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How do I...

...sign-up for coverage? How much does it cost? When does coverage begin?

Students who enroll for at least 9 on-campus hours, graduate assistants under contract, and International Students enrolled in a minimum of 3 on-campus hours are automatically assessed the fee for coverage. The fee is identified on the tuition and fee bill as “Student Insurance Fee”.

Students who enroll 6, 7, or 8 on-campus hours can purchase the coverage as a part-time student by completing an application (pdf) and submitting payment by Count Day of each Term.

When the student is covered by a primary policy, the Plan is considered secondary insurance and will coordinate with the primary policy to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.

The Plan provides worldwide protection, 24 hours a day, and allows the student to choose any physician or health care provider.

...submit a claim? Do I need to contact your office before I go to the doctor?

For complete instructions and a claim form (pdf).

We recommend the student carry an insurance card (pdf) from both the primary and secondary insurance carriers so that this information is readily available when medical treatment is needed.

It is not required that you contact our office prior to treatment. However, to verify your coverage and in order for us to best provide you with benefit information, contact our office as soon as reasonably possible.

...get reimbursed for charges incurred at the Health Service?

Student Insurance provides benefits for off-campus treatment of an illness or injury when the Health Service is not available or does not offer the services a student needs.

Student Health Insurance does not provide benefits for treatment at the Health Service on campus. For more information about how to submit a claim to your primary carrier, contact Health Service.

In the event of a non-emergency, a Health Service referral is not required, however the student’s needs may be best satisfied and costs contained when the Health Service manages the treatment. When the student is covered under The Plan and is eligible to use the Health Service, this combination of care can minimize the out-of-pocket expenses.

...continue my coverage after graduation or extend coverage during the summer when I am not enrolled?

Students who graduate at the end of Spring Term may purchase an extension of coverage (pdf) through the following Summer Term.

We do not offer an extension for December graduates. These students can contact the Alumni Office about Grad-Med Insurance.

Students covered by the Plan during Spring Term and who do not intend to enroll for the Summer Term can purchase an extension of coverage.

...purchase coverage for my spouse and/or my dependents?

The University does not provide spouse or dependent coverage.

...cancel my student insurance coverage? Can I opt out of the Plan?

Students with equal or better health insurance coverage may apply for a waiver of the Student Health Insurance fee. Students must complete an Insurance Waiver form and provide proof of other health insurance coverage by Count Day of Term.

Waiving the Student Insurance fee does not exempt the student from the Health Service.

What you need to know before you opt out of the Plan and what is the benefit to carrying the Student Insurance as your secondary?

Unlike an HMO or PPO, the Plan does not have a network. This gives students a choice in their care and provides coverage for treatment the student receives while they are at home, at school, and wherever they may travel.

The parents’ HMO or PPO may only cover the student while in the home area, or may reduce benefits when the student is treated away from home. If the family plan includes that requirement, the Plan can be a good supplement for the student while at school.

The Plan can compliment the family health plan so you may have up to 100% coverage of medical expenses. It can be beneficial to carry both, particularly if the family plan has a high deductible.

The cost of Student Health Insurance is very reasonable compared to health care costs in general.

College years are usually physically healthy ones, but they are also a time of major developmental and social transitions during which physical and mental health problems have the potential to interfere with students’ lives and ambitions. The Plan can provide the additional coverage when needed.

Students who have been previously approved for the waiver of the Student Insurance fee and want to re-enroll in the Plan.

Students who have been previously approved for the waiver of the Student Insurance fee and want to re-enroll in the Plan prior to the beginning of any Term may do so by completing an application and making payment of the insurance fee within the first 10 days of class Fall or Spring Term, first 5 days of class summer Term. Contact the Student Insurance Office.

Reinstatement in the Plan during a Term

Reinstatement in the Plan during a Term will only be granted to students who become involuntarily ineligible for coverage under a group insurance plan (e.g., marriage, loss of employment, etc.). Students must be enrolled in, and have paid tuition and fees for 6 or more on-campus hours, complete an application, and make payