Friday, April 10th - Sigma Kappa, "Baseball," Ike's, Registered

Thursday, April 23rd - Delta Zeta, "America," Marty's, Registered

Friday, April 24th - Kappa Delta, "Hollywood," Meadowview GC, Registered

Friday, April 24th - Alpha Gamma Delta, "Grateful Gams," Little Mexico, Registered

Friday, April 24th - Alpha Phi, "Dazed & Confused," Penalty Box, Registered

Friday, April 24th - Sigma Pi, "Last Call," Marty's, Registered

Friday, April 24th - Phi Kappa Theta, "Semi-Formal," Mother's, Registered

Saturday, April 25th - Delta Chi, "Awards Banquet," Charleston Country Club, Registered

Saturday, April 25th - Sigma Chi, "Barbecue," Greenup/Gateway, Registered

Wednesday, April 29th - Sigma Phi Epsilon, "Last Bash," Mother's, Registered

Fall 2014 Semester

Thursday, September 17th - Sigma Alpha Epsilon & Kappa Delta, "Nerd Theme," Ike's, Registered

Friday, September 26th - Sigma Kappa, "Beyonce Party," Ike's, Registered

Friday, September 26th - Alpha Phi, Date Party, Mother's Bar, Registered

Saturday, September 27th - Delta Delta Delta, "Parking Lot Party," Penalty Box, Registered

Saturday, September 27th - Kappa Delta, Date Party, Ike's, Registered

Saturday, September 27th - Alpha Sigma Tau, "Sparkle Function," Day's Inn-Mattoon, Registered

Saturday, September 27th - Delta Tau Delta, "Delt Ladies Night," Mother's Bar, Registered

Friday, October 3rd - Sigma Sigma Sigma, NFL Draft Function, Ike's, Registered

Friday, October 3rd - Alpha Gamma Delta, "Giddy up w/ an Alpha Gam," Walkway-Mattoon, Registered

Friday, October 3rd - Delta Zeta, "Hoe Down," Mother's Bar, Registered

Saturday, October 4th - Delta Tau Delta, "Luau," Mother's Bar, Registered

Saturday, October 4th - Sigma Pi, "Game Day," Ike's, postponed

Friday, October 10th - Sigma Chi, "Fall Ball," Friend's, Registered

Saturday, October 11th - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Tee Off," Penalty Box, Registered

Saturday, October 11th - Sigma Nu, "Sigma Nu Club," Ike's, Registered

Saturday, October 11th - Pi Kappa Alpha, "Hurricane Pike," Friend's, Registered

Monday, October 20th - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Flannels," Friend's, Registered

Tuesday, October 21st - Kappa Delta & Pi Kappa Alpha, "Jimmy Buffet," Ike's, Registered

Tuesday, October 21st - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Fiesta," Friend's, Registered

Wednesday, October 22nd - Kappa Delta & Pi Kappa Alpha, "Mardi Gras," Ike's, Registered

Wednesday, October 22nd - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Kentucky Derby," Friend's, Registered

Thursday, October 23rd - Kappa Delta & Pi Kappa Alpha, "Catalina Mixer," Ike's, Registered

Thursday, October 23rd - Sigma Nu, "Kentucky Derby," Mother's, Registered

Thursday, October 23rd - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Under the Sea," Friend's, Registered

Friday, October 24th - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "America," Friend's, Registered

Friday, October 31st - Sigma Pi, "Halloween," Stu's, Registered

Saturday, November 1st -Alpha Gamma Delta, "Formal," U Hotel, Registered

Friday, November 7th - Kappa Delta, "Candy Land," Day's Inn, Registered

Saturday, November 8th - Sigma Kappa, "Boots, Chaps & Cowboy Hats," Friend's, Registered

Saturday, November 8th - Alpha Sigma Tau, "Barnyard Bash," Mother's, Registered

Saturday, November 8th - Sigma Sigma Sigma, "Country Night," Penalty Box, Registered

Thursday, November 13th - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, no theme, Ike's, Registered

Friday, November 14th - Sigma Phi Epsilon, "Kick it in the Sticks," Murphy Farm, Registered

Friday, November 14th - Alpha Phi, "Sister Set-Up," CJ's Club, Registered

Saturday, November 15th - Delta Delta Delta,"Decades," Mother's, Registered

Saturday, November 15th - Sigma Phi Epsilon, "Dad's Day," Registered

Saturday, November 15th - Sigma Nu, "Semi-Formal," Charleston Country Club, Registered

Saturday, November 15th - Lambda Chi Alpha, "Red Carpet," Mother's, Registered

Thursday, November 20th - Sigma Chi, "Thanksgiving," Roc's Blackfront, Registered

Thursday, November 20th - Sigma Phi Epsilon, "A Sig Ep Thanksgiving," Mother's, Registered

Thursday, December 4th - Delta Zeta, "Ugly Christmas Sweater," Mother's, Registered

Friday, December 5th - Delta Delta Delta, "Christmas Party," Mother's, Registered

Friday, December 5th - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Formal," Roc's, Registered

Saturday, December 6th - Phi Kappa Theta, "Festivus/Holiday," Mother's, Registered

Thursday, December 11th - Sigma Phi Epsilon, "Ugly Christmas Sweater," Ike's, Registered