Confidential Hazing Reporting


How to submit a confidential report 


Anonymous Hazing Report

To send a confidential report to the Fraternity & Sorority Programs Office and the Office of Student Standards, click on the link above. This link will take you to our anonymous hazing report. You can also send a detailed e-mail to Your identity will not be disclosed to the individuals or groups in question. You may be asked to submit an official statement on this matter.

You may also submit a report anonymously. However, doing so will limit the ability of Fraternity & Sorority Programs and Student Standards to fully investigate the incident.

Thank you for your help. 

Confidential Reporting via phone or e-mail

In addition to the address, individuals may report concerns about suspected hazing activities to the following GW offices:

Fraternity & Sorority Programs                    (217) 581-7665     

Student Standards                                     (217) 581-3827     

Vice President for Student Affairs                (217) 581-3221     

University Police Department                      (217) 581-3213     


Handling Reports of Suspected Hazing

Whether submitted via the on-line form, phone or e-mail, all reports of suspected hazing will be reviewed by the Fraternity & Sorority Programs office and the Office of Student Standards.

Every report will be addressed, and appropriate information will be shared with chapter leadership, chapter advisors, and National organization representatives, as applicable.