Order of Omega

The Application for membership in Order of Omega for Spring 2016 will be available in February.

Eastern Illinois University is proud to host a chapter of the Order of Omega to recognize the outstanding leadership of individual members of our fraternity and sorority community. The Order of Omega helps provide scholarship opportunities for students new to the fraternity and sorority community as well as seasoned leaders. The Order of Omega has taken on projects such as philanthropic support of St. Jude Children's Hospital as well as sponsoring our annual Greek Leadership Conference.

The purpose of the Order of Omega is:

  • To recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue along this line and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment. 
  • To bring together outstanding fraternity men and women to create an organization that will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs.
  • To bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution's fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness.
  • To help create an atmosphere where ideas and issues can be discussed openly across Greek lines and to help work out solutions.


To be eligible for membership in The Order of Omega, a student shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  • One full academic year of residence in the institution where elected.
  • Junior or Senior (undergraduate) standing.
  • Rank academically above the all-Greek system average (combined fraternity and sorority).
  • Be in good standing with their affiliated fraternal organization.


2016 Executive Board

President: Molly Newland
Vice President: Benjamin Mancera
Secretary: Jessica Munkvold
Treasurer: Catie Witt


The Fall 2015 Class:

Kelsie Abolt, Alpha Gamma Delta

Sara Bongratz, Alpha Gamma Delta

Hannah Brockmeyer, Alpha Gamma Delta

Paxton Campbell, Alpha Phi

Bailey Derrick, Delta Delta Delta

Samantha Ehret, Delta Zeta

Jenn Ellinghausen, Sigma Kappa

Katherine Hickey, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Michael Kahn, Phi Kappa Theta

Jordan Knuth, Alpha Sigma Tau

Caitlyn Koch, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Kimberly Kuspa, Alpha Sigma Tau

Benjamin Mancera, Phi Kappa Theta

Robert Mitchell, Delta Tau Delta

Morgan Molitor, Sigma Kappa

Jessica Munkvold, Kappa Delta

Molly Newland, Kappa Delta

Megan Tolan, Alpha Sigma Alpha

Elizabeth Tomaszewski, Alpha Sigma Tau

Nicole Weatherford, Alpha Sigma Tau

Emily West, Alpha Sigma Tau

Kris Wilcox, Alpha Sigma Tau

Kendall Willis, Sigma Kappa

Sarah Wirtz, Alpha Sigma Tau


The Fall 2014 Class:

Haley Builta, Delta Delta Delta

Mackenzie Buob, Alpha Sigma Tau

Dani Burden, Alpha Sigma Tau

Brandon Byers, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Alyssa Carlson, Alpha Sigma Tau

Cheyenne Creek, Kappa Delta

John Curtis, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Jennifer Diehl, Delta Zeta

Kristin Fox, Delta Zeta

Dylan Greger, Lambda Chi Alpha

Stephanie Howell, Delta Delta Delta

Melanie Kaderabek, Kappa Delta

Molly Kearns, Delta Delta Delta

Alicia Kreier, Alpha Sigma Alpha

Taylor Leake, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Marissa Pettenuzzo, Delta Zeta

Ashley Renkor, Kappa Delta

Gabrielle H. Rodmaker, Delta Delta Delta

Lauren Schaffer, Kappa Delta

Jalyssa T. Woodall, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Nicolas Wright, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (Honorary)


Continuing members of Order of Omega at Eastern Illinois University:

Allie Fleming, Alpha Phi

Allison Johnson, Alpha Phi

Danielle Antonucci, Alpha Phi

Madeline Haugh, Alpha Phi

Morgan Fernandes, Alpha Phi

Abigail Howard, Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alyssa Bengtson, Alpha Sigma Alpha

Jocelyn Herrera, Alpha Sigma Alpha

Rachel Rosone, Alpha Sigma Alpha

Emily Hart, Alpha Sigma Tau

Alexandria Lohr, Delta Delta Delta

Danielle Benter, Delta Delta Delta

Danielle Sanders, Delta Delta Delta

Erica Szaflarski, Delta Delta Delta

Lauren Brzezinski, Delta Delta Delta

Ruthie Johnson, Delta Delta Delta

Crystan Wilson, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Fallon Devlin, Delta Zeta

Amanda Ziencina, Kappa Delta

Bridget DeLaurentis, Kappa Delta

Danielle Pincente, Kappa Delta

Kaelin Kwiatkowski, Kappa Delta

Katharine Colletti, Kappa Delta

Kelly Colletti, Kappa Delta

Liz Schwindenhammer, Kappa Delta

Madeline Blue, Kappa Delta

Mary Beth Xenakis, Kappa Delta

Meg Miller, Kappa Delta

Nikki Troia, Kappa Delta

Samantha Sheely, Kappa Delta

Andrew Kahr, Lambda Chi Alpha

Logan Clifton, Lambda Chi Alpha

Michael Flores, Lambda Chi Alpha

Mitchelle Gurick, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Maggie Ruettiger, Sigma Kappa

Maureen Ofiara, Sigma Kappa

Selma Smajlovic, Sigma Kappa

Taylor Gutierrez, Sigma Kappa

Eric Herling, Sigma Nu

Eric Sloyan, Sigma Nu

Kenneth Micks, Sigma Nu

Elizabeth Mahannah, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Jenna Witt, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Megan Silke, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Olivia Garrett, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Renee Mathews, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Stephanie Gibbons, Sigma Sigma Sigma


Applications to join the Order of Omega are available each fall and spring semester and new member initiation occurs twice a yer during those same semesters.  For more information, please contact Dean Harwood, drharwood@eiu.edu, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Programs.