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Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 1160 Spring 2015 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.

Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

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Name City State Program
Missick, Faythe A.Master of Arts
Sullivan, Jasmine O.Bachelor of Science
Odili, Daniel I.ADELEMO,SANGO-OTA,Master of Science
Johansson, David G.AhusBachelor of Science
Neilson, Kinzie B.AlmaILBachelor of Science
Jemison, Dejanae S.AlsipILBachelor of Science
Watson, Michelle R.AltamontILSpecialist in School Psych
Bilbruck, Dustin R.AltonILSpecialist in Education
Feder, Amanda K.Arlington HeightsILMaster of Arts
Gadas, Jessica C.Arlington HeightsILMaster of Science
Gastfield, Christina M.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Science
Laterza, LucianoArlington HeightsILBachelor of Science
Reidy, Morgan M.Arlington HtsILBachelor of Arts
Sessions, Rebecca C.Arlington HtsILBachelor of Arts
Taylor, Abigail L.ArthurILBachelor of Science
Maxey, Samantha J.AshmoreILBachelor of Science in Bus
Rangel, Yesenia A.AuroraILBachelor of Arts
Fuehne, Holden J.AvistonILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Sharma, SwastikaBankeMaster of Arts
Gonzalez, Brandon M.BartlettILBachelor of Science
Miceli, Joseph R.BartlettILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Carnesha L.Beach ParkILBachelor of Science
Lux, Jedediah M.BeardstownILBachelor of Science
Gouveia, Arianne C.BellevilleILMaster of Arts
Jarmon, Jarad S.BellevilleILBachelor of Arts
Muckensturm, Melissa A.BellevilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Price, Angela R.BellevilleILBachelor of Arts
Rush, Alyssa J.BellevilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Wilburn, Marjorie A.BellevilleILBachelor of Arts
Hicks, Vaneesha L.BerwynILBachelor of Science
Robinson, Jalisia M.BerwynILBachelor of Science in Bus
Deets, Matthew L.BettendorfIAMaster of Science
Sepsakos, Yorgo D.BloomingdaleILBachelor of Science
Bartsch, Taylor L.BloomingtonILBachelor of Arts
Sanders, ElicsshaBloomingtonILMaster of Science
Schofield, Lynn N.BloomingtonMNMaster of Science
Zappa, NickBloomingtonILBachelor of Arts
Foster, Jeremy A.BolingbrookILBachelor of Science
Ward, John M.BolingbrookILBachelor of Arts
Saathoff, Stephanie K.BondvilleILBachelor of Arts
Arseneau, Tyler J.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Gerth, Mitchell S.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Arts
Hove, Connor B.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Arts
Schmelzer, Alexandra E.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Science
Kwiatkowski, Kaelin E.BradleyILBachelor of Science in Bus
Orel, Krystal H.BridgeviewILBachelor of Science
Pugh, Jarod H.BrownsILBachelor of Science
Rebbe, Kathleen A.BrownstownILBachelor of Arts
Guptill, Dena L.BurbankILMaster of Science
Jimenez, VivianaBurbankILBachelor of Arts
Wonogas, Lisa M.BurbankILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Jovanovic, DajanaCambyINMaster of Science
Scott, Jason A.CarbondaleILBachelor of Arts
Kaufman, Amanda R.CarlinvilleILBachelor of Arts
Immel, Laramie C.CarmiILBachelor of Science
Burman, Jennifer L.CartervilleILBachelor of Arts
Gentes, Scott A.Casa GrandeAZBachelor of Arts
Milanovic, VladislavCeljeMaster of Science
Schaefer, Kelsie A.CentraliaILBachelor of Arts
May, Chelsea A.Cerro GordoILBachelor of Science
Alvarez, Jessica L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Belanger, KristenChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Bhagat, Shaiv R.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Boyd, Ashley D.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Dahl, Elizabeth S.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Evans, Ivy E.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Fiedler, Darren F.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Hayes, Geoffrey G.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Mammano, Shelby J.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
McCann, Mason D.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
McCoy, Timothy E.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
McGow, Meghan N.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Memishee, Matthew S.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
Nance, Anitra L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Parr, Charles T.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ryckman, Benjamin S.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Slesinski, Liam S.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Taylor, Trevor J.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
Vollmer, Ryan D.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Sarah J.ChannahonILBachelor of Science
Rogers, Angela M.ChannahonILMaster of Arts
Wheeler, Stephen F.ChannahonILBachelor of Science
Altassan, Ali S.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Anderson, WhitneyCharlestonILMaster of Science
Bailey, Trisha L.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Ballinger, Matthew J.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Carr, Aaron M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Chapman, Scot L.CharlestonILMaster of Business Admin
Cooper, Clayton M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Delaney, Daniel J.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Fernandez, Hermieleen K.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Forbes, Isaiah D.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Gallo, Vincent P.CharlestonILMaster of Business Admin
Golden, Jameka K.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Griffin, B. JamesCharlestonILMaster of Science
Gristick, Adam P.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Gunn, Sherry L.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Klfout, Hafsah A.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Kohler, Christopher M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Lomax, Robyn T.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Nelson, Sean E.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Nolen, Douglas S.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Pitcher, Michael E.CharlestonILMaster of Science in Education
Powell, Chris R.CharlestonILMaster of Business Admin
Pruett, Kaylie J.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Richardson, Crystal S.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Scarbrough, Emily K.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Shafer, Matthew R.CharlestonILMaster of Business Admin
Stanford, Tania L.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Turner, Tricia D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Wagener, Alissa N.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Wehr, Nathan J.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Wicker, Ashli M.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Wiseman, Dustin M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Allen, Brittany L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Armstrong, Teandra A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Blackowicz, Michael J.ChicagoILMaster of Science
Bonds, Jasmyne G.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Bryant, Kirsten Q.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Buss, Shaun E.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Chatman, Dextavius D.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Darling, Antanique R.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Flood, Daniel J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Fung, Chun HeiChicagoILBachelor of Science
Hegberg, Jessica E.ChicagoILMaster of Science
Innis, DaneChicagoILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Shadaje R.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Kriwko, LoriChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Mackmore, DeShawnteChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Matariyeh, SubhiChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Mendez, Amanda S.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Mudd, Madeline R.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Murphy, Kaitlin B.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Rodriguez, LuisChicagoILBachelor of Science
Romo, AntonioChicagoILBachelor of Science
Saintyl, Stephanie A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Schrantz, Samantha C.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Thornton, Fanchon D.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Vanden Houten, Glenn M.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Washington, Tinayia L.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Williams, AkilChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Wright, Selby F.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Zivat, Andrew L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Chowdhury, Md. Shahedur RahamanChittagongMaster of Arts
Kelsey, Danielle S.CincinnatiOHMaster of Science
Feiste, Gretchen L.ClevelandOHBachelor of Arts
O'Dell, Bailey R.ClovisCABachelor of Science
Halloran, Rachel J.Coal CityILBachelor of Science
Kalebich, Kyle N.CrestwoodILBachelor of Science
Maloney, Moreen E.CrestwoodILBachelor of Science
Jannusch, Chad W.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Blair, Nicole L.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
Burkowski, Alison M.DanvilleILMaster of Science
Coleman, Kelsie C.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
Cravens, Benjamin J.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Day, D'Andre B.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
Tortorice, Jennifer A.DarienILBachelor of Arts
Acree, Casey L.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Cearlock, Caytlin P.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Jones, Jacob W.DecaturILMaster of Science
Kendall, Seth A.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Lindsey, Anastasia M.DecaturILBachelor of Science in Bus
Shuff, Elizabeth A.DecaturILMaster of Science
Ehorn, Margo A.Des PlainesILBachelor of Science
Sporn, Patrick M.Des PlainesILBachelor of Science
Szaflarski, Erica A.Des PlainesILBachelor of Science
Knipp, Lauren E.DesplainesILBachelor of Science in Ed
Cox-Holling, BrianaDoltonILBachelor of Science
Garstkiewicz, Blaise J.DonovanILBachelor of Arts
Clark, Robert E.Downers GroveILBachelor of Science
Klacza, Courtney M.Downers GroveILBachelor of Science
Lalonde, Kimberly A.Downers GroveILBachelor of Arts
Lemke, Brian R.Downers GroveILBachelor of Science in Bus
Nitti, Francis G.Downers GroveILBachelor of Arts
Brooke, Kelsey M.DunlapILMaster of Business Admin


Name City State Program
Lovell, Jamie C.East PeoriaILMaster of Arts
Kolnitys, Dale P.East TawasMIMaster of Science
Sabuco, Rocco A.EdwardsCOBachelor of Science in Bus
Rayburn, Benjamin R.EdwardsvilleILBachelor of Science
Berendjy, TarawatEffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Brown, Elizabeth A.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Colclasure, Heather N.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Defend, Alesha N.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Green, Tyndall I.EffinghamILMaster of Business Admin
Grubb, Dawn M.EffinghamILMaster of Science in Education
Jansen, James J.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Lohman, Kristen R.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Mitchell, Anna M.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Rhodes, Paige C.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Langeness, Robert F.ElburnILBachelor of Arts
Cusic, Jonathan C.EldoradoILMaster of Science in Education
Tippett, WilliamEldoradoILMaster of Science in Education
Boeckh, Scott R.ElginILBachelor of Science
Miranda, WilliamElginILBachelor of Arts
Whitehead, Britney M.ElginILCertificate Program
Whitehead, Britney M.ElginILCertificate Program
Whitehead, Britney M.ElginILMaster of Science in Education
Cipriano, Joseph Anthony D.Elk Grove VillageILBachelor of Arts
Tortorici, Christina M.Elk Grove VillageILBachelor of Science
Villarreal, Shelby T.ElmhurstILBachelor of Arts
Ceriser, Tilly-Ana T.EvanstonILBachelor of Science
Meyer, Ryan F.Evergreen ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Weinberg, Victoria S.FairburyILMaster of Arts
Foster, Brianne M.FairfieldILMaster of Science in Education
Smith, April A.FairfieldILMaster of Science in Education
Darling, Tyler J.FisherILBachelor of Science
Einck, KatieFisherILBachelor of Arts
Springer, Whitney A.FisherILBachelor of Science in Bus
Thomas, Ginny K.FisherILMaster of Science
Richards, Taylor J.FlatrockILBachelor of Arts
Gould, Christina S.FloraILBachelor of Arts
Woodrow, Alyssa T.FloraILBachelor of Science
Cingano, Jacob A.FlossmoorILBachelor of Science
Crane, Paula H.ForrestILSpecialist in Education
Abudayyeh, Alyssa Y.FrankfortILBachelor of Science
Davis, Crystal D.FrankfortILBachelor of Science
Pacana, Katherine A.FrankfortILBachelor of Science
Reber, Mary T.FrankfortILBachelor of Arts
Rosignolo, Rebecca A.FrankfortILBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Anderson, Kent D.GenevaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Switzer, Jonathan B.GenevaILMaster of Science
Kearfott, Shelbie K.Gibson CityILBachelor of Science
Provin, William S.Gibson CityILBachelor of Science
Mennenga, Hanna L.GiffordILMaster of Science
Frew, Ryan B.Glen CarbonILBachelor of Science
Anderson, Alex L.Glen EllynILBachelor of Science
McNamara, Katelyn M.Glen EllynILBachelor of Arts
Davison, Michael R.GlendaleAZMaster of Science
Curtin, Ryan M.GlenviewILMaster of Science
Dreiske, Chloe F.GlenviewILBachelor of Arts
Gordon, Michael L.GlenwoodILBachelor of Science
Cox, Patrick M.GrayslakeILBachelor of Arts
Due, Aaron M.GreenupILBachelor of Science
Sappington, Jacob A.GreenupILBachelor of Arts
Scott, Dylan J.GreenupILBachelor of Science
Boswell, Tia L.GurneeILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
McQuality, Brian P.HammondINBachelor of Science
Rowley, Bonnie R.HAMMONDILBachelor of Arts
Watson, Kobe N.HarrisburgILMaster of Business Admin
Moore, Larry D.Hazel CrestILBachelor of Science
Karnes, Brandi T.HerrinILMaster of Science in Education
Lukens, Kaci R.HerrinILMaster of Science in Education
Springer, Dakota J.HeyworthILBachelor of Science
Pitts, Justina D.HillsideILBachelor of Arts
Oscar, Zachary J.HomerILMaster of Business Admin
Canavan, Jennifer F.Homer GlenILBachelor of Science
Lakie, Allison E.Homer GlenILBachelor of Science
Babatunde, Daniel O.HomewoodILBachelor of Arts
Ramos, Brock M.HoopestonILBachelor of Science
Russell, Jordan D.HumboldtILMaster of Business Admin
Beeram, Sharath Kumar ReddyHyderabadMaster of Science
Donthi, Adarsh ReddyHYDERABADMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Haynes, Samantha L.IndianapolisINBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Howell, James C.JacksonvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Moore, James B.JacksonvilleILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Giardina, Abigail E.KankakeeILBachelor of Science
Ryan, Katie M.KankakeeILBachelor of Science
Tucker, Kyra C.KankakeeILBachelor of Science
Williams-Brooks, Chemedzai J.KankakeeILBachelor of Science
Paudel, SudipKATHMANDUMaster of Science
Shah, AnitKathmanduMaster of Science
DeRousse, BrettKenoshaWIBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Arsenault, Katherine M.La Grange HighlandsILBachelor of Arts
Kasprowicz, Ashley N.La SalleILBachelor of Arts
Bidstrup, Thomas J.LagrangeILBachelor of Science in Bus
Holt, Nolan R.LagrangeILBachelor of Science
Kus, Alexander J.Lagrange ParkILBachelor of Science
Haq, ShahmirLahore, Punjab ProvinceBachelor of Arts
Pasquesi, Daniel C.Lake BluffILBachelor of Science in Bus
Arthur, Eric J.Lake ForestILBachelor of Science
Blum, Justin A.Lake VillaILBachelor of Arts
Kulikowski, Alexandra C.Lake VillaILBachelor of Arts
Oseguera, Rebecca P.Lake VillaILBachelor of Arts
Reusch, Jeremy T.Lake ZurichILBachelor of Science
Powell, Joseph D.LancasterTXBachelor of Science
Johnson, Antoine W.LaurelMDBachelor of Science
McCrary, Alexis N.LawrencevilleILBachelor of Arts
De Fina, Adam M.LemontILMaster of Arts
Plunkett, Nicolas M.LemontILMaster of Business Admin
Teske, Andrew R.LemontILBachelor of Science
Wohltman, Holly A.LernaILMaster of Science
Barbian, Matthew R.LibertyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Schiff, Amanda L.LibertyvilleILBachelor of Science
Evans, Elizabeth L.LincolnILBachelor of Arts
Androus, James P.LindenhurstILMaster of Business Admin
Duarte, Kristina A.LockportILBachelor of Science
Golf, Tony E.LockportILMaster of Arts
O'Brien, LaurenLockportILBachelor of Science
Bicknell, Madeline R.LovingtonILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Masciopinto, Natalie R.MadisonWIBachelor of Science
Harrison, Katrina M.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Landrus, Heather R.MahometILSpecialist in Education
Magrini, Corrine G.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Roloff, Devin R.MahometILMaster of Business Admin
Muskievicz, Madeline M.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Yaeger, Ryan A.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Paradiso, Bryanna L.MarengoILBachelor of Science
Lambert, Joshua T.MarionILMaster of Arts
Paul, Marissa L.MarissaILBachelor of Science
Thompson, KassandraMaroaILBachelor of Arts
Arnold, Charmaine E.MattesonILBachelor of Science
Crittenden, Aja C.MattesonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Jones, Denzel E.MattesonILBachelor of Arts
Burkhardt, Jon W.MattoonILMaster of Arts
Chapman, Zane D.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Easton, Abbie G.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Finley, Morgan L.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Garcia, Stephanie R.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Jess, Laura M.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Knauss, Kirby L.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Salmons, Lisa D.MattoonILMaster of Science
Sandefer, Shelby E.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Shoot, Anthony T.MattoonILMaster of Arts
Wood, Alexander R.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Yardley, Amanda R.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Love, Antawan D.MaywoodILBachelor of Science
Conway, Sara A.McHenryILBachelor of Science
Moran, Tara R.McHenryILBachelor of Science
Law-Lopez, Breanna C.MidlothianILBachelor of Arts
Kent, Taylor P.MilledgevilleILMaster of Science
Petry, David W.MiltonWIMaster of Science
Gallagher, Cody J.ModeILBachelor of Science
Armijo, Jacob A.MokenaILBachelor of Science
Vacek, Brett A.MolineILMaster of Arts
Alozie, Amechi A.MoneeILBachelor of Science
Beals, Amanda J.MonticelloILBachelor of Science in Bus
Harris, Amber L.MonticelloINBachelor of Science
Marquardt, Kollin M.MonticelloILBachelor of Science
Milton, Mitchell P.MonticelloILBachelor of Science
Walsh, Pamela M.MonticelloILMaster of Business Admin
Warsaw, Felicia R.MonticelloILBachelor of Science
Cosme, Jessica M.MorrisILBachelor of Arts
Elleson, Jacob M.MorrisILBachelor of Arts
Hare, Ashlee R.MorrisILBachelor of Arts
Fleming, Allie N.Mount ProspectILBachelor of Science
Smith, Sarah D.Mount ProspectILBachelor of Science
Hallam, Anthony E.Mount VernonILMaster of Science
Nordin, Ali B.Mount VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Riley, Shaye M.Mount VernonILBachelor of Arts
Mackenzie, Julia A.Mount ZionILMaster of Science
Bowman, Andrew K.Mt Prospect ILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bradley, Blake P.Mt ZionILMaster of Science in Education
Bradley, Blake P.Mt ZionILCertificate Program
Merris, Destini A.Mt ZionILBachelor of Arts
Naber, Chase A.Mt ZionILMaster of Science
Johansen, Laurie J.MundeleinILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Bauman, Kevin M.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Fenwick, Christopher P.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Metzger, Martin W.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Molloy, Colin M.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
Mueller, Jonathan C.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
Wisner, Nicholas J.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Young, Samantha M.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Holm, Nathan P.NashvilleILBachelor of Arts
Fearday, Donna M.NeogaILMaster of Business Admin
Gentry, Amanda E.NeogaILMaster of Science in Education
Strohl, Christine A.NeogaILBachelor of Science
Wright, Steve K.NeogaILBachelor of Science
Ferrill, Catherine G.New LenoxILBachelor of Arts
Coleman, Terri F.New OrleansLAMaster of Arts
Crouch, Shawn D.NewburghINBachelor of Science
Apple, Tara B.NewtonILMaster of Science
Redding, Anthony S.NewtonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bravo-Brown, Stephen A.North LauerdaleFLMaster of Science
Kosik, Brittany E.North RiversideILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Mullen, Matthew W.Oak ForestILBachelor of Science
Embree, Jenna M.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science
Popp, Veronica D.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science
Carlson, Jenna R.Oak ParkMNMaster of Science
Carrington, Victoria R.OakwoodILBachelor of Science in Bus
Berns, Andrew J.OconeeILBachelor of Science in Bus
Torchia, Marie A.OglesbyILBachelor of Arts
Clark, Lexi S.OlmstedILBachelor of Arts
Thomann, Andrew C.OlneyILSpecialist in Education
Capouch, Henry W.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Winchel, Kati E.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Christian, Mackenzie L.OswegoILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Ochoa, Matthew R.Palos HeightsILBachelor of Science
Stronczek, Eric D.Palos ParkILBachelor of Arts
Braschler, Joshua A.Park ForestILBachelor of Science in Bus
Rosenberg, Nicole C.Park RidgeILBachelor of Science
Sobczak, Drew A.Park RidgeILMaster of Science
Bender, Jessica E.PaxtonILBachelor of Science
Bridges, Diane A.PeoriaILBachelor of Science
Goodman, Brandon M.PeoriaILBachelor of Arts
Waller, Erin C.PeoriaILBachelor of Science
Mizaur, Robert D.PeotoneILBachelor of Science in Bus
Daugherty, Samantha N.PeruILBachelor of Science
Metheny, Clayton G.PesotumILBachelor of Science in Bus
Lutz, Kayla D.PhiloILBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Jordan T.PhiloILMaster of Science
Moscatello, Blake W.PhoenixAZBachelor of Arts
Mager, Kenna L.PittsfieldILMaster of Arts
White, Daniel R.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science
Woodson, Audrey M.Pompano BeachFLBachelor of Science
Zearing, John D.PrincetonILBachelor of Science
Mata, ReneProspect HtsILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Clifton, Logan C.RantoulILBachelor of Science
Eckstein, Janet E.RantoulILMaster of Science in Education
Massey, Dylan T.RantoulILMaster of Arts
Mcclain, JessicaRantoulILBachelor of Arts
Passarelli, HaydenRantoulILMaster of Science
Riley, LeonRantoulILBachelor of Science
Robertson, Ryne J.RantoulILBachelor of Science
Snyder, Patrick J.RantoulILBachelor of Science
Wiznerowicz, Anna R.RIchmondILBachelor of Science
Baker, Braunz J.Richton ParkILBachelor of Arts
Baker, Braunz J.Richton ParkILBachelor of Arts
Harvey-Costello, Nydra L.Richton ParkILBachelor of Science
Jackson, Deonte S.Richton ParkILBachelor of Science
Tarver, Tashelle D.Richton ParkILBachelor of Science
Schnake, Courtney D.RichviewILBachelor of Science
Arbitman, Steven A.River ForestILBachelor of Arts
Rains, Cierra L.RobinsonILBachelor of Science
Welsh, Braden W.RobinsonILBachelor of Science
Frank, Tina M.Rock FallsILBachelor of Science
Bauman, Elizabeth M.Rock IslandILBachelor of Science
Frazier, Rachel A.RockfordILMaster of Science
Koeckritz, Justin J.Rolling MeadowsILBachelor of Science
Meyer, Shawn M.Rolling MeadowsILBachelor of Science
Lapp, Dennis W.RomeovilleILBachelor of Science
Hagland, Heather A.RoselleILBachelor of Science
Mazzuca, Erica L.RoselleILBachelor of Science
Mathews, Neil R.RossvilleILBachelor of Science
Dineen, Ryan C.RoswellGABachelor of Science
Read, DanielRound Lake BeachILBachelor of Science
Scherle, Kyle A.RumaILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Davis, Emily M.Saint CharlesILMaster of Science
Megenhardt, James D.Saint ElmoILMaster of Science
Pechmann, Adam M.Saint PetersMOSpecialist in School Psych
Smith, Taryn L.SalemILSpecialist in School Psych
Arballo, Monica L.San AntonioTXBachelor of Arts
Henninger, Hillaire M.San AntonioTXBachelor of Arts
Futrell, Nicholas B.SandwichILBachelor of Science
Fallon, Kyle T.SchaumburgILBachelor of Science
Baker, Kyle N.Schiller ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Suzewitz, Kaitlynn L.ScottsdaleAZBachelor of Science
Higgins, Joshua V.SenecaILBachelor of Science
Brock, Joshua J.SeymourILBachelor of Science
Bolinger, Emma A.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Forlines, RossShelbyvilleILMaster of Science in Education
Huber, Samantha M.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science
Jones, Chelsea L.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science
Ladd, Katlin M.ShelbyvilleILMaster of Science in Education
Martz, Brandon T.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science
