List of Graduates

Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 500 Summer 2016 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.

Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

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Name City State Program
Harmon, Sherry S.Master of Science in Education
Nixon, Lindsey J.Specialist in Education
Sheehy, Thomas J.Bachelor of Arts
Sherod, Derrick M.Bachelor of Science in Bus
Tamulewicz, Peter J.Bachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Islam, Md. Shariful DhakaMaster of Business Admin
Wright, NicolasAbbevilleMSMaster of Science
Sanford, Julia J.AlbionILMaster of Science in Education
Butler, Mackenzie R.AlgonquinILBachelor of Fine Arts
Yaney, Allison L.AlgonquinILBachelor of Arts
Sotola, Vaclav A.AltamontNYMaster of Science
McDonald, Megan R.AntiochILBachelor of Science in Ed
Goodwin, Kayla M.ArcolaILMaster of Science
Borchek Smith, SusanArlington HeightsILBachelor of Arts
Boylan, Lindsey M.Arlington HeightsILMaster of Science
Hayes, Shannon P.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Arts
Menolascino, Nicole M.Arlington HeightsILMaster of Science
Fawns, Katelyn M.AthensILBachelor of Science in Bus
Rhoades, James T.AtlantaILMaster of Science in Education
Yeakley, Jordan A.AtwoodILBachelor of Science
Ferguson, Dylan R.AvonINBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Fleck, Tyler J.BaltimoreMDBachelor of Science
Adams, Jeremy R.BartonvilleILBachelor of Arts
Lux, Jedediah M.BeardstownILMaster of Science
Kodisana, Bala MuraliBeaumont TXCertificate Program
Kodisana, Bala MuraliBeaumont TXMaster of Science
Meng, RuiBeijingMaster of Business Admin
Durante, Rachel M.BellevilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Foote, TaylreBellevilleILBachelor of Arts
Sutherland, Erin M.BellevilleILBachelor of Science
White, Rajae S.BellevilleILBachelor of Science
Stringini, Alexandra J.BelvidereILBachelor of Science
Brown, Christian B.BerwynILBachelor of Science
Hodge, Cassy A.BethanyILBachelor of Arts
Regmi, SumeshBirantagarFCMaster of Business Admin
Gordon, Shelbey J.Blue IslandILBachelor of Science
Young, DajaeBolingbrookILBachelor of Science
Mohr, DakotaBroadlandsILBachelor of Arts
Ishima, Zachary R.Buffalo GroveILBachelor of Science in Bus
Boone, Evan C.ButlerILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Davis, Connor J.CabotARMaster of Arts
Lawrence, Tashon A.CahokiaILBachelor of Science
Miles, Brandal J.Calumet CityILBachelor of Science
Wallace, Kyrie A.CantonILBachelor of Arts
Taylor, Mark C.CarbondaleILBachelor of Arts
Immel, Laramie C.CarmiILMaster of Science
Callahan, Jordan M.Carol StreamILBachelor of Science
Braker, Paul T.CarpentersvilleILBachelor of Arts
McKinney, Kara M.CaryNCBachelor of Science
Flores, Hector D.CatacamasMaster of Science
Bevignani, Carl T.Cedar LakeINBachelor of Science
Boltinghouse, Benjamin D.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
Brown, Shamir M.ChampaignILMaster of Science
Brown, Shamir M.ChampaignILCertificate Program
Butler, Jeffrey A.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Catchings, Joyce D.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Cleveland, Matthew A.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Cooper, Shaniece L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Cunningham, Regan M.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Curtis, Pamela J.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Freeman, Benjamin B.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Henigman, Tracy L.ChampaignILMaster of Science
Henigman, Tracy L.ChampaignILCertificate Program
Jackson, Seth T.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Jones, Ryan C.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Kuchefski, John D.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
McGlasson, Laura K.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Miller, Dana L.ChampaignILMaster of Science
Mitchem, Kyle E.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
Nelk, Ian M.ChampaignILMaster of Arts
