CITI Program Implementation

EIU IRB policy requires education on the protection of human subjects in research for all faculty, staff, and students engaged in research involving human subjects. 

To help fulfill the education requirement, EIU offered a computer-based training (CBT) course available on the EIU IRB website. While this training had been sufficient, it has not been updated since it was implemented several years ago. New issues, information, and guidance on the ethical conduct of human subjects research have evolved since the CBT was implemented.

Therefore, in March 2009, EIU implemented a new on-line training program for education on the protection of human participants in research. The new program is referred to as CITI (the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative). CITI was developed and is hosted by the University of Miami. It is a well-respected and widely-used source of web-based training in research ethics. The course content is updated and maintained by a number of nationally known IRB professionals. CITI is much more comprehensive than the EIU CBT. It is designed around topic-specific modules, each followed by a short quiz. CITI is user-friendly and available 24/7/365.

In March 2010, the CBT course was inactivated. From March 2010 onward, only CITI training will be available, and only CITI course completion certificates will be accepted for student and faculty research proposals and course certifications. No CBT certificates of completion will be honored after March 1, 2010.

For further information on CITI training at EIU, contact Cheryl Siddens in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 581-8576 or

More information on the CITI Program can be found at their website.