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Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Belleville, Patricia Ph.D. University of Illinois 1996 Aug-15 Aug-20
Boonstra, Matthew MFA Michigan State University 2009 May-14 May-19
Chi, Jenny M.F.A. New York Academy of Art 1998 Aug-15 Aug-20
Coddington, Ann# M.F.A. University of Illinois 1993 Automatic
Eskilson, Stephen Ph.D. Brown University 1995 Aug-15 Aug-20
Kahler, Christopher * M.F.A. Northwestern University 1995 Automatic
Naragon, Dwain M.F.A. Arizona State University 1981 Aug-15 Aug-20
Nivens, Charles M.F.A. Indiana University 1977 Sep-15 Sep-21
Petersen, Robert Ph.D. University of Hawaii 2001 Aug-15 Aug-20
Pocaro, Alan MFA Miami University 2009 Dec-12 Dec-17
Richardson, David MFA Indiana University 2001 Aug-15 Aug-20
Adjunct Members
Becker, Anne Ed.D. Aurora University   Dec-16 Dec-19
Cress-Ackerman, Sarah Ph.D. University of Missouri 2015 Dec-16 Dec-19
Delacruz, Elizabeth Ph.D. Florida State University   Dec-16 Dec-19
Heins Langan, Jeannie Ph.D. University of Illinois 1995 Dec-16 Dec-19
Rice, Erin MFA Southern Illinois University 2015 Aug-16 Aug-17
Associate Members

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Communication Studies

Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Baker, Sara Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2014 Sep-14 Sep-19
Gill, Elizabeth Ph.D. Purdue University 2007 May-14 May-19
Gill, Matthew Ph.D. Purdue University 2007 May-14 May-19
Gracon, David Ph.D. University of Oregon 2010 Aug-15 Sep-20
Gronnvoll, Marita Ph.D. University of Georgia 2008 May-14 May-19
Jacobs, Angela# Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2007 Automatic
Janssen Danyi, Claudia Ph.D. Purdue University 2011 Sep-15 Sep-20
Jones, Richard Ph.D. University of Denver 2009 Aug-15 Aug-20
King, Stephen* Ph.D.  Indiana University  1997   Automatic
Marshall, Rodney Ph.D. University of Tennessee 2001 Oct-09 Dec-14
Niesen, Molly Ph.D. University of Illinois 2012 Sep-13 Sep-18
Scholz, T.M. Linda Ph.D. University of Colorado 2007 Aug-15 Aug-20
Sowa, Brian Ph.D. Wayne State University 2002 May-14 May-19
Szczur, Samantha Ph.D. University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill 2011 Nov-16 Nov-21
Utah, Chigozirim Ph.D. University of Nebraska Lincoln 2015 Sep-15 Sep-20
Walus, Scott Ph.D University of Missouri 2012 Mar-13 Mar-18
Associate Members
Robinson, Andrew Ph.D. Capella University 2005 Feb-17 Feb-18
Wilson-Brown M.A. Eastern Illinois University 1992 Apr-16 Apr-17

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Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Abella, Olga Ph.D. University of New York 1989 Dec-16 Dec-21
Ames, Melissa Ph.D. Wayne State University 2007 Dec-16 Dec-21
Beebe, Randall# Ph.D. Penn State University 1994 Automatic
Binns, Donna Ph.D. University of Kansas 1994 Oct-12 Oct-17
Boswell, Parley Ann Ph.D. Loyola University 1987 Dec-16 Dec-21
Bredesen, Dagni Ph.D. University of Washington 1999 Oct-12 Oct-17
Caldwell, Melissa Ph.D. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 2009 Oct-14 Oct-19
Campbell, Julie D. Ph.D. Texas A&M University 1997 Dec-16 Dec-21
Engles, Timothy Ph.D. University of Georgia 1998 Oct-12 Oct-17
Fredrick, Terri Ph.D. Iowa State University 2004 Oct-12 Oct-17
Kory, Fern Ph.D. University of California 1990 Dec-16 Dec-21
Ludlow, Jeannie Ph.D. Bowling Green State University 1992 Dec-16 Dec-21
Markelis, Daiva Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago 1999 Oct-12 Oct-17
Martinez, Robert Ph.D. University of North Carolina 2010 Dec-16 Dec-21
Murray, Robin Ph.D. University of Toledo 1994 Dec-16 Dec-21
Park, Susie Ph.D. University of California-Berkley 2004 Oct-12 Oct-17
Pence, Charlotte Ph.D. University of Tennessee, Knoxville 2011 Feb-15 Feb-20
Ringuette, Dana * Ph.D. University of Washington 1990 Automatic
Smith, James D Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University 2003 Dec-16 Dec-21
Smith, Jamila Ph.D. Ohio State University 2012 Oct-12 Oct-17
Swords, Stephen Ph.D. University of Colorado 1990 Dec-16 Dec-21
Taylor, Tim Ph.D. University of Alabama 2002 Dec-16 Dec-21
Vietto, Angela Ph.D. Penn State University 2000 Oct-12 Oct-17
Wharram, Charles Ph.D. University of Minnesota 2005 Oct-12 Oct-17
Wixson, Christopher Ph.D. Indiana University 2000 Dec-16 Dec-21
Worthington, Marjorie Ph.D. Indiana University 2000 Dec-16 Dec-21
Adjunct Members
Prince, Adam Ph.D. University of Tennessee 2012 Oct-14 Oct-15