Spain, Elizabeth A.ShelbyvilleILCertificate Program
Sweeney, Benjamin P.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Buscher, Jared A.ShermanILBachelor of Science
Meyer, Rachel J.SigelILMaster of Business Admin
Lurkins, Megan R.SorentoILBachelor of Science
Hinton, Taylor C.South JacksonvilleILBachelor of Arts
Long, Kathleen A.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science in Bus
Shafer, Kevin J.SpringfieldILBachelor of Arts
States, Kayla M.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science
McKinney, Matthew H.St JosephILMaster of Business Admin
Harmeier, Derek L.St PeterILBachelor of Science
Benson, Debra J.StoughtonWIMaster of Science
Kleckner, Justin H.SullivanILMaster of Business Admin
Yeske, MollySullivanILBachelor of Arts
Boyer, Eleanor A.SwanseaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Mortka, Jackson N.SwanseaILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Mellendorf, Toni M.TeutopolisILCertificate Program
Mellendorf, Toni M.TeutopolisILMaster of Science in Education
Harris, Brock D.ThompsonvilleILSpecialist in Education
Cunningham, Joseph M.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Okoskey, Alexander J.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Price, Crystal L.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Shanahan, Kenneth J.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Beebe, Ryan E.ToledoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Gast, Courtney D.ToledoILBachelor of Science
Perkins, BrooklynTollesboroKYMaster of Science
Masters, Rebecca A.TolonoILBachelor of Arts
Chadwick, Collin G.TucsonAZMaster of Arts
Rodmaker, Gabrielle H.TuscolaILBachelor of Fine Arts
Romine, Miriam E.TuscolaILMaster of Science
Chilcote, Andrea M.Twin LakeMIMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Franklin, Wade B.UrbanaILMaster of Business Admin
Hoffmann, Cole J.UrbanaILMaster of Science
Kindle, Lorenzo M.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Mohammed, Mohsin S.UrbanaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Palmer, Aliza J.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Pierce, Ellen M.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Sanders, EthanUrbanaILMaster of Science
Stahler, Blake M.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Stanley, Kaylea D.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Weber, Rebecca J.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Weeks, Joshua B.UrbanaILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Hough, Chloe J.Vernon HillsILMaster of Science
Pinninty, KalpanaVijayawadaMaster of Science
Bretz, Jonathan E.Villa GroveILBachelor of Science
Leon, Staci A.Villa GroveILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ruch, Megan M.Villa ParkILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Schuman, Jason D.WarrenvilleILBachelor of Science
Little, Taylor M.WashingtonILBachelor of Science
Day, Anthony R.WaterlooILBachelor of Science
Ivory, Xadon L.WaucondaILBachelor of Science
Monroe, Tracy A.WaukeganILBachelor of Arts
Choate, Marli D.Wayne CityILBachelor of Arts
Choate, Marli D.Wayne CityILBachelor of Science
Porter, Tyler L.Wayne CityILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Kambhampati, Durga Bhavanawest havenCTMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Leathers, JasmyneWest SalemILBachelor of Science
Maline, Julie K.WestchesterILBachelor of Science
Harmon, Christina J.WestfieldINBachelor of Music
Zegadlo, Stephanie A.WestmontILSpecialist in School Psych
Dillon, Miranda M.WheatonILBachelor of Fine Arts
Hernandez, Thomas M.WheatonILBachelor of Science
Luhrsen, Eric B.WheatonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Sievers, Ryan S.WheatonILBachelor of Arts
Manley, Emily S.WheelingILBachelor of Science
Rowe, Karla A.WheelingILBachelor of Science
Schober, Jennifer K.WhitewaterWIMaster of Science
Floyd, Ryne A.WindsorILBachelor of Science
Henness, Megan R.WindsorILBachelor of Science
Schubert, Dayna K.WindsorILBachelor of Arts
Jimenez, Denise G.WoodridgeILBachelor of Arts
Suma, Samantha M.WoodstockILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Doxie, Le' Vetta S.ZionILBachelor of Science