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Dr. Chris  Laingen

Dr. Chris Laingen

Associate Professor, Geography

Office: 3065 - Physical Science
Phone: (217) 581-2999
Email: crlaingen@eiu.edu


PhD, (Geography) Kansas State University
MS, (Geography) South Dakota State University
BS, (Geography) South Dakota State University


My research involves assessing multi-decadal trends of rural and agricultural land use change in the conterminous U.S. and describing the complex web of socio-ecological driving forces that cause them.  I rely highly upon land use and land cover change data products from remotely-sensed satellite imagery, as well as more traditional types of data such as those from the quinquennial U.S. Department of Agriculture's Census of Agriculture.


2016. Laingen, C.R. A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Sorghum in the United States. Papers in Applied Geography, 2(x) xx-xx. (acceptedin press)

2015. Laingen, C.R. Measuring Cropland Change: A Cautionary Tale. Papers in Applied Geography, 1(1) 65-72.

2015. Auch, R.F., and C.R. Laingen. Having it Both Ways?: Land Use Change in a U.S. Midwestern Agricultural Ecoregion. The Professional Geographer 67(1): 84-97.

2014. Laingen, C.R. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Changing Agricultural Landscapes of the Dakotas. FOCUS on Geography 57(1): 41-42.

2013. Auch, R.F., C.R. Laingen, M.A. Drummond, K.L. Sayler, R.R. Reker, M.A. Bouchard, and J.J. Danielson. Land Use and Land Cover Change in Three Corn Belt Ecoregions. FOCUS on Geography 56(4): 135-143.

2013. Laingen, C.R. A Geo-Temporal Analysis of the Conservation Reserve Program: Net vs. Gross Change, 1986 to 2013. Papers in Applied Geography 36: 37-46.

2013. Laingen, C.R., and L.M.B. Harrington. "Agricultural Geography." In Oxford Bibliographies in Geography. Edited by Barney Warf. New York: Oxford University Press.

2012. Laingen, C.R. Delineating the 2007 Corn Belt Region. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 35: 174-182.

2011. Laingen, C.R. A Picture is Worth 972 Words: The Old, Red Barn. FOCUS on Geography 54(3): 111-112.

2011. Laingen, C.R., and C.D. Craig. Adding Another Notch to America's Corn Belt. FOCUS on Geography 54(2): 60-69.

2011. Laingen, C.R. Historic and Contemporary Trends of the Conservation Reserve Program and Ring-Necked Pheasants in South Dakota. Great Plains Research 21: 95-103.

2008. Laingen, C.R. How Human and Natural Driving Forces Affect Pheasants and Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota. FOCUS on Geography 51(3): 23-31.

2008. Napton, D.E., and C.R. Laingen. The Expansion of Golf Courses in the United States. The Geographical Review 98(1): 24-41.

2005. Laingen, C.R., and S. Van Aartsen. Repairing Midwest Storm Sewers. Geospatial Solutions 15(8): 28.

2002. Laingen, C.R. Fossils on the Prairie: Abandoned Farmsteads in Southwestern Minnesota. The Geographical Bulletin 44(1): 10-20.

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