List of Graduates

Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 550 Summer 2014 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.

Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

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Name City State Program
Alenezy, Omar M.Master of Arts
Bauer, Jason J.Specialist in Education
Desham, PramodMaster of Science
Harris, Lori A.Bachelor of Arts
Haslett, Peter M.Bachelor of Arts
Janosik, LukeBachelor of Arts
Kasten, Karly C.Master of Arts
Kerkes, Nicole G.Bachelor of Arts
Reed, Alecia N.Bachelor of Science
Schultz, Jillian M.Bachelor of Science
Upton, James M.Bachelor of Arts
Wenzel, Randi N.Master of Science in Education
Westenhaver, Jessica M.Bachelor of Science
MacEachen, Jill A.AirdrieABMaster of Science
Gelsosomo, Nina M.AlgonquinILBachelor of Science
Gross, Robert P.AlgonquinILBachelor of Science
Smola, Cody T.AlsipILBachelor of Science
Wharton, Krysten T.AlsipILBachelor of Arts
Moore, Jaida A.AltonILBachelor of Arts
Farringer, Eric A.AmboyILBachelor of Science
Gadas, Jessica C.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Science
Kraak, Michael A.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Science
Plancon, Ryan J.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Arts
Viken, Michael J.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Science
Wilson, Timothy L.ArthurILBachelor of Science
Myers-Bradley, RoseAshmoreILMaster of Science
Bridgman, Timothy S.AssumptionILBachelor of Science
Rogers, Molly A.AssumptionILBachelor of Science
Cobb, JaquiceAuroraILBachelor of Arts
Upshaw, Richard C.AuroraILBachelor of Science in Bus
Weiss, Kara M.AuroraILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Hanson, Nickolas A.BartlettILBachelor of Science
Baker, Keithara A.BellevilleILBachelor of Science
Fowler, Michael J.BellwoodILBachelor of Science in Bus
Martensen, Connor C.BelvidereILBachelor of Arts
Ognibene, Conrad M.BelvidereILBachelor of Science
Tully, Anne K.BensenvilleILBachelor of Arts
Cotner, Megan A.BethanyILMaster of Science
Wagoner, Ciara L.BethanyILBachelor of Arts
Plant, Jake E.BirminghamBachelor of Science
Achesah, Aisha K.BloomingtonILBachelor of Science
Alliu, Sodiq A.BloomingtonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Lakebrink, Margaret C.BloomingtonILSpecialist in School Psych
Berry, Kyle M.BluffsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Coffman, Clayton C.BonfieldILBachelor of Arts
Crawford, Cameron J.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Science
Downey, Shawn M.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Arts
Junkins, Ashley N.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Kolitwenzew, Ramie L.BourbonnaisILSpecialist in Education
Lyons, Shanon D.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Arts
Maronich, Andrew C.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Science
Place, Kirsten M.BroadlandsILBachelor of Science
Taylor, Antonio J.BroadviewILBachelor of Arts
O'Hara, Robynn L.Buffalo GroveILBachelor of Arts
Spiegel, Benjamin S.Buffalo GroveILBachelor of Science in Bus
Hendrickson, Lauren A.BurbankILBachelor of Science
Marrero, Felipe D.BurbankILBachelor of Science
Tieri, Marissa N.BurbankILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Marshall, Shandria M.CahokiaILBachelor of Science
Higgenbottom, Jamarcus D.Calumet CityILBachelor of Science
Wilcox, Delano N.Calumet CityILBachelor of Science
Williams, Christopher A.Calumet CityILBachelor of Arts
Hillard, Susan J.CamargoILBachelor of Arts
Quaicoe, Nana A.CarbondaleILMaster of Arts
Mark, Michelle C.Carol StreamILBachelor of Science
Roth, William M.CaryILBachelor of Science in Bus
Roth, William M.CaryILBachelor of Arts
Blome, Edward J.CaseyILMaster of Arts
Lindley, Robbi L.CaseyILBachelor of Science
Bowen, Hilary E.CatlinILMaster of Science
Howe, Jarvis R.CatlinILMaster of Arts
McConnell, Morgan J.CatlinILBachelor of Arts
Lindenmeyer, Heather L.Cedar FallsIAMaster of Arts
Klein, Jared M.CentraliaILMaster of Science
Brown, Christopher G.ChampaignILMaster of Science
Burger, Rebecca E.ChampaignILMaster of Science in Education
Busboom, David B.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Heugel, Alicia R.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Jinks, Abby E.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
Lesueur, Ian M.ChampaignILMaster of Arts
Lomax, Debrae A.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Lyles, Jessica M.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
MacKichan, Ian C.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Memishee, Matthew S.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Monroe, Jonathan D.ChampaignILMaster of Science
Penland, Roy A.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Powless, Nicholas A.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Slutzky, StephanyChampaignILMaster of Arts
Weber, JessicaChampaignILMaster of Science in Education
Welch, Kimberly K.ChannahonILCertificate Program
Anderson, WhitneyCharlestonILBachelor of Science
Animashaun, BabatundeCharlestonILBachelor of Science
Barnes, StephanieCharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Carter, Richard L.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Chapoloko, Yvonne M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Collins, Anna L.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Corray, Denise E.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Craig, Trevor-Kai D.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Davis, Alyson R.CharlestonILMaster of Science in Education
Desantos, Nydia A.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Endsley, Deborah D.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Ford, Lisa M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Gruber, Oscar E.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Howarth, Erin L.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Hussey, Quinn M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Jones, Blair A.CharlestonILMaster of Business Admin
Klaff, Alysa L.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Lawer, Lucrecia A.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Norman, Jillian L.CharlestonILMaster of Science
O'Dell, Brittany D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Okwudili, Nkiru B.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Pogue, John K.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Pruett, Kaylie J.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Reeley, Tony L.CharlestonILSpecialist in Education
Richardson, William Z.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Rogowitz, Matthew C.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Schnabel, Mark T.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Schnarr, Cassie R.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Siegel, Heather L.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Singer, Bridget C.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Skees, Bradley M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Speagle, Ariel D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Trowbridge, Shilo E.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Wagner, Britany K.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Winchester-O'Brien, Gloria K.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Gray, Shelby A.CharlotteNCBachelor of Science in Bus
Chandler, Mary K.ChestnutILMaster of Science in Education
Anderson, Emily L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Barsanti, Andre V.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Bonslater, Jazzmin U.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Branch, Kayla R.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Brogan, Michael C.ChicagoILMaster of Science
Campbell, JacquelineChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Casamajor, MauricioChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Clark, Steven M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Cook, Kapri M.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Evans, Michelle T.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Fajolu, Zainab O.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ferguson, Latarius J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Fudacz, William M.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Fudalej, Zachary J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Green, Edward A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Guss, Richard D.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Gyasi, Nanaesi A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Hanes, Alexandra M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Harfmann, Courtney E.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Hayes, Edris D.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Hegberg, Jessica E.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Hicks, Janielle J.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Hughes, Sara J.ChicagoILMaster of Science
Hutson, Shawn D.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Jackson, Dionne A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Jones, Jazmin T.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Kennedy, Paige K.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Kuykendall, Jillian L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Martin, Kia K.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
McCray, Wenyell L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Medina, Cristina M.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Meeks, Kejuan J.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Menefee, Jeremy R.ChicagoILMaster of Science in Education
Montanez, Jessica I.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Murphy, Christine E.ChicagoILMaster of Science
Newell, Tiajuana L.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Norris, Michael J.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Purkett, Paige E.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Robinson-Stallings, Kadija Z.ChicagoILBachelor of Fine Arts
Ryan, Rachel M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Sanders, Ashley N.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Serrano, Amber J.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Valentine, Jasmene D.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Vance, Kyle L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Williams, Evan J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Willis, Brittany M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Linde, Kevin C.Chicago HeightsILBachelor of Science
Schimke, Erik J.Chicago HeightsILBachelor of Science
Maxwell, Rachel A.Chicago RidgeILMaster of Arts
Pratl, Shaun P.Chicago RidgeILBachelor of Science
Anderson, Shannon M.CliftonILSpecialist in Education
Sikma, Megan R.CliftonILBachelor of Science
Akmeemana, Anuradha G.ColomboMaster of Science
Diehl, Travis C.ColumbiaILBachelor of Science
Lane, Cory A.ColumbiaILBachelor of Science
Thoma, Benjamin L.ColumbiaILMaster of Science
Vance, Mari-Jean L.ColumbiaMOMaster of Science
Jefferies, Stephen M.CrestonIAMaster of Arts
McKenna, Henry T.CreteILBachelor of Science in Bus
Purdy, Ryan F.CreteILMaster of Science
Battaglia, Jonathan M.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Arts
Schauer, Jaime M.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Wilken, Sandra K.DanforthILMaster of Science
Allen, Tameka K.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
Burkowski, Alison M.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
Griffin, Erin C.DanvilleILMaster of Science
Groves, David A.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Rolnicki, Grace A.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
Simon, AngeliqueDanvilleILSpecialist in Education
Sienas, Erin M.DarienILMaster of Science
Gray, Brandon J.DecaturILMaster of Science
Jacobs, Loren P.DecaturILMaster of Science
Johnson, Leslie A.DecaturILMaster of Science in Education
Peters, David M.DecaturILMaster of Science
Yandell, ShelleyDecaturILBachelor of Science
Curry, Ethan J.DekalbILBachelor of Science
Kennedy, Dwayne L.DelandFLBachelor of Arts
Phillips, Lucas A.DenverCOMaster of Science
Conneely, Michael B.Des PlainesILBachelor of Science
Goeckner, Brittany M.DieterichILBachelor of Science
Parks, Mason J.DonovanILBachelor of Science
Benton, Kyle M.Downers GroveILBachelor of Arts
Rusk, Kristen B.DundasILBachelor of Arts
Snider-Michels, Brandan S.DundasILMaster of Science
Kessler, Kelly N.DupoILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Mendoza, Gabriel L.East MolineILBachelor of Science
Askew, Matthew A.East PeoriaILMaster of Business Admin
Randolph, Jason R.East PeoriaILMaster of Science
Owens, Donte J.East Saint LouisILMaster of Business Admin
Kade, Mary A.EffinghamILBachelor of Fine Arts
Keller, Chane F.EffinghamILMaster of Business Admin
Kirby, Corey A.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Meyers, Hillary D.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Nichols, Thomas C.EffinghamILMaster of Science
Nosbisch, Kristi A.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Seiler, Kathleen E.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Yocum, Tyler W.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Danner, Elizabeth A.ElginILMaster of Arts
Paglia, Brianna M.ElginILBachelor of Science
Davies, Craig L.Elk Grove VillageILBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Meghan E.Elk Grove VillageILBachelor of Science
Moll, Elizabeth L.ElmhurstILBachelor of Arts
Magnuson, Laura M.EurekaILBachelor of Science
Coriolan, Cynthia S.EvanstonILBachelor of Science
Jeffries, Jamesha R.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Creek, Joshua E.FairburyILMaster of Science
Dunn, Derek J.FairfieldILBachelor of Arts
Simmers, Henry M.FairfieldILBachelor of Science
Meade, Mallory S.FairmountILBachelor of Arts
Wells, Cara L.Farmer CityILBachelor of Science
Browning, Jacob A.FisherILMaster of Science
Hallden, Michael J.FisherILMaster of Science in Education
Unzicker, Colten O.FisherILBachelor of Science
Clinton, Jennifer J.Flat RockILMaster of Business Admin
Leonard, Chauncey N.FloraILBachelor of Arts
Rudy, Katherine M.FloraILBachelor of Science
Sheehan, John P.FlossmoorILBachelor of Arts
Ford, Hannah S.ForsythILBachelor of Science in Bus
McCoy, Lori B.ForsythILMaster of Science in Education
Flowers, Betty J.Fort SmithARBachelor of Science
Filippo, Dominic T.FrankfortILBachelor of Science
Susul, Klaudia M.Franklin ParkILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Hopper, Amy L.GalesburgILMaster of Arts
Hirschfelder, Frances B.GeneseoILMaster of Science
Roman, Martin W.GenevaILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Jenna B.GeorgetownILMaster of Science in Education
Darnell, Jeremy D.Gibson CityILSpecialist in Education
Sharp, Craig A.Gibson CityILBachelor of Science
Roglis, Abbey M.Glenarm ILMaster of Science in Education
Jackson, Asya M.GlenwoodILBachelor of Arts
Atkins, Kelli R.Granite CityILBachelor of Science
Danner, Amanda M.GrayslakeILBachelor of Arts
Martinelli, VitoGrayslakeILBachelor of Science in Bus
Winston, Sandra J.GrayslakeILBachelor of Arts
Owen, Seth D.GrayvilleILBachelor of Science
Jacobs, Andrew J.Green OaksILBachelor of Arts
Crouch, Caleb A.GreenviewILMaster of Science
Buchmiller, Tasha N.GreenvilleILMaster of Science
Curry, Damen T.GurneeILBachelor of Science
Leve, WendyGurneeILBachelor of Arts
Owens, Ashleigh E.GurneeILBachelor of Arts
Simonetti, Nicholas L.GurneeILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Watson, Kobe N.HarrisburgILBachelor of Science in Bus
Saathoff, Kirstie R.HillsboroILMaster of Business Admin
Okoeguale, Shantel L.HillsideILMaster of Business Admin
Richardson, Amy S.HindsboroILBachelor of Arts
Wyss, Kelsey M.HoaglandINMaster of Science
DeCarlo, Michelle J.Hoffman EstatesILBachelor of Arts
Holcombe, Isiah T.Hoffman EstatesILBachelor of Science
Pazda, Daniel J.HometownILBachelor of Science in Bus
Smith, Reid M.HometownILBachelor of Science
Larocca, Alyson I.HomewoodILBachelor of Science
Santschi, Matthew T.HomewoodILBachelor of Science
Crawford, Maggie S.HoopestonILBachelor of Science
Boyett, Tiffany M.HumboldtTNBachelor of Science
Pilkerton, Claire E.HuntleyILBachelor of Science
KomatiReddy, Sai Tejas ReddyHyderabadMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Benson, Joseph R.Indian Head ParkILBachelor of Arts
Mitchell, Sydney A.IndianapolisINMaster of Science
Zukauskas, Kristyna M.ItascaILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Bergschneider, Brett A.JacksonvilleILBachelor of Science
Murugathasan, MayooreyJaffnaMaster of Science
Hall, Clinton J.JerseyvilleILBachelor of Science
McGuire, Molly J.JerseyvilleILMaster of Science
Arthur, Ashton A.JolietILBachelor of Science
Morrow, Patrick J.JolietILBachelor of Science
Mosher, Audrey E.JolietILBachelor of Arts
Minasola, Michael J.JusticeILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Falk, Peter M.KankakeeILSpecialist in Education
Watford, Angelique L.KankakeeILBachelor of Science
Sullivan, Terence J.KansasILMaster of Science in Education
Chaudhary, Zeenat Z.KarachiBachelor of Arts
Badu, IrinaKathmanduMaster of Business Admin
Nepal KC, VaskarKathmanduMaster of Science
Pant, ManishaKathmanduMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Kay, Laurel C.Lake In The HillsILBachelor of Fine Arts
Stock, Jillian E.Lake in the HillsILBachelor of Arts
Lera, JimmyLake ParkFLBachelor of Science
Martinez, Sarah J.Lake VillaILBachelor of Arts
Charnot, Ashley A.LansingILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Kaleel M.LansingILBachelor of Science