Ngo, Anthony P.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Perkins, Kari L.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
Trautman, Joseph E.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Vaca, JudithChampaignILCertificate Program
Vaca, JudithChampaignILCertificate Program
Wargo, Darin G.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Washington, RolitaChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Kohn, KellyeChandlerAZMaster of Arts
Acree, Ian J.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Ault, Danielle N.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Ballom, Kenneth F.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Bays, Madison C.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Bough, Cierra C.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Boys, James M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Bradley, Trevor A.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Breidenbach, Brianne M.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Dearing, Alexis D.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Duncan, Chelsea K.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Elam, Emily J.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Eldridge, Morgan A.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Euler, Jason M.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Hammond, Cody M.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Holt, Benjamin P.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Jones, Jeffton W.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Joyce, Amanda M.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Kantam, RithvikkanthCharlestonILMaster of Science
Koester, Lucas M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Long, Thomas O.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Lu, KaixiangCharlestonILCertificate Program
Lu, KaixiangCharlestonILCertificate Program
Lu, KaixiangCharlestonILMaster of Science
Lu, KaixiangCharlestonILCertificate Program
McGinness, Sara A.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Roberts, Zoe R.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Shaw, Jovon S.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Turner, Tricia D.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Wend, Caitlin H.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
White, Margaret E.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Willis, DeAnna N.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Wimbley, Kevin C.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Winkler, Amanda R.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Pfund, Maria C.ChciagoILMaster of Science
Bradley, Kahdmiel M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Curry-Smith, Asia M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
De La Rosa, Caleb F.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Evans, Janell C.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Farr, Ashley R.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Lyman, Taylor D.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Martinez, Luis P.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
McDade, Tearra D.ChicagoILMaster of Science
McDonald, ThemaChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Osinaike, Jacqueline A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Oskvarek, Glenn A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Pate, Porsha T.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Robinson, Kyle C.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Rohrer, Kristen D.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Santella, Zachary S.ChicagoILMaster of Science
Serhiyenko, YevheniyaChicagoILBachelor of Science
Simon, Peter A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Spiller, Erika N.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Walker, Briana J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Warren, Jordan A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Shaneice J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Zielinski, Erica A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Zuber, Michael R.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Guerrero, DavidChicago HeightsILBachelor of Science
