Go Greek at EIU!

Being a part of a Greek-lettered organization is a once in a lifetime experience. You will make friends for a lifetime, and have a family atmosphere away from home. Becoming a part of Eastern's Fraternity/Sorority community will provide you with many leadership opportunities, along with many scholarships and community service opportunities. Fraternity/Sorority Life is one of the best ways to get involved both within the university and within the community.


Join Us!

The first step to becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority is to participate in the Recruitment process. Through this process, you will discover what Fraternity/Sorority Life has to offer, make new friends, and become acquainted with the Eastern Illinois University community.



Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment


Spring Open Recruitment will take place in January 2014.

Open house events:

Tuesday, January 21st
- 6-7 pm Sigma Kappa

- 7-8 pm Alpha Phi
- 8-9 pm Delta Delta Delta - Contact Haley Builta, 217.299.0404 for more information.

Wednesday, January 22nd
- 6-7 pm Delta Zeta

- 7-8 pm Alpha Sigma Alpha
- 8-9 pm Sigma Sigma Sigma

Thursday, January 23rd
- 6-7 pm Alpha Sigma Tau

- 7-8 pm Kappa Delta
- 8-9 pm Alpha Gamma Delta

Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment for 2014 will take place in September. Look for details this summer. Registration will be available on-line as of May 2014. Click here for more details.



EIU fraternityIFC Fraternity Recruitment


Fall 2013 Recruitment

Each fraternity hosts individual open house and recruitment events all year long!  Please look for flyers around campus and advertisements in the Daily Eastern News. You can find the contact information for each chapter by clicking here.



NPHC Intake

Each organization with the National Pan-Hellenic Council holds Intake according to nationally-defined processes. A minimum collegiate GPA is required, along with a record of involvement on campus. Look for information sessions scheduled as a part of each chapter's process. Generally each chapter will hold Intake just once per year.