Studamire, Shaquila T.LansingILBachelor of Science
Westover, Ashleigh E.Las VegasNVBachelor of Science
Levingston, Vicki S.Le RoyILMaster of Science
Bonfitto, John J.LemontILMaster of Science
Earnest, Robert J.LemontILBachelor of Arts
Plunkett, Nicolas M.LemontILBachelor of Science in Bus
Saunders, Samantha K.LernaILBachelor of Science
McDonald, Adam J.LeroyILBachelor of Science
Weis, Dylan R.LibertyvilleILBachelor of Science
Irwin, Laura M.LincolnILSpecialist in Education
Worth, Samantha A.LincolnILMaster of Science in Education
Gibas, Amanda Y.LincolnwoodILBachelor of Science
Smiley, Kaitlin D.LisleILBachelor of Science
Lyons, Patrick J.LockportILMaster of Science
Torres, Alyssa M.LockportILBachelor of Arts
Mannin, Brandy L.LongviewILBachelor of Arts
Streif, Victoria N.LouisvilleILMaster of Science
Kleczynski, Joshua J.LowellMIMaster of Science
Ivy, Achari C.LynwoodILBachelor of Science
Reynolds, Jacob A.LynwoodILMaster of Business Admin


Name City State Program
Olson, Taryn J.MadisonWIBachelor of Science
Oaks, Ashley N.MahometILMaster of Science
Lowe, Michael D.MansfieldILBachelor of Arts
Geeding, Samuel R.MantenoILMaster of Science
Johnson, Ruthie A.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Lindley, Clinton L.MarshallILBachelor of Science
Penrod, Paul W.MartinsvilleILMaster of Arts
Reynolds, Samantha M.MartinsvilleILBachelor of Science
Tanner, Jordan M.MasonILBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Jessica L.MasonILMaster of Science
McCorkle, LaurenMattesonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Armer, Jared J.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Chupp, MaRissaMattoonILBachelor of Science
Covington, Coleman M.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Creed, Marshall R.MattoonILMaster of Science
Donner, Alisha M.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Hart, April D.MattoonILMaster of Science
Himes, Tracy R.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Kroening, Tanner R.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Price, Zachary D.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Rollings, Richard H.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Sims, Dianna L.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Weber, Lyndsey R.MattoonILMaster of Science in Education
Weber, Lyndsey R.MattoonILCertificate Program
Wilson, Jori L.MattoonILMaster of Science in Education
Wilson, Jori L.MattoonILCertificate Program
Dunn, Morgan M.MedinahILBachelor of Science
Shepherd, Jessica N.MetamoraILBachelor of Science
Collins, Christine B.MettawaILBachelor of Arts
Reiher, Monica R.MidlothianILBachelor of Science
Arthurs, Steven R.MinookaILBachelor of Science
Adkins, Kari B.MokenaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Gingras, Daniel E.MokenaILBachelor of Science
Huerta, Nathan J.MokenaILBachelor of Arts
Venditti, Blake L.MokenaILBachelor of Arts
Maurer, Rebekah M.MoneeILBachelor of Science
Darling, Brenda K.MontevideoMNMaster of Arts
Stredde, Kristofer D.MontgomeryILBachelor of Arts
McFadden, CraigMonticelloILBachelor of Arts
Lilek, Andrew J.MorrisILBachelor of Arts
Hess, Lauren E.MortonILBachelor of Science
Stinson, Michael R.Mount CarmelILSpecialist in School Psych
Kinser, Kaitlin L.Mount ProspectILBachelor of Arts
Kollias, Christie F.Mount ProspectILBachelor of Science
Cassidy, Joanna M.MoweaquaILBachelor of Science
Rork, Todd W.MoweaquaILMaster of Arts
Tolly, Emily R.MoweaquaILMaster of Science
Naber, Chase A.Mt ZionILBachelor of Science
Hallam, Anthony E.Mt. VernonILBachelor of Science
Wagers, Tamara S.Mt. ZionILMaster of Science in Education
Neubauer, Nicholas J.MundeleinILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Kim, HoyoungNamhae-gunFCBachelor of Science in Bus
Fecht, Rachael L.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Kaczor, Courtney L.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Teich, Matthew L.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Vogel, Brenna M.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Brady, Heather E.NeogaILBachelor of Science
Jansen, Eric D.NeogaILMaster of Science
Mellendorf, Jenna R.NeogaILBachelor of Arts
St John, Brittney J.NeogaILBachelor of Science
Button, Joseph M.New LenoxILBachelor of Arts
Coglianese, Mark A.New LenoxILBachelor of Arts