McNeilly, Jessica J.Chicago RidgeILBachelor of Science
Stoerger, Angela R.CiscoILMaster of Arts
Young, Alissa J.Cissna ParkILBachelor of Arts
Lohmann, EvanClemsonSCMaster of Arts
Peterson, Scott J.Colorado SpringsCOBachelor of Arts
Tolan, Megan M.ColumbiaILBachelor of Arts
Anderson, Konisha M.Country Club HillsILBachelor of Arts
Gilhooly, Amanda N.CountrysideILBachelor of Science
Farris, Melissa L.Crystal LakeILMaster of Science
Wallor, Alexis M.Crystal LakeILMaster of Business Admin
Wallrich, Sabrina J.CullomILBachelor of Science
Newman, Harley J.CynthianaINBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Huff, Kenneth L.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Ohl, Hannah E.DanvilleILMaster of Science
Sanford, Jaquonte V.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
Sykes, Constelsa M.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Martel, Sam G.DarienILBachelor of Arts
Acree, Casey L.DecaturILMaster of Science
Bradbury, Marah M.DecaturINBachelor of Science
Bradford, Ie'Monei A.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Myesha D.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Kitchens, Lisa E.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Marquis, Bryan A.DecaturILMaster of Arts
Popovich, Amanda M.DecaturILMaster of Science in Education
Quinlan, Hailey M.DecaturILMaster of Science
Lam, AmyDekalbILBachelor of Science
LeMier, Holly A.DeKalbILMaster of Science
O'Hagan, Ian T.Des PlainesILBachelor of Science
Schiavone, Collin M.Des PlainesILBachelor of Science
Westendorf, Mary J.DieterichILBachelor of Science
Klacza, Courtney M.Downers GroveILMaster of Science
Nila, Pamela M.Downers GroveILBachelor of Arts
Mitchell, Zachary A.Dripping SpringsTXMaster of Science
Kocher, Kristen B.DundasILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Scott, Jasmine K.East St.LouisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Anders, Meghan R.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Avery, Kodi S.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Beck, Shelby L.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Black, Rachael A.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Friese, Macy A.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Johnstone-Guzman, Jessica J.EffinghamILMaster of Science in Education
Klein, Gabrielle R.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Koester, Matthew J.EffinghamILMaster of Business Admin
Koester, Michael S.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Pals, Hayley A.EffinghamILMaster of Arts
Siler, Jennifer M.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Walker, Michael G.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Wooleyhan, Bryson M.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Komel, Casey J.ElburnILMaster of Science
Schock, Kiernan A.ElginILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ventura, Toni A.Elk Grove VillageILMaster of Science
Daye, Gerald N.EvanstonILBachelor of Arts
White, AntwonEvanstonILBachelor of Arts
Young, Rashad L.EvanstonILBachelor of Science
Gory, Kevin R.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Arts
Reilly, Michael P.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Science
Rizzo, Phillip G.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Science
Stewart, Chayemone J.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Mamillapalli, KavyaFAIRBORNOHMaster of Science
Mamillapalli, KavyaFAIRBORNOHCertificate Program
Vegireddy, Deepthi S.Fairborn OHCertificate Program
Vegireddy, Deepthi S.Fairborn OHMaster of Science
Gonzalez, Robert M.Fairview HeightsILBachelor of Arts
Swanson, Tamara C.Fairview HeightsILBachelor of Science
Islam, Kazi NazrulFeniMaster of Science
Dietz, Elizabeth A.FisherILBachelor of Arts
Maxwell, Hillary A.Flat RockILBachelor of Science