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Foreign Languages

Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Canfield, Stephen Ph.D. University of Illinois 1992 Aug-12 Aug-17
Routt, Kristin Ph.D. Indiana University 1998 Oct-14 Oct-19

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Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Barnhart, Terry Ph.D. Miami University 1989 Apr-12 Apr-17
Beck, Roger Ph.D. Indiana University 1987 Apr-12 Apr-17
Curry, Lynne Ph.D. University of Illinois 1995 Apr-12 Apr-17
Duestua, Jose Ph.D. University of Paris 1989 Apr-12 Apr-17
Elder, Sace# Ph.D. University of Illinois 2002 Automatic
Foy, Charles Ph.D. Rutgers University 2008 May-14 May-19
Hardeman, Martin Ph.D. University of Chicago 1992 Apr-12 Apr-17
Hubbard, Mark Ph.D. University of Massachusetts 1998 Apr-12 Apr-17
Key, Newton Ph.D. Cornell University 1989 Sep-12 Sep-17
Laughlin-Schultz, Bonnie Ph.D. Indiana University 2009 Nov-15 Nov-20
Lee, Jinhee Ph.D. University of Illinois 2004 Apr-12 Apr-17
Mann, Brian M.A. University of Texas at Austin 2005 May-14 May-19
Reid, Debra Ann# Ph.D. Texas A&M University 2000 Automatic
Patterson, Lee Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia 2003 May-14 May-19
Shelton, Anita Ph.D. University of Washington 1986 Automatic
Shirley, Michael Ph.D. University of Illinois 1997 Apr-12 Apr-17
Small, Nora P.* Ph.D. Boston University 1994  Automatic
Smith, David Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania 1995 May-12 May-17
Wehrle, Edmund F. Ph.D. University of Maryland 1998 Apr-12 Apr-17
Young, Bailey K. Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania 1975 Apr-12 Apr-17
Adjunct Members
Miller, Patricia M.A. University of Illinois 1972 Apr-16 Apr-17
Riccio, Rick M.A. University of Arizona 1978 Apr-16 Apr-17

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Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Adjunct Members
Bright, Amanda MA Eastern Illinois University 2006 Jan-17 Jan-20

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Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Cheetham, Andrew DMA Eastman/University of Rochester 2004 Sep-15 Sep-20
Cromwell, Anna# DMA University of Minnesota 2006 Automatic
Eckert, Stefan Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook 2000 Nov-16 Nov-21
Fagaly, Sam DA University of Northern Colorado 1998 Sep-15 Sep-20
Gregorich, Shellie* Ph.D. University of Oregon 1998 Automatic
Johnston, Paul MM Indiana University 2002 Sep-15 Sep-20
Larson, Danelle DMA Arizona State University 2010 Sep-15 Sep-20
Neal, Alicia DM Northwestern University 2007 Oct-12 Oct-17
Robertson, Jemmie DM Northwestern University 2006 Nov-16 Nov-21
Rossi, Richard MFA Carnegie Mellon University 1994 Oct-13 Oct-18
Ryan, Jamie MM University of Wisconsin 2002 Sep-14 Sep-19
Smith, Magie MM Ohio State University 2003 Nov-16 Nov-21
Associate Members
Bowman, Jonathan DMA Eastman School of Music 2013 Nov-16 Nov-17
Decker, Brad DMA University of Illinois 2005 Nov-16 Nov-17
Druffel, Benjamin DMA Rutgers University 2015 Nov-16 Nov-17
Fenton, Kathryn Ph.D University of Western Ontario 2012 Sep-15 Sep-16
Jensen, Gary MM Northwestern University 1982 Sep-15 Sep-16
Johnson, Rebecca DMA University of Illinois 2010 Nov-16 Nov-17
Provenzale, Nicholas DMA University of Kentucky 2012 Nov-16 Nov-17
Adjunct Members
Pope, Andrea M.A. George Mason University 1999 Nov-16 Nov-17

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Theatre Arts

Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Doolen, J. Kevin* M.F.A. University of Illinois 1981 Automatic
Wolski, Jean Ph.D. Michigan State University 1994 Jan-16 Jan-21

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# — Graduate Coordinator
* — Department Chair