Errek, Jason D.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Grotto, Ashley M.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Houlihan, Peter J.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Kriegshauser, Steven C.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Pentek, Maggie J.New LenoxILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bigard, Ashley N.NewtonILMaster of Science
McDonald, Joseph L.NewtonILBachelor of Science
Miller, Katelynn J.NewtonILBachelor of Science
Bohl, Elise M.NormalILMaster of Science
Voegel, Katie R.NormalILMaster of Arts


Name City State Program
DiGiacomo, Danielle M.O'FallonMOMaster of Arts
Jacob, GheevargheseOak ForestILBachelor of Arts
Hopkins, Bridget M.Oak LawnILBachelor of Arts
McHugh, Sean M.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science in Bus
Singer, Kyle V.Oak LawnILMaster of Arts
Sternal, Morgan A.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science
Sutera, Marissa A.Oak LawnILMaster of Business Admin
Goodson, MarieOak ParkILBachelor of Arts
Jurkowski, Don L.Oak ParkILBachelor of Science
Starks, Eric C.Oak ParkILBachelor of Science
Quinones, Marcie M.OaklandILBachelor of Science
Kuenstler, Elizabeth A.OlneyILBachelor of Science
Arredondo, Matthew J.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Bielski, Bartholomew J.Orland ParkILMaster of Science
Giron, Marcus E.Orland ParkILMaster of Science
Kotula, Christopher R.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Moore, Christopher T.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Obermeyer, Brittany M.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Sharp, Laura C.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Carson, Tylor J.OswegoILBachelor of Science
Engeling, EmileeOwanecoILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Voigt, Meghan C.PalatineILBachelor of Arts
Schmitz, Mark A.PanaILMaster of Science
Rhoads, Lucas A.ParisILBachelor of Science
Laya, LauriePark ForestILBachelor of Arts
Moore, Julian G.Park ForestILMaster of Science
Harper, Michael B.Park RidgeILBachelor of Science in Bus
Zitkus, Lauren B.Park RidgeILMaster of Science
Maynard, Larry D.PaxtonILSpecialist in Education
Ford, Abigail L.PekinILMaster of Science
Stringer, Michel D.PesotumILMaster of Science in Education
Wyatt, KingaPhiladelphiaPABachelor of Arts
Kwiecinski, Jessica L.PlainfieldILBachelor of Arts
Pfister, Melanie V.PlainfieldILBachelor of Arts
Zepeda, Michael S.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science
Castiglia, Steven D.PlainsboroNJBachelor of Science
Stinde, William M.Poplar GroveILBachelor of Arts
Boin, Letizia M.Port MoresbyMaster of Arts
Schmidt, HeidiPortlandORBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Owens, James D.RaleighNCBachelor of Science in Bus
Broadnax, Vennie Q.RantoulILBachelor of Arts
Eden, Olivia N.RantoulILBachelor of Science
Amann, Bailey C.Red BudILBachelor of Arts
Scherle, Kyle A.Red BudILBachelor of Science
Carter, Berannda T.Richton ParkILBachelor of Science
Carter, Berannda T.Richton ParkILBachelor of Science
Carter, Berannda T.Richton ParkILBachelor of Science
Alolayan, Muath A.RidayhMaster of Arts
Fields, Brian M.RiverdaleILBachelor of Science
Mosley, Teshawnda M.RiverdaleILBachelor of Science
Siler, Austin J.RobinsonILBachelor of Arts
Baker, Abigail A.RochesterILBachelor of Science in Bus
Loving, Kristopher D.RochesterMNBachelor of Arts
Brushaber, Ashton L.Rock FallsILBachelor of Science
Anderson, Tyler A.RockfordILBachelor of Arts
Donnell, Jayson C.RockfordILBachelor of Science
Frazier, Rachel A.RockfordILBachelor of Science
Johnston, Chelsey C.RockfordILBachelor of Arts
Paige, Katelynn T.RockfordILBachelor of Science
Savage, Trevor J.RoselleILBachelor of Arts
Piasecki, Tyler J.Round LakeILMaster of Business Admin
Schweigert, Tyler J.Round LakeILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Haug, Alexandra L.Saint CharlesILBachelor of Science
Saxton, Holly A.Saint CharlesILMaster of Arts
Kitchell, Zon D.Saint FrancisvilleILMaster of Science
Hayes, Matthew D.Saint JohnINMaster of Science
Ennis, LindsaySaint JosephILMaster of Science
Krisman, Ashley N.Saint JosephILMaster of Arts
Weldon, Alan D.Saint JosephILMaster of Arts
Berra, Cameron C.Saint LouisMOBachelor of Science
Williams, Jerone B.Saint LouisMOBachelor of Science
Dockendorf, Andrew S.SandwichILBachelor of Science
Greger, Whitney L.SavoyILBachelor of Science
Humadi, LoubnaSavoyILBachelor of Arts
Kindt, James R.SavoyILBachelor of Science in Bus
Kemp, Ashley E.SchaumburgILBachelor of Science
Ryan, Samantha L.SchaumburgILBachelor of Science
Wheatley, Jessica L.SchaumburgILBachelor of Science
Corr, Daniel J.Schiller ParkILMaster of Science
Duck, Tana R.ShelbyvilleILCertificate Program
Freeman, Michael J.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Reichart, Jennifer L.ShelbyvilleILMaster of Arts
Schwengel, Alexis M.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Bowen, Blake G.ShermanILBachelor of Science
Zverkovsky, Volodymyr V.SkokieILBachelor of Science
Evulukwu, Emeka E.South HollandILBachelor of Science in Bus
Hoyt, Jonathan L.South HollandILBachelor of Science
Beumel, Samantha J.South Padre IslandTXBachelor of Science
Gonzalez, AseretSpring ValleyILMaster of Science
Albers, Christine E.SpringfieldILMaster of Science
Bezruki, Michael B.SpringfieldILBachelor of Arts
Eldridge, Morgan A.SpringfieldILBachelor of Arts
Gross, Taylor L.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science
Hodel, Sydney C.SpringfieldILBachelor of Fine Arts
Reed, Raushawn L.SpringfieldILMaster of Science in Education
Swindel, Danielle L.SpringfieldILBachelor of Arts
Voytilla, Jonathan M.St CharlesILBachelor of Arts
Cervantes, Michael P.St JosephILBachelor of Arts
Salfrank, Kristin N.St JosephILBachelor of Arts
Taylor, Chelsea J.St JosephILBachelor of Arts
Page, Matt A.StegerILBachelor of Science
Carls, Drew R.StoningtonILBachelor of Science
Bowers, Brittany N.StrasburgILBachelor of Science
Helton, Taylor K.StrasburgILMaster of Business Admin
Turner, Neal M.StreatorILMaster of Science
Wahl, CoryStreatorILMaster of Science
Nelson, Brittany L.Sugar GroveILBachelor of Science
Stone, Brandon M.SullivanILSpecialist in Education
Bush, Trevon L.SummitILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Demelew, Tewodros Z.Takoma ParkMDMaster of Arts
Boren, Brent E.TammsILSpecialist in Education
Bushur, Luke D.TeutopolisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Jerik, Nicolette L.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
O'Connor, John J.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Scanlan, Alexandria J.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Schapiro, Megan K.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Gooch, Alexis E.TolonoILBachelor of Science
Murphy, Robert A.TolonoILBachelor of Science
Rascher, Scott A.TolonoILBachelor of Science
Allensworth, Kyle B.TroyILMaster of Science
Buhr, Phyllis R.TuscolaILBachelor of Arts
Romine, Miriam E.TuscolaILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Brosam, Jeanette C.UrbanaILMaster of Science in Education
Cain, Manquell A.UrbanaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Coveyou, Jessica L.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Ernst, Anthony A.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Follmer, Rachael M.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Jones, Jonathan D.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Lebo, Lindsay C.UrbanaILMaster of Science in Education
Moore, Matthew L.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Smith, Emily L.Villa GroveILMaster of Science in Education
Ellwing, Calley A.VoloILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Knowles, Brian D.W LafayetteINMaster of Science
Bowman, Heather L.WashingtonILSpecialist in Education
Dant, Michael E.WashingtonILBachelor of Arts
Gordon, Brandyce N.WashingtonILBachelor of Arts
Minasian, PatreakWashingtonILSpecialist in Education
Cowan, Erin L.WatsekaILBachelor of Arts
Whitcher, Kyle C.WaverlyIAMaster of Science
Hanrahan, Kevin J.West ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Chapman, Amanda J.West UnionILBachelor of Science
Woodruff, Charles E.WestchesterILBachelor of Science
Peterson, Elizabeth E.WestmontILBachelor of Science
Eshleman, Megan J.WheatonILMaster of Science
Sibon, Madeline M.WheatonILBachelor of Fine Arts
Brummer, Ellen J.WheelerILMaster of Business Admin
Johnson, Logan C.WilmetteILBachelor of Science
Boswell, Chris I.WoodridgeILBachelor of Arts
Herron, Malcolm L.WoodridgeILBachelor of Science
Wallor, Alexis M.WoodstockILBachelor of Science in Bus
Loar, CarlyWorthingtonOHMaster of Science
Xiao, XiaoWuhan HubeiMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Jaffke, Cody D.YorkvilleILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Dixon, Shantily L.ZionILBachelor of Arts
Harper, Shannon T.ZionILBachelor of Science
Walton, Lily L.ZionILBachelor of Arts