Shidler, Amanda J.Flat RockILBachelor of Science
Anderson, Trae R.FlorissantMOBachelor of Arts
Trump, Lyndsey A.FlossmoorILBachelor of Science
Kovach, Keira A.ForrestILBachelor of Science
Ferracane, Alexis M.ForsythILMaster of Science in Education
Korneta, Joshua L.FrankfortILBachelor of Arts
Finchum, Lindsey N.FreeburgILBachelor of Arts
Norman, Luke P.FreeportILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Monferdini-Wilkey, Eleanor S.GardnerILMaster of Science
Sammons, Christian W.GeneseoILBachelor of Science
Nale, Maggie D.GeorgetownILBachelor of Arts
Webster, Sawyer E.GeorgetownILBachelor of Science in Ed
Shriver, Nicolette P.Glen CarbonILBachelor of Science
Crippen, Scott P.Glen EllynILBachelor of Arts
Martin, Ashley N.GlenwoodILBachelor of Science
Adeeko, Omotara O.GRA IkejaMaster of Arts
Terry, DeRon J.Granite CityILBachelor of Science
Bongratz, Sara E.GrayslakeILBachelor of Science
Nicodemus, Jason A.GrayslakeILBachelor of Arts
Clapp, Roy C.GreenupILSpecialist in Education
Flier, Sara E.GreenupILBachelor of Arts
Rand, Heather D.GurneeILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Cummings, Laurel A.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Science
Liskovec, Brian P.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Arts
Springer, Dakota J.HeyworthILMaster of Science
Kamari, Seri P.Hickory HillsILMaster of Science
Westerman, Alexander J.HighlandILBachelor of Science
Zobrist, Shane M.HighlandILBachelor of Arts
Marlow, Brevan R.HobartINBachelor of Science
Reder, Stephanie L.Hoffman EstatesILBachelor of Science
Shult, Sarah E.HomerILBachelor of Arts
Hattar, RaadHomer GlenILMaster of Science
Hillebold, Adam M.Homer GlenILBachelor of Science in Bus
Zelinka, Chelsey E.Homer GlenILBachelor of Arts
Reed, Dustin A.HonoluluHIBachelor of Arts
Prince, Cristin R.HoopestonILBachelor of Arts
King, Michelle D.HumboldtILMaster of Science in Education
Rhode, Hilary J.HumeILBachelor of Science
Antemann, Neal A.HuntleyILBachelor of Arts
Aella, Vijay Simha ReddyHYDERABADMaster of Science
Goriparthi, Venkata Basava R.HYDERABADMaster of Science
Valluru, ChitraHyderabadMaster of Business Admin


Name City State Program
Manka, Sarah E.International FallsMNMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Lonergan, Kelly A.JacksonvilleILMaster of Science
Thornton, Emalie A.JerseyvilleILBachelor of Science
Laue, Micah S.JewettILBachelor of Science
Amos, Michael C.JolietILBachelor of Arts
Gray, Scott R.JolietILBachelor of Science
Kolodziej, Alex J.JolietILBachelor of Science
Rosendahl, Bridget J.JolietILBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
Berghouse, Lauren A.KankakeeILBachelor of Science in Bus
King, Ashya M.KankakeeILBachelor of Science
Lowery, Michael A.KansasILSpecialist in Education
Shaffer, Kaitlyn E.KansasILBachelor of Science
Sullivan, Terence J.KansasILSpecialist in Education
Elwood, Christy D.KinmundyILMaster of Science in Education
Harshbarger, Carol R.KinmundyILMaster of Science in Education
Deacon, Karlee P.KitchenerONBachelor of Science
Dhar, RohanKolkataMaster of Science
Deepak, SreevidhyaKozhikode, KeralaMaster of Business Admin


Name City State Program
Wywialowski, Amy L.Lake ZurichILMaster of Arts
Arceo, FernandoLansingILBachelor of Arts
Lopez, Melissa A.LansingILBachelor of Fine Arts
Shaw, Karen J.LebanonILMaster of Science
Kirkpatrick, Jayne E.LenzburgILBachelor of Arts
McCausland, Katelyn M.LernaILBachelor of Arts
Erwin, Christopher E.LindenhurstILBachelor of Arts
Quarton, Victoria A.LitchfieldILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Meyer, Kari L.MadisonWIMaster of Science
Bouvet, Jonathan D.MahometILBachelor of Science in Bus
Cheek, Shannon E.MahometILSpecialist in Education
Covello, Alicia R.MahometILBachelor of Science
Gerber, Cheryl L.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Hearn, Dajanaree D.MahometILBachelor of Science
Horn, Taylor N.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Magrini, Morgan A.MahometILBachelor of Science
McCue, Andrew D.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Wenzel, Brian D.MahometILMaster of Science in Education
