President's Fund for Research and Creative Activity

The purpose of the President's Fund for Research and Creative Activity (PFRCA) is to support projects with potential to lead to significant external funding of research and/or scholarship. Faculty members from both Unit A and Unit B are eligible to apply.

Applicants agree to submit at least one proposal for external funding within twelve months of the end of the PFRCA grant. The total amount of external funding requested must be at least four times the amount of PFRCA funding awarded. PFRCA proposals are evaluated by external reviewers and by an internal advisory board appointed by the President of Eastern Illinois University. The President makes all final funding decisions.

The amount of annual funding for projects is subject to availability of funds. Proposals for up to $15,000 will be accepted when funding is available.

The fall, 2016 competition has been cancelled. No proposals will be accepted.

Reports: A progress report, annual report, and final report are required.  The progress report will detail the achievements of the PFRCA-supported project.  The annual and final report each will disclose progress in the preceding years.  Required content includes a description of publications resulting from the project and grant proposals submitted as a result of the project.

Reports are due by July 30th of each year:


President's Fund for Research & Creative Activity Award Recipients






David Cook Math and Computer Science The Lefschetz Properties in Algebra, Combinatorics, and Geometry

Anabela Resende da Maia  Biological Sciences Evolution of median fins in basal bony fishes

Radu Semeniuc Chemistry Metal-Based Compounds for Environmentally Friendly Transformations






Thomas Canam /
Jill Deppe /
Karen Gaines
Biological Sciences Assessing the Feasibility and Environmental Impact of Native Warm Season Grasses as Biomass for Energy
Hongshan He Chemistry Molecular Engineering of Broadband Light Absorbers for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
Susan Longley Psychology Internet Delivered Empirically Supported Treatment for Somatic Symptom Disorder
Steven Mullin Biological Sciences Stable Isotopes in Semi-aquatic Serpents: A Viable Tool for Dietary Analysis in Mudsnakes (Colubridae: Francia)
Robin Murray                English                      Monstrous Nature and/in the Horror Film
Bailey Young /
Debra Reid
History Walhain Lordship Project, 2014 - 2016



Name Department Description
Christopher Hanlon English Emerson's Memory Loss
Ryan Hendrickson Political Science NATO's Leadership:  An Analysis of Secretary General Rasmussen
Mary Konkle/Michael Menze Chemistry/Biological Sciences Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Diabetes:  The Role of MitoNEET



Name Department Description
 Jeffrey Boshart  Art  Making Large-Scale Sculptures for Multiple Locations/Events
 Thomas Canam/ Peter Liu  Biological Sciences/School of Technology  Densification of corn stover for gasification technology
 Charles Foy  History  Black Mariner Database
 Tena McNamara  Communication Disorders and Science  Effects of Social Stories on Decreasing Undesirable Behaviors in Children with an Educational Diagnosis other than Autism Spectrum Disorder
 Scott Meiners  Biological Sciences  Hazelnuts and Chestnuts as Potential Crops in Central Illinois
 Michael Menze/ Britto Nathan  Biological Sciences  Effects of Estrogen on Mitochondrial Function in Alzheimer's Disease
 Radu Semeniuc  Chemistry  The Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Novel Rotaxane Systems