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Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 1275 Spring 2017 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.

Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

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Name City State Program
Arrington, Adrian D.Bachelor of Science
Clay, Carolyn J.Master of Arts
Frazier, Shalawn N.Master of Science
Macaluso, Anthony J.Bachelor of Arts
Morgan, Marcel L.Bachelor of Science
Peters, Samantha R.Bachelor of Arts
Phiffer, KennethBachelor of Science
Polensky, Adam D.Master of Science
Pyakurel, AsthaBachelor of Science in Bus
Robbins, Jennifer R.Bachelor of Arts
Wilson, Heather L.Master of Science in Education
Yuan, Jing Jean-PierreMaster of Business Admin
Mueller, Nickie L.AddievilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Averhart, StevenAddisonILBachelor of Arts
Eaton, Frederick S.AlgonquinILBachelor of Arts
Hoelting, Jeanine R.AlgonquinILBachelor of Arts
Brady, Martin C.AlsipILBachelor of Science
Dugan, Christopher J.AlsipILBachelor of Science
Prysock, Brittany E.AlsipILBachelor of Science
Bean, Todd W.AltamontILSpecialist in Education
Laue, Brittney L.AltamontILBachelor of Science in Ed
Luchtefeld, Jordan A.AltamontILBachelor of Arts
Phillips, Kelsey D.AltamontILBachelor of Science in Ed
Walker, Michael R.AltamontILBachelor of Arts
Dittmar, Jennifer K.AlvinILBachelor of Science
Doles, Christopher J.AntiochILBachelor of Arts
Day, Jay D.ArcolaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Gutierrez, OmegaArcolaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Helmuth, Steven J.ArcolaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Roberto, JamesArlighton Hts ILBachelor of Science
Baker, Marie N.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Science
Nichols, Jena R.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Johnson, Benjamin R.Arlington HtsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kuchenbrod, Allison N.ArmstrongILBachelor of Arts
Alexander, Gary M.ArthurILSpecialist in Education
Stack, David F.ArthurILBachelor of Science
Samala, Ram KumarAshburnVAMaster of Science
Odom, Jennifer L.AshmoreILBachelor of Science in Bus
Anderson, Lisa M.AtwoodILBachelor of Science in Ed
Sullivan, Kaitlin E.AuburnILBachelor of Arts
Apfel, Kelly E.AuroraILBachelor of Science
Burke, G. WynnAuroraILBachelor of Science
Holtgrave, Tiffany R.AvistonILBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
Cress, Amanda G.BardstownKYBachelor of Arts
Carlson, Katie E.BartlettILBachelor of Science in Ed
Frawley, Amanda N.BartlettILBachelor of Science
Gagnon, Lindsay C.BataviaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Tracy, Ryan P.BataviaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Arthur, Caleb R.Beach ParkILBachelor of Arts
Day, Kortney M.Beecher CityILMaster of Science
Hutchison, Alek J.Beecher CityILBachelor of Arts
Miller, Lauren M.Beecher CityILBachelor of Science
Haile, Hannah A.Belle RiveILBachelor of Science in Ed
Decker, Kristina M.BellevilleILMaster of Arts
Klemme, Andrew R.BellevilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Seibert, Andrew J.BellevilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Smith, Claire E.BellevilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lytel, Sarah J.BellflowerILBachelor of Science
Phillips, Sarah L.BellflowerILBachelor of Arts
Matthews, DarrellBellwoodILBachelor of Arts
Lane, Garrett A.BementILBachelor of Science in Ed
Adams, Lara K.BentonILMaster of Science in Education
Clark, Kelly A.BentonILMaster of Science in Education
Ishmael, Brittney L.BentonILMaster of Science
Oconnor, Christine K.BerwynILBachelor of Science in Ed
Abel, Emily K.BethaltoILBachelor of Arts
Solomon, Sunni L.BinghamtonNYMaster of Science
Nowack, Samuel D.BloomingtonILMaster of Science
White, Angela K.BloomingtonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Zagaroli, Eric J.BloomingtonILBachelor of Science
Dees, Marcus A.Blue MoundILBachelor of Science in Bus
Dunn, Adam M.Blue MoundILBachelor of Arts
Dalton, Kristlyn E.BolingbrookILBachelor of Science in Ed
Williams, Weldon H.BolingbrookILBachelor of Science
Litteral, Michael R.Boulder CityNVBachelor of Arts
Dean, Michele M.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Senesac, Ryan E.BourbonnaisILMaster of Science
Martin, Maxwell J.BradleyILBachelor of Arts
Urban, Ashley N.BraidwoodILBachelor of Science in Bus
Smith, Jamie L.BridgeviewILBachelor of Science in Ed
Rogers, Charles C.BrookfieldILBachelor of Arts
Hoopingarner, Rachael L.BuckleyILBachelor of Science in Ed
Dennen, Lauren B.Buffalo GroveILBachelor of Science in Ed
Rodeghero, Sarah L.Buffalo GroveILBachelor of Science in Ed
Gajewski, Michelle M.BurbankILBachelor of Science
O'Keefe, Corey L.BurbankILBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
Brown, Sandra G.CarbondaleILMaster of Science in Education
Lovelace, Kara L.CarbondaleILBachelor of Science
Abbate, Jason K.Carol StreamILBachelor of Science
LoCastro, Christina N.Carol StreamILBachelor of Science
Long, Shenell C.Carol StreamILBachelor of Science
Mazur, Russell J.Carol StreamILBachelor of Science
Salyers, Kevin R.Carol StreamILBachelor of Science
Menzer, Nicole M.CarpentersvilleILBachelor of Science
Menzer, Nicole M.CarpentersvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Absher, Geoffrey T.Carrier MillsILMaster of Science in Education
Bart, Brittany A.CaryILBachelor of Science
Brooke, Amber L.CaseyILBachelor of Science
Hibschman, Jacob F.CaseyILBachelor of Arts
McNeil, Glen A.CaseyILMaster of Science in Education
Partlow, Whitney D.CaseyILBachelor of Arts
Sullivan, James D.CaseyILSpecialist in Education
Zellers, Angela R.CaseyILMaster of Science in Education
McCloud, Nyta A.CatlinILBachelor of Arts
Morris, Branden M.CentraliaILBachelor of Arts
Smith, Amanda K.CentraliaILBachelor of Arts
Abu Salim, Bahaa A.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Anderson, Michelle S.ChampaignILMaster of Science in Education
Balsbaugh, Colin D.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bartley, Matthew L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Britt, Errol W.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Campbell, Kevin S.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Davidson, Evelyn D.ChampaignILMaster of Science
Dohman, Bradley M.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Foster, Kelly C.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Hadley, Andrea G.ChampaignILMaster of Arts
Hatfield, Hillary J.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hinton, Christopher R.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Hunter, Calvin C.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Ed
Isaac, Nichole M.ChampaignILMaster of Science
Jaskula, Ashley A.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Ed
Johnson, Iesha A.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Kleiss, Zachary J.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Koelkebeck, Daniel K.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Leman, Corban J.ChampaignILMaster of Science
Mayer, Ashley N.ChampaignILBachelor of Music
Mccurry, Frank F.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Merkle, Matthew P.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Mesker, Benjamin L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Nguyen, Nam H.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Nuxoll, Trent J.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
Obi, Nnenna V.ChampaignILMaster of Arts
Outlaw, Denise M.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Ed
Palmer, Serita N.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Ed
Patterson, Susan M.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Rowlen, Matthew J.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Schumacher, TomChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Thompson, Julie C.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Ed
Van Deursen, Ben D.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Walker, John T.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Wenzel, Brian D.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Abt, Douglas M.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Alva Gonzalez, AntoninoCharlestonILBachelor of Science
Amarh, Agnes M.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Arthur, Justin E.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Baker, BryanCharlestonILMaster of Science
Bennett, Stephen T.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Berry, Kacie L.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Brandenburg, Camron L.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Collins, Erika T.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Connolly, Brianna P.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Conwell, David R.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Cooper, Daniel E.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Cornwell, Julie A.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Cranstoun, Jeffrey S.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Dailey, Madison E.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Dickholtz, Kristen L.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Drake, Colleen R.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Duggins, Ronald J.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Ealy, Kala B.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Evans, ThomasCharlestonILBachelor of Science
Gage, Tabitha L.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Grabb, Ashley N.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Grabb, Ashley N.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Gray, Bethany A.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Hale, Grant A.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Hammer, Daphane L.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Hansen, Elizabeth R.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Harper, Melissa D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Harvey, Daniel P.CharlestonILCertificate Program
Herner, Jeffrey J.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Kash, Kathleen M.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Klipp, Mary K.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Komis, Christine E.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
LaPlante, Lauren B.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Lemmerman, Jacqueline M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lucero, Noel F.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Mager, Michelle D.CharlestonILMaster of Science in Education
May, Scott W.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Miller, Brian N.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Montgomery, Clayton J.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Montgomery, Mary JoCharlestonILMaster of Science
Mott, Rory T.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Murray, Charlea M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Nichols, Willie A.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Panepinto, Steven P.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Payne, Jerry A.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Pugh, Jennifer I.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Ratliff, Bruce T.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Reichart, Shane A.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Robinson, Wanda KayCharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Salmons, Lisa D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Sibley, Emily A.CharlestonILMaster of Business Admin
Sieben, Olivia B.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Smith, Eddie J.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Storm, Maria D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Storm, Tonya J.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Vaughn, Cody C.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Williams, Lisa A.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Williams, Spencer W.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Winnett, Tanner D.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Woolard, Amanda J.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Zecena-Chinchilla, LindaCharlestonILCertificate Program
Blisset, Rachel L.ChathamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Enz, Samantha C.ChebanseILBachelor of Arts
Barnes, Jill L.Cherry ValleyILMaster of Science
Atwood, Danesha L.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Awesso, AbaloChicagoILMaster of Arts
Baumann, Amanda R.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Cabel, Angelica K.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Cornejo, Veronica E.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Davis, Lenze A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Dazzo, Christina M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Foran, Colleen E.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Goldsworthy, John C.ChicagoILMaster of Arts
Grabowski, CassandraChicagoILBachelor of Music
Kairis, Margaret M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Kaufmann, Christine M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Kavalauskas, RichardChicagoILMaster of Science
Knibbs, Anne M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Land, Lauren L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Licker, EllenChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Licorish, KeonChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Martin, Samantha A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
McNulty, Sean C.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Monroe, Ericka M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Murphy, Sarah J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Pugh, Kiara E.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Russell, Melissa A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Rutherford, Kevin N.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Schuld, Brendan P.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Shanahan, BridgetChicagoILBachelor of Science
Sheehan, Thomas P.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Smith, Lareasa D.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Smith, Shawana L.ChicagoILMaster of Science
Svec, Brianna K.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Town, Daniel P.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Tracy, Steven C.ChicagoILMaster of Science
Usher, Matthew F.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Walls, Dominique S.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
White, Shakari S.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Williams, Jeremy A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Willis, Brittany L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Wilson, GeorgeChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Dandino, Dominic M.Chicago HeightsILBachelor of Arts
Murry, Ashley M.Chicago HeightsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Udowitz, Stephen L.Chicago HtsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Anderson, Daniel P.Chicago RidgeILBachelor of Science
Harbour, Valerie N.ChrismanILBachelor of Science in Bus
Crnokrak, Nicholas B.ChristopherILBachelor of Arts
Dulaney, Daniel R.Cissna ParkILBachelor of Arts
Holt, Jamison K.ClintonILMaster of Science in Education
Bettorf, Brooke L.CollinsvilleILBachelor of Arts
Craig, Jacob K.CollinsvilleILBachelor of Arts
Makineni, AnupamaConcordNCMaster of Science
Huckleby, Anson W.Coral SpringsFLBachelor of Arts
Colley, Sarah J.Cottage HillsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Valadez, Nicholas D.CountrysideILBachelor of Science in Bus
Petro, Nicholas R.Crest HillILBachelor of Science
Metzger, Laura F.CrestwoodILBachelor of Arts
Cohen, Eric S.CreteILBachelor of Science
Claypool, Katherine S.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Arts
Graff, Ryan W.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Arts
Hoklas, Ryan M.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Science in Bus
Wright, Jenna P.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Binkley, Kathryn L.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Childs, Eric M.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Cole, Mark D.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Collins, Jacquilyn A.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Cramer, Kelli R.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Cromwell, Joseph B.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Grant, Suzanne D.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Harvey, Callan M.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hoskins, Ricky L.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Kennedy, David J.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
King, Angela M.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Nixon, Kayla J.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Thorlton, George A.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Thorlton, George A.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
Trimble, Larry E.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Ward, Pamela L.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
White, Samantha J.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Woodworth, Jason P.DanvilleILMaster of Science in Education
Zhang, WenrongDanvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Manning, Kara J.De LandILBachelor of Arts
Rost, Brittany L.De LandILBachelor of Arts
Brown, Andrew P.DecaturILMaster of Science
Burgener, April J.DecaturILBachelor of Arts
Hamilton, Elizabeth P.DecaturILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hunt, Nicholas A.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Hunter, Derek S.DecaturILBachelor of Science in Ed
Ritter, Sarah E.DecaturILMaster of Arts
Stevenson, Bennett M.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Wrigley, Kelsi A.DecaturILBachelor of Science in Bus
Wurmnest, Jenna R.Deer CreekILBachelor of Science in Ed
Blaesing, Ryan A.Deer ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
D'Ambrosio, KatrinaDes PlainesILBachelor of Arts
Williams, Adebodun M.Des PlainesILBachelor of Science in Bus
Arndt, Nicholas R.DiamondILBachelor of Science
Bergbower, Holly A.DieterichILBachelor of Science in Ed
Baggot, Michael J.Downers GroveILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lambert, Michael J.Downers GroveILBachelor of Arts
Schiffer, Michele M.Downers GroveILBachelor of Science
Harsy, Jennifer J.Du QuoinILMaster of Science in Education
Watters, Emie B.DwightILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Byrd, Ashley R.E St LouisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Raghunapu, Yuva RajEast HartfordCTMaster of Science
Turner, Dominique E.East Saint LouisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Fark, Joshua C.EdwardsvilleILMaster of Science
Lynch, Catherine E.EdwardsvilleILBachelor of Arts
Altman, Matthew S.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Ed
Arney, Landon D.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bierman, Gina M.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Ed
Burry, Kirstie A.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Devall, Matthew C.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Hille, Samson D.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Holschbach, Lauren C.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Jackson, Jodi M.EffinghamILMaster of Arts
Koester, Matthew J.EffinghamILMaster of Science
Miller, Lindsey B.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Painter, Nathan R.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Prusa, Kera J.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Ed
Schafer, Jeffrey W.EffinghamILMaster of Science in Education
Schumacher, Becky J.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Ed
Siemer, Sherryl G.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Stanfield, StephanieEffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Webb, Molly J.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Wittenberg, Alicia M.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Evans, Molly L.EldoradoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Holtz, Kiley P.ElginILBachelor of Science
Moulton, Robert F.Elk GroveILBachelor of Science
Wohlhart, Abigail R.Elk Grove VillageILBachelor of Arts
Zahariev, Svetlozar T.Elk Grove VillageILBachelor of Arts
DeVries, Ryan G.ElmhurstILMaster of Science
Dobry, Lauren M.ElmhurstILBachelor of Science in Ed
Drahokoupil, Emily M.ElmhurstILBachelor of Arts
Gross, Justin T.ElmhurstILBachelor of Science in Ed
Yates, Brittany A.EvanstonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Cusick, James W.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Arts
Marzullo, Brittany A.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Science
Schnura, Anne M.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Combs, Yvette L.FairfieldILMaster of Science in Education
Harvey, Clint E.FairfieldILMaster of Arts
Robson, Lori A.FairfieldILMaster of Science
Cook, Joshua D.FairmountILBachelor of Science in Bus
Young, Courtney A.FarinaILBachelor of Science
Wells, Bradley J.Farmer CityILBachelor of Arts
Hawkins, Jennifer E.FayettevilleARBachelor of Arts
Isringhausen, Lucas P.FieldonILMaster of Business Admin
Gustafson, Julia D.FisherILBachelor of Science
Prestin-Latham, Cristina R.FisherILBachelor of Arts
Zwettler, Alexandra L.FitchburgWIBachelor of Science
Deyoung, Chelsey N.FithianILBachelor of Arts
Waddell, Lauren R.Flat RockILBachelor of Science in Ed
Gelsinger, Adam C.FloraILBachelor of Science in Bus
West, Jodi A.FloraILBachelor of Science in Ed
Smith, Madeline K.Forest ParkILBachelor of Arts
Kunz, Andrew R.Fox River GroveILBachelor of Science
Walker, Rachael V.Fox River GroveILBachelor of Science
Caffrey, Alexa C.FrankfortILBachelor of Science in Ed
Griffin, John R.FrankfortILBachelor of Arts
Murray, Bryan M.FrankfortILBachelor of Arts
Harris, Michelle E.FreeburgILBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
Emmerich, Michael E.GaysILBachelor of Science in Ed
Trier, Deneille L.GaysILBachelor of Arts
Knobeloch, Brianne S.GermantownILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lutterbie, Jennifer R.Gibson CityILBachelor of Science
Doiron, Zachary T.Glen CarbonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Schroeder, Ethan L.Glen CarbonILBachelor of Science
Schroeder, Ethan L.Glen CarbonILBachelor of Arts
Wagner, Emily D.Glen CarbonILBachelor of Arts
Kocurek, Rachel D.Glen EllynILBachelor of Arts
Kocurek, Rachel D.Glen EllynILBachelor of Arts
Dolan, Jeanne M.Glendale HeightsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hoffmann, Erica L.GlenviewILMaster of Science
Griffin, Barry J.GlenwoodILMaster of Business Admin
Sandidge, Jason B.GodfreyILBachelor of Arts
Ingram, Jerrod A.GoodfieldILBachelor of Arts
White, Katherine M.GorevilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Thompson, Abigail K.GrayslakeILBachelor of Music
Shuffain, CheriGreat LakesILBachelor of Arts
Tekle, Luel G.GreenbeltMDMaster of Business Admin
Stults, McKenzi A.GreenupILBachelor of Arts
White, Maria R.GreenupILBachelor of Science in Ed
Eaton, Scott M.GreenvilleILBachelor of Science
Zomphier, Jodi R.GreenvilleILBachelor of Arts
Clark, Amanda N.GreenwoodMOMaster of Arts
Hazen, Alexandra E.GurneeILBachelor of Science
Loranca, Serena M.GurneeILBachelor of Science
Phelps, Alan L.GurneeILBachelor of Science
Zinsmeister, Paul A.GurneeILBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Gruner, Stephanie M.HampshireILBachelor of Arts
Wise, Erin E.HampshireILBachelor of Arts
Borland, Lucas R.Hanna CityILBachelor of Science in Bus
Braun, Sarah J.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Arts
Godzicki, Alyssa L.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Arts
Mapes, Benjamin A.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Arts
Mortimer, Jennifer C.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Science
Plaia, Samantha T.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kroscher, Kali L.Hanover PrkILBachelor of Arts
Allen, Paula L.HarrisburgILMaster of Science in Education
Hobbs, Ryan M.HarrisburgILSpecialist in Education
Timmers, Michael G.Harwood HeightsILBachelor of Science
Conrad, Jessica J.Hickory HillsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Fields, Kayla M.HighlandILBachelor of Science in Bus
Nation, Tiffany C.HighlandILBachelor of Science in Ed
Tarris, Kaylee A.HighlandILBachelor of Science in Ed
Russell, Miles M.HighwoodILBachelor of Science in Ed
Aponte, Juan U.Hoffman EstatesILBachelor of Science in Bus
Dinkle, Allyson E.Hoffman EstatesILBachelor of Science
Wodarski, Courtney A.Hoffman EstatesILBachelor of Science
Keathley, Shaun M.HomerILBachelor of Science
Kolpacki, David A.Homer GlenILBachelor of Science
Piccione, John R.Homer GlenILBachelor of Arts
Amundsen, Aaron J.HomewoodILBachelor of Arts
Haderlein, Emily E.HomewoodILBachelor of Science
Lux, Matthew W.HomewoodILBachelor of Science
Madden, Ross A.HomewoodILBachelor of Science
Buhrmester, Melissa D.HoopestonILBachelor of Science
Dobkins, Ashley S.HoopestonILBachelor of Science in Ed
King, Michelle D.HumboldtILBachelor of Science in Ed
White, Tiffany N.HutsonvilleILBachelor of Arts
Mahidhara, Ram PrakashHyderabad, ANDHRA PRADESH STATEMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Davis, Zachary S.IlliopolisILBachelor of Science
Sutherland, Heather A.InglesideILBachelor of Science
Delagarza, Anthony D.InvernessILBachelor of Arts
Grau, Anders C.Island LakeILBachelor of Science
Tricase, Nicholas J.ItascaILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Kubski, Katie E.JolietILBachelor of Science in Ed
Mantis, Sara M.JolietILBachelor of Science in Bus
Richter, Samantha L.JolietILBachelor of Science in Ed
Schlueter, Kelli E.JolietILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Jakob, Wesley E.KankakeeILBachelor of Science
Nepal KC, VaskarKathmanduBachelor of Science
Pant, ManishaKathmanduBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Burke, Melinda E.Lagrange ParkILBachelor of Arts
Dzialo, Bethany L.Lake In The HillsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hurley, William J.Lake ZurichILBachelor of Science
Soto, AlejandroLake ZurichILBachelor of Science
McKinley, Samantha A.LansingILBachelor of Science in Ed
Miller, Kevin A.LansingILBachelor of Science in Bus
Sadou, OmarLaurelMDMaster of Business Admin
Raggo, April N.LawrencevilleILMaster of Science
Gatses, Stephen M.LemontILBachelor of Science in Bus
Studebaker, Emily J.LemontILBachelor of Science
Runyon, Julie D.LernaILMaster of Science in Education
Wohltman, Heather D.LernaILBachelor of Arts
McAvoy, Margaret T.LexingtonILBachelor of Science
Gifford, Alyssa M.LibertyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Kaechele, Monika L.LibertyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Poore, Conor M.LibertyvilleILBachelor of Science
Hochstetter, Brittany A.LisleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Catterson, Maureen M.LockportILBachelor of Fine Arts
Williams, Elizabeth C.LockportILBachelor of Science in Ed
Cora, Gregory R.LombardILBachelor of Arts
Walker, Sharon F.LombardILBachelor of Music
Smith, Dustin G.LouisvilleILBachelor of Arts
Williams, Leigh D.LouisvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Raper, Rachel L.Loves ParkILBachelor of Arts
Sattelberg, Matthew P.Loves ParkILBachelor of Science
Day, Ted J.LovingtonILBachelor of Science
Adams, Giavonni C.LynwoodILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Bails, Joseph W.MahometILMaster of Science
Bedient, Gabriel A.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Eisenhauer, Kriss F.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Richardson, Adam D.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Wirth, Miranda L.MahometILMaster of Science in Education
Vasala, JyothiMancherial, ANDHRA PRADESH STATEMaster of Science
Persin, Nicholas J.MannhattanILBachelor of Arts
Galaway, Lee A.MansfieldILBachelor of Arts
Weidenaar, Steven R.MantenoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Cluskey, Jodi E.MapletonILBachelor of Science
Bowen, Belita N.MargateFLBachelor of Science
Nguyen, Michael J.MarionILBachelor of Science
Williams, MoniqueMarkhamILBachelor of Science
Robinson, Donald A.MarseillesILBachelor of Science in Bus
Wiberg, Ashley K.MarseillesILBachelor of Arts
Albert, Amanda B.MarshallILBachelor of Science in Ed
Curry, Eric H.MarshallILMaster of Science in Education
Edington, Lee R.MarshallILBachelor of Science
Robison, Sherry R.MarshallILBachelor of Arts
Zschau, Andrew S.MarshallILBachelor of Arts
Daugherty, Jared B.MartinsvilleILBachelor of Science
Nelson, Douglas S.MartinsvilleILBachelor of Science
Simonton-Sanders, Nicole L.MartinsvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Wilson, Eric P.MartinsvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Lakin, Abbye R.MaryvilleILBachelor of Arts
Jefferson, Timothy D.MattesonILBachelor of Science
Alexander, Sirena K.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Beavers, Vickie L.MattoonILMaster of Science in Education
Becker, Laura K.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Brunson, Christopher D.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Carter, Christel M.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Clark, Jamie L.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Cleeton, Jessica L.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Conner, Angelina D.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Grove, Vanessa J.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Helms, Kinda M.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hood, James M.MattoonILMaster of Science
Hopper, Steven J.MattoonILMaster of Science
Howland, Ryan M.MattoonILMaster of Science
Kirts, Jacob C.MattoonILMaster of Science
Koons, Meghan E.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lange, Brian D.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Merry, Benjamin J.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Robling, Danielle E.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Shields, Stacy R.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Storm, Hannah M.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Taylor, CoreyMattoonILMaster of Arts
Trueblood, Tracy M.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Winchester, Kyle D.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Heeren, Danielle N.MilfordILBachelor of Science
Duggishetty, Veda RathnaMineolaNYMaster of Science
Martinez, NicholasMiramarFLBachelor of Science
Boys, Jodi N.ModeILBachelor of Science in Ed
Veldhuizen, Michael L.MokenaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Veltman, Alex K.MokenaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ervin, Pamela M.MontgomeryILBachelor of Science in Ed
Clodfelter, Andrew T.MonticelloILBachelor of Arts
Head, Davina L.MonticelloILBachelor of Science in Bus
Phipps, Megan E.MonticelloILBachelor of Science in Ed
Shiley, Annie C.MonticelloILBachelor of Science in Ed
Dunn, Nora R.MontroseILBachelor of Science
Cheshareck, Dana L.MorrisILBachelor of Science
Drown, Alexandra R.MorrisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kopczick, Justin P.MorrisILBachelor of Arts
Keepes, Zachary V.Mount CarmelILBachelor of Science
Berry, Erin L.Mount VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Reeves, Tricia M.Mount VernonILMaster of Science
Webb, Aaron M.Mount VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Williams, Scott B.Mount VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Holden, Alex T.Mount ZionILBachelor of Science
Monroe, Clair E.Mount ZionILBachelor of Science in Ed
Morgan, Sarah E.Mt VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Jennings, Ashley S.Mt ZionILBachelor of Science in Ed
Soltwisch, Samuel M.MundeleinILBachelor of Arts
Swanson, Cathleen M.MundeleinILBachelor of Science
Neville, Christopher D.MurfreesboroTNMaster of Science
Biermann, Ashley N.MurrayKYBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
Catchings, Robert C.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
DeMaine, Joseph M.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Gamelin, Jordan J.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Grady, Chelsea D.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hagmeyer, Lindsey J.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hennigan, Anne K.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
McMahon, Jack E.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Palmer, Kathryn R.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Sorenson, Robert J.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Speich, Thomas G.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Weiss, Gabriel J.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
Walk, Kathleen A.NeogaILBachelor of Science
Walk, Penny S.NeogaILBachelor of Arts
Bendy, Kara A.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Fisher, Anne Celine C.New LenoxILBachelor of Science in Ed
Schroeder, Jessica M.New LenoxILBachelor of Science in Ed
Harrison, AlexNewcastle Upon TyneBachelor of Science
Birch, Mitchell L.NewtonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Dusablon, LynnetteNewtonILMaster of Science
Kocher, Mary A.NewtonILBachelor of Science
Rudolphi, Laura B.NewtonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Shull, Kashtyn M.NewtonILBachelor of Science in Ed
VanGilder, Monica K.NewtonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Springer, Jeffrey R.NilesILBachelor of Science
Compton, Morgan M.NokomisILBachelor of Arts
Palmgren, Jordan E.NormalILBachelor of Science in Ed
Price, Timothy R.NormalILBachelor of Arts
Roemersberger, Danielle R.NormalILBachelor of Science
Cisek, Alex J.North AuroraILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Curry, Juston I.O FallonILBachelor of Science
Raddatz, Michelle L.Oak BrookILBachelor of Science in Ed
Alford, Lori B.Oak ForestILBachelor of Science
Baytala, Ashleigh M.Oak ForestILBachelor of Arts
Brice, Krystyn M.Oak ForestILBachelor of Science in Ed
Presley, Gerald N.Oak ForestILBachelor of Science
Schmeski, Matt J.Oak ForestILBachelor of Science
Taylor, Megan M.Oak ForestILBachelor of Science in Ed
Walsh, Sarah C.Oak ForestILBachelor of Science in Bus
Cozzolino, Carolyn A.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science in Ed
Granville, David A.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science
Korkosz, Jason M.Oak LawnILMaster of Science
Mikos, Kyle C.Oak LawnILBachelor of Arts
Robinson, Daniel K.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science in Ed
MacWilliams, Corey R.Oak ParkILBachelor of Arts
Hawkins, Chris A.OaklandILBachelor of Arts
Verhoeven, Kayla M.OakwoodILBachelor of Fine Arts
Woodard, Ashley M.OakwoodILBachelor of Arts
Craig, Brittney C.OconeeILBachelor of Science in Ed
Martin, Brian E.OdinILMaster of Science in Education
Reynolds, Jennifer E.OkawvilleILBachelor of Science
Berry, Michael V.OlneyILBachelor of Music
Bruce, Logan R.OlneyILBachelor of Arts
Carmody, Lukas D.OlneyILBachelor of Science
Frost, Bradley E.OlneyILMaster of Science
Galindo, Emily A.OlneyILBachelor of Science
Klingler, Stephanie L.OlneyILBachelor of Science in Ed
Powden, Steven L.OlneyILBachelor of Arts
Read, Nicole E.OlneyILBachelor of Arts
Wagner, Amy L.OlneyILBachelor of Arts
Bielski, Bartholomew J.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Goss, Julie L.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Juracka, Jake R.Orland ParkILMaster of Science
Klimek, Kathryn B.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Krezwick, Matthew C.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Kurtovich, Scott E.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Leyva, Eduardo A.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Lucas, Joshua M.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Maher, Casey J.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Malone, Eric D.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Meyers, Justin R.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Caitlin M.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Parker, Benjamin J.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Pripusich, Sabrina L.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Rigg, Jonathan E.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Troc, Melissa J.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Holt, Monte D.OswegoILBachelor of Science
Overgaard, Elizabeth L.OswegoILBachelor of Science
Torrance, Stephanie A.OswegoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lambert, Jacob C.OttawaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Vinyard, Olivia C.OttawaILBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Banas, Jessica A.PalatineILBachelor of Science in Ed
Dettloff, Matthew R.PalatineILBachelor of Science in Bus
Friesen, Cynthia A.PalatineILBachelor of Science in Ed
Zimmermann, Laura K.PalatineILBachelor of Science in Bus
Walls, Christopher R.PalestineILBachelor of Science
Bigoness, Lisa M.Palos HeightsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Capek, Christopher J.Palos HeightsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Klahn, Timothy J.Palos HeightsILBachelor of Science
Pufunt, Daniel J.Palos HeightsILBachelor of Science
Kornita, Nicole H.Palos HillsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Miglio, Jenna A.Palos ParkILBachelor of Science
Pappanastos, Sofia M.Palos ParkILBachelor of Science
Stockdale, Ashley L.Palos ParkILBachelor of Arts
Tarazoff, Jessica A.Palos ParkILBachelor of Arts
Walsh, Patrick J.Palos ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Karnes, Ashley D.PanaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bayler, Travis C.ParisILBachelor of Arts
Elsberry, Rianna L.ParisILBachelor of Arts
Frost, Michelle N.ParisILBachelor of Arts
Henson, Donna K.ParisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Murphy, Anna M.ParisILBachelor of Arts
Randolph, Noah R.ParisILBachelor of Arts
Vance, Jessica D.ParisILBachelor of Arts
Clayton, Lauren N.Park ForestILBachelor of Science in Ed
Mitchell, Marilyn T.Park ForestILBachelor of Science
Moore, Julian G.Park ForestILBachelor of Science
Anderson, Megan L.PaxtonILMaster of Science in Education
Crum, Andrew P.PaxtonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Nelson, Tasha M.PekinILBachelor of Science in Bus
Dorsey, Rayme T.PenfieldILBachelor of Arts
Cahalan, Kevin S.PeotoneILBachelor of Science
O'Brien, Megan M.PetersburgILBachelor of Science
McLaughlin, Christopher L.PhiloILBachelor of Science
Rezba, Cathy L.PinckneyvilleILMaster of Science in Education
Distasio, Sarah E.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science
White, Samantha M.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science
Chava, Lakshmi PrasannaPlanoTXMaster of Science
Carrington, Victoria D.Port TownsendWABachelor of Arts
Bird, Kevin W.PotomacILBachelor of Science
Blessman, Julie M.PrincetonILBachelor of Fine Arts


Name City State Program
Harris, Heavenlee S.RamseyILBachelor of Arts
Cooper, Jamiia K.RantoulILBachelor of Arts
Gawenda, Sara J.RantoulILMaster of Science in Education
Guess, Eugenia I.RantoulILBachelor of Arts
Headley, Jeffery S.RantoulILBachelor of Arts
Knight, Nikita A.RantoulILBachelor of Science in Ed
Roelfs, Lisa M.RantoulILBachelor of Arts
Rollins, Shari D.RantoulILMaster of Science
Shields, Michael A.RantoulILBachelor of Science in Ed
Varner, Elvira C.RantoulILBachelor of Science
Rutherford, Jeffrey C.RichmondKYMaster of Business Admin
Carr, Brittney A.Richton ParkILBachelor of Arts
Tyler, StephenRichton ParkILBachelor of Arts
Rutili, Carolyn M.River ForestILBachelor of Science in Ed
Inboden, Ashley M.RobinsonILBachelor of Science
Pritts, Danae J.RobinsonILBachelor of Science
Pulliam, Bryan S.RobinsonILBachelor of Science
Sornberger, Joe R.RobinsonILSpecialist in Education
Cassidy, Zachary S.RochelleILMaster of Science
Gonzales, John M.RochelleILBachelor of Science
Bond, Michael R.RockfordILBachelor of Science
Kennington, Mathew D.RockfordILBachelor of Science
Rearden, Nathan J.RockfordILBachelor of Arts
Ugwu, Kanayo M.RomeovilleILMaster of Arts
Deligianis, AnastasiaRosebudMOBachelor of Arts
Graef, Steven T.RoselleILBachelor of Arts
Mildren, Courtney E.RoselleILBachelor of Science
Roberts, Eric L.RossvilleILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Cummins, Christopher R.Saint CharlesILBachelor of Science in Bus
Griffiths, Grant D.Saint CharlesILBachelor of Science in Bus
McCormack, Kiley A.Saint JosephILBachelor of Arts
Byers, Blake A.SalemILBachelor of Arts
Cline, Blane R.SalemILBachelor of Arts
Jones, Douglas R.SalemILMaster of Science in Education
Kessler, MeganSalemILMaster of Science
Knapp, Jennifer L.SalemILMaster of Science
Linder, Andrea R.SalemILBachelor of Science in Bus
Michael, Thomas J.SalemILBachelor of Arts
Register, Erika L.SalemILBachelor of Music
Cripe, Lisa M.SavoyILBachelor of Arts
Martinie, Jaclyn J.SavoyILMaster of Business Admin
Melton, Seth W.SavoyILMaster of Business Admin
Thompson, Nancy L.SavoyILBachelor of Arts
Quinn, Anne M.SaybrookILBachelor of Arts
Barber, Jamell R.SchaumburgILBachelor of Arts
Iheme, Tammy I.SchaumburgILBachelor of Arts
Maurizio, Michelle L.SchaumburgILBachelor of Science in Ed
Redmond, AmandaSchaumburgILBachelor of Science in Ed
Starkey, Bret H.SecorILBachelor of Science
Sandiri, Raja ShekarSecunderabadMaster of Science
Delbene, Chynna L.SesserILBachelor of Science in Ed
Thompson, Jerra J.SesserILBachelor of Science in Ed
Jessup, Joel L.SeymourILBachelor of Arts
Clark, William D.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science
Stauder, Kent D.ShelbyvilleILSpecialist in Education
Schoolman, Sara E.SheldonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Deaver, Elisabeth L.ShermanILBachelor of Arts
Hudson, Sarah R.ShorewoodILBachelor of Science in Ed
Voitik, Ryan A.ShorewoodILBachelor of Science
Yingst, Amanda N.ShumwayILBachelor of Arts
Snack, Dana L.SidellILBachelor of Science in Ed
Gerhardt, Mary A.SidneyILBachelor of Science
Schumacher, Kelly J.SigelILMaster of Science
Underwood, Alexandra S.SkokieILBachelor of Science in Ed
Young, Kristy L.South ElginILBachelor of Science in Bus
Carthans, Monique K.South HollandILBachelor of Science in Ed
Eairheart, Lindsey M.SprinfieldILBachelor of Science
Bueno, HarrisonSpring GroveILBachelor of Arts
Budrean, Megan E.SpringfieldILBachelor of Arts
Jacob, Nicolas S.SpringfieldILBachelor of Arts
Kohlrus, Trevor J.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science in Bus
Miller, Nikki L.SpringfieldILBachelor of Arts
Wohlers, Donald E.SpringfieldILMaster of Science
Berls, Julie E.St CharlesILBachelor of Science in Ed
Welsch, Mitchell R.St CharlesILBachelor of Science
Verdeyen, Andria R.StewardsonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Beals, Courtney E.StrasburgILBachelor of Science
Pruemer, Joshua R.StrasburgILBachelor of Arts
Newbold, Tabitha J.StreatorILBachelor of Arts
Berner, Kristen M.SullivanILBachelor of Science in Ed
Britton, Sarah F.SullivanILMaster of Science
Buxton, Jenny L.SullivanILBachelor of Science in Ed
Carrington, Tracy L.SullivanILBachelor of Science
Husketh, Angela R.SullivanILBachelor of Arts
Maxedon, Mitchell B.SullivanILBachelor of Arts
McWhirter, Evan J.SullivanILMaster of Science
Yokley, Jeremiah D.SullivanILMaster of Arts
Laluz, MarinaSumasWABachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Chase, Keith A.TaylorvilleILMaster of Science in Education
Henton, Ronald C.Terre HauteINBachelor of Arts
Gillespie, Laura S.TeutopolisILBachelor of Science
Mammoser, Nicholas A.TeutopolisILBachelor of Science
Nosbisch, Nicole S.TeutopolisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Roedl, James M.TeutopolisILBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Vaughn R.ThawvilleILBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Todd R.ThomasboroILSpecialist in Education
Bell, Luke M.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Earnest, Michelle A.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Engler, Courtney L.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hoppie, Ian H.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Kenny, Susan E.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Lash, Kimberly E.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Schultz, Samantha E.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Sharp, Nicole A.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Slaviero, Michelle L.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Stronach, Regina M.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Ingle, Tiffany N.ToledoILBachelor of Science
Nelson, Michael L.ToledoILBachelor of Science
Sudkamp, Racheal N.ToledoILMaster of Business Admin
Lorbiecki, Brian R.TolonILBachelor of Arts
Barnard, Jeffrey D.TolonoILMaster of Science in Education
Brewer, Amanda R.TolonoILBachelor of Arts
Cross, Amy C.TolonoILBachelor of Arts
D'Annunzio, Michael J.Trout ValleyILBachelor of Arts
Harrington, Leslee A.Trout ValleyILBachelor of Science in Ed
Blum, Jacob D.TroyILBachelor of Fine Arts
Walkenbach, Kurt A.TroyILBachelor of Science
Wheeler, Jacob L.TroyILBachelor of Science
Bosch, Kathryn M.TuscolaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Corum, Emily M.TuscolaILBachelor of Arts
Elder, Darin E.TuscolaILMaster of Science
Manselle, Timothy D.TuscolaILMaster of Science in Education
McCumber, Marissa L.TuscolaILMaster of Science in Education
Romine, Rachel A.TuscolaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Sluder, Trisha L.TuscolaILMaster of Arts
Stille, Mitchell L.TuscolaILBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Giri, Dharak H.UpletaBachelor of Science in Bus
Barker, Shad M.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Gilbert, Bathel A.UrbanaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Gladney, PamelaUrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Halbach, Mark A.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Katona S.UrbanaILMaster of Science
Lowry, Ryan W.UrbanaILBachelor of Science in Bus
McTaggart, Todd R.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Miller, LoranUrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Morris, Rachel J.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Mueller, SeverianaUrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Tiffani M.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Otis, Natalie J.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Park, JisunUrbanaILMaster of Arts
Peck, Tara A.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Thurman, Melinda L.UrbanaILMaster of Science in Education


Name City State Program
Acevedo, Jessica L.Vernon HillsILBachelor of Science
Kirby, Lane M.Villa GroveILBachelor of Science
Carnahan, Matthew D.Villa ParkILBachelor of Arts
Krawczykowski, MeghanVilla ParkILBachelor of Science
Steele, James M.Villa ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ford, Timothy T.Virginia BeachVABachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Biedermann, Derek M.WashingtonDCBachelor of Arts
McDowell, Chad C.WashingtonILMaster of Science in Education
Brown, Amye E.WaucondaILBachelor of Science
Kruger, Catherine I.WaucondaILBachelor of Arts
Barrett, William R.WaukeganILBachelor of Arts
Ritter, JackWest ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Brown, Joshua M.West HollywoodCABachelor of Arts
Williamson, Sheena N.WestchesterILBachelor of Arts
Baker, Steven R.WestfieldILBachelor of Science in Bus
O'Donnell, Colleen A.WestmontILBachelor of Science
Bennett, Carrie A.WestvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Denton, Christi L.WestvilleILBachelor of Arts
Colwell, Benjamin L.WheelerILBachelor of Science
Arvidson, Ashley A.WheelingILBachelor of Arts
Bessler, Joe B.WheelingILBachelor of Arts
Katz, Alan S.WheelingILBachelor of Arts
Burse, Kimberly K.White HeathILBachelor of Science in Ed
Sechrest, Justin E.White HeathILBachelor of Arts
Helregel, Melissa A.Willow HillILMaster of Science in Education
Helregel, Melissa A.Willow HillILCertificate Program
Leonard, Amanda J.Willow HillILBachelor of Arts
Lewis, Robert A.WillowbrookILBachelor of Arts
Lewis, Robert A.WillowbrookILBachelor of Science in Bus
Speed, Tyler D.WilmingtonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Irving, Isaac J.WindsorILBachelor of Science
Engel, Abby L.WoodlawnILBachelor of Science in Ed
Caprio, Rachael E.WoodridgeILBachelor of Science in Ed
Virostko, JoshWoodridgeILMaster of Science in Education
Johnson, Hannah E.WoodstockILBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
LeMaster, Robert G.YorkvilleILBachelor of Arts
Loftus, William D.YorkvilleILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Ramirez, Narissa M.ZionILBachelor of Arts