Ziegler, Michael D.MahometILMaster of Business Admin
Andersen, Amanda J.MansfieldILBachelor of Arts
Eliason, Michele E.MansfieldILBachelor of Science
Christensen, Taylor J.MantenoILBachelor of Arts
Gignac, Jordan N.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Gonzalez, DavidMantenoILBachelor of Arts
Marshall, Jarrod S.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Paul, Marissa L.MarissaILMaster of Science
Layman, Mariah E.Marquette HeightsILBachelor of Science
Carmack, Rebecca M.MarshallILMaster of Arts
Forbes, David D.MarshallILMaster of Arts
Sanders, Terry M.MartinsvilleILBachelor of Science
Hakman, Evan C.MasonILBachelor of Science
Crittenden, Arianna P.MattesonILBachelor of Science
Motton, Courtney N.MattesonILBachelor of Science
Annis, Jenna M.MattoonILMaster of Science
Benton, Taylor L.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Drum, Harley R.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Flexter, Hailey G.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Harris, ScottMattoonILMaster of Business Admin
Heller, Michael M.MattoonILMaster of Business Admin
Rawlings, Samantha J.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Springer, Emily L.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Wood, Alexander R.MattoonILMaster of Science
Belarmino, BrendaMcHenryILBachelor of Arts
Bouma-Sweeney, Marissa L.MchenryILBachelor of Science in Bus
Coy, Jeffery R.McHenryILBachelor of Arts
Scavone, Brianna P.Melrose ParkILBachelor of Science
Gupta, VarunMenomonieWIMaster of Arts
Douglass, Shawn M.MichigantownINBachelor of Arts
Bailey, Shannon K.MinookaILBachelor of Arts
Boyle, Megan E.MinookaILBachelor of Arts
Grove, Zachary T.ModeILBachelor of Science
O'Donnell, Ryan P.MokenaILBachelor of Arts
Scharwarth, Kyle J.MokenaILBachelor of Science
Goeden, Rachel B.MontgomeryILMaster of Arts
Dillingham, Margaret A.MonticelloILBachelor of Science
Huisinga, TiffanyMonticelloILMaster of Science in Education
Olson, Jake T.MorrisILBachelor of Science
Tomasetti, John M.Mount ProspectILBachelor of Arts
Savitzky, Hannah A.Mount VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Smith, Matthew K.Mount VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Bass, Sarah A.Mountain CityTNMaster of Science
Simmons, Eli T.MoweaquaILBachelor of Science
Maulding, Miranda K.Mt ZionILBachelor of Science
Sims, Sara J.Mt ZionILBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Amy R.Mt. VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Mount, Keyma L.Mt. VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Webb, Brittania M.Mt. VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Bradford, Alicia R.Mt. ZionILMaster of Science in Education
Suchsland, Kyle T.MundeleinILBachelor of Arts
Dobis, Eric J.MunsterINBachelor of Science
Vincent, Jeffery C.MurphysboroILBachelor of Arts
Story, Joe P.MuscatineIAMaster of Business Admin


Name City State Program
Getzin, Kimberly A.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Masur, Markian F.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Prater, Stefan D.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
Pasero, BrianNashvilleILSpecialist in Education
Bear, Sadie K.NeogaILMaster of Science in Education
Keck, Kellie J.NeogaILMaster of Science
Thornton, Natalie D.NeogaILBachelor of Science
Walk, Lee M.NeogaILMaster of Arts
McKimson, Angela M.New LenoxILMaster of Arts
Pedziwiatr, Mark A.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Fleming, William M.NewmanILMaster of Science in Education
Stork, David A.NewtonILMaster of Science in Education


Name City State Program
Chintakunta, Raghava ReddynizamabadMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Kendall, Bryan E.NormalILSpecialist in Education
Knuth, Jordan M.NormalILBachelor of Science
Rivera, Felicia A.NorridgeILBachelor of Science in Bus
Henderson, Antaneise J.North HollywoodCABachelor of Science
Herrera, JocelynNorthlakeILBachelor of Arts
Herrera, JocelynNorthlakeILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Botica, Christina E.Oak ForestILMaster of Science
Singraber, Sean P.Oak ForestILBachelor of Arts
Bangs, Cassandra A.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science
Embree, Jenna M.Oak LawnILMaster of Science
Bennett, Juanta K.Oak ParkILBachelor of Arts
Kloske, Jo Anne R.Oak ParkILBachelor of Arts
Clapp, Jack A.OaklandILSpecialist in Education
Haines, Keshia B.OblongILCertificate Program
Haines, Keshia B.OblongILMaster of Science in Education
Littlejohn, Lyndsey L.OblongILCertificate Program
Littlejohn, Lyndsey L.OblongILMaster of Science in Education
Deadmond, Brian T.OdinILMaster of Science in Education
Soper, Ian M.OdinILMaster of Science
Nixon, Jahred M.OFallonILBachelor of Science
Arnold, Ericka M.OgdenILBachelor of Science
Fischer, NatashaOlivehurstCABachelor of Arts
Burgener, Charissa A.OlneyILMaster of Science in Education
Denton, Ryan D.OlneyILMaster of Science in Education
Gassmann, Max E.OlneyILBachelor of Science
King, Melinda D.OlneyILMaster of Science in Education
Mason, Robert H.OlneyILMaster of Arts
Music, Sonja R.OlneyILMaster of Science in Education
Shan, Rachel L.OlneyILBachelor of Science
Waggoner, Michael D.OlneyILBachelor of Arts
Weatherford, Sierra L.OlneyILBachelor of Science
Zuber, Angela M.OlneyILBachelor of Arts
Philizaire, Patrick R.Olympia FieldsILBachelor of Arts
Amato, Sara A.OoltewahTNMaster of Arts
Smidt, Lindsey R.OregonILBachelor of Science
Suffern, Ellen M.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Wurtz, Evan J.PalatineILBachelor of Science
Abraham, Vanessa A.Palos HillsILBachelor of Science
Henness, Madison L.ParisILBachelor of Science
Heumann, Alexa N.ParisILBachelor of Science
Moffett, Kara L.ParisILBachelor of Science
Harrison, Darron J.Park ForestILBachelor of Science
Torres, Vincente M.Park ForestILBachelor of Arts
Brandon, Jeremiah G.PaxtonILMaster of Business Admin
Foster, Kaitlin M.PaxtonILBachelor of Arts
Mattson, Abbey K.PekinILMaster of Science in Education
Brown, Kory A.PeoriaILBachelor of Science
McCart, Mario D.PeoriaILMaster of Science
Schwindenhammer, Elizabeth M.PeoriaILMaster of Business Admin
Verbeeren, Meghan A.PeotoneILBachelor of Arts
Ryan, Ann E.PetersburgILBachelor of Arts
Perry, Hailey N.PhiloILBachelor of Arts
Grant, Dana L.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science
Marmolejo, Marina T.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science
Washick, Dominique M.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science
Wayne, Tiffany D.PlainfieldILBachelor of Arts
Riebold, Jade T.PowellOHMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Maloy, Brian M.QuincyILSpecialist in Education


Name City State Program
Lieb, Erin R.RantoulILBachelor of Science
Tadlock, Danielle R.RantoulILBachelor of Arts
Brockmeyer, Hannah A.RaymondILBachelor of Science
Byrd, Briunna M.Richton ParkILBachelor of Arts
Simons, Veronica M.RiverwoodsILBachelor of Science
McElroy, Duncan E.RobinsonILBachelor of Arts
Elkhalifa, Mahmoud A.RochesterMNMaster of Science
Arnold, Bernickia D.RockfordILBachelor of Science
Ogbevire, Nancy E.RockfordILBachelor of Arts
Rinker, Kiera L.RoselleILBachelor of Science
Roach, Jarett A.RossvilleILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Moore, Kayla M.SadorusILBachelor of Arts
Johansmeier, Jake B.Saint ChalresILBachelor of Arts
Alford, Lori B.Saint CharlesILMaster of Science
Kuchta, Daniel W.Saint CharlesILMaster of Science
Canfield, Shane A.Saint JosephILBachelor of Science in Bus
Knock, Gabrielle M.San DiegoCAMaster of Arts
Ebersole, Ashley D.SavoyILMaster of Arts
Pivoney, Natalie R.SavoyILMaster of Arts
Baumhart, Joseph P.SchaumburgILBachelor of Science
Minne, Leo C.SchaumburgILBachelor of Science
Salkic, Vildana N.Schiller ParkILBachelor of Arts
Rekulapally, Swanith ReddySECUNDERABADMaster of Science
Davis, Taylor J.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Gordon, Derrick J.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Warner, Matthew R.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science
Winskill, Lacey A.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science
Schmidt, Amber M.SheldonILBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Colleen M.SheridanILMaster of Business Admin
Sun, XuetingShijiazhuangMaster of Business Admin
Schwerman, KennethShumwayILBachelor of Science
Christman, Caleb A.SidneyILBachelor of Arts
Spilmon, Haley M.SidneyILBachelor of Arts
Scarbrough, Amy L.SimsILBachelor of Science
Ahmed, MaazSkokieILBachelor of Science
Chien, WinstonSkokieILBachelor of Arts
Warner, Brandon K.SkokieILBachelor of Science in Bus
Dennis-Gary, Charles A.South HollandILBachelor of Science
Hoyt, Jonathan L.South HollandILMaster of Arts
Robinson, Ashley L.South HollandILBachelor of Science
Baikan, SirishaSouthfieldMIMaster of Science
Quinn, Carlie K.Spring ValleyILBachelor of Arts
Dowis, Sarah R.SpringfieldILMaster of Science in Education
Grim, Jessica L.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science
Konieczka, Bryan S.SpringfieldILMaster of Science in Education
Swindel, Danielle L.SpringfieldILMaster of Arts
Wehling, Emily M.SpringfieldILMaster of Arts
Wellbaum, Bethany L.SpringfieldILMaster of Science in Education
Worker, Kayla M.SpringfieldILMaster of Science
Middleton, Corina A.StegerILBachelor of Science
Anderson, Tyler C.StreamwoodILBachelor of Science
Dyer, Molly A.SullivanILMaster of Science
Marks, Jordan M.SullivanILBachelor of Science
Seeley, HaleySullivanILMaster of Science in Education
Smith, Seeley B.SullivanILMaster of Arts
Walk, Ted A.SullivanILSpecialist in Education


Name City State Program
Cruikshank, John D.TaylorvilleILBachelor of Arts
Kunkler, Cody A.TaylorvilleILBachelor of Science
Jenks, Aaron R.Terre HauteINBachelor of Arts
Flach, Joseph G.TeutopolisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Zerrusen, Emma M.TeutopolisILBachelor of Science
Bettenhausen, James D.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Campione, Jessica F.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Lyon, Danielle A.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Snader, Carly P.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Bradley, Jessica R.ToledoILMaster of Science in Education
Patterson, Donald R.TuscumbiaALMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Borah, Melissa D.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Follmer, Michelle R.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Goodloe, Denzel D.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
McMillion, LawrenceUrbanaILBachelor of Science
Morrison, Kathleen M.UrbanaILMaster of Science
Ware, Resa A.UrbanaILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Brown, Jordan A.VandaliaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Henna, Nathaniel C.VandaliaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Willenborg, Rachel L.VandaliaILMaster of Science
Stewart, Gwendolyn S.VergennesILMaster of Arts
Niemann, Nicole L.Villa GroveILBachelor of Arts
Stock, Jillian E.VirginiaILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Willis, Hakeem R.WashingtonDCMaster of Science
Beschta, Shelby L.WaterfordWIMaster of Science
Poole, Kayla D.WaukeganILBachelor of Science
Henson, Nicole D.Wayne CityILMaster of Science in Education
Legg, Dylan C.Wayne CItyILBachelor of Science
Ferguson, Kelsey A.WeirtonWVBachelor of Science in Bus
Marquez, Sophia M.West ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Deason, Megan A.West FrankfortILMaster of Science in Education
Price, Megan N.West FrankfortILMaster of Science in Education
Goble, Jacob T.West SalemILBachelor of Science
Kitzman, Ryne A.West SalemILBachelor of Arts
Hart, John P.WestvilleILSpecialist in Education
Luhrsen, Eric B.WheatonILMaster of Business Admin
Wood, Michala M.WheatonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Star, Susan D.WilliamsportINMaster of Science
Cole, Hannah E.WindsorILMaster of Science
Tomlin, Bianca L.Wood DaleILMaster of Arts
Rusk, Lauren M.WoodridgeILBachelor of Science
Krol, Benjamin S.WoodstockILMaster of Business Admin


Name City State Program
Perez, Alexia M.ZionILBachelor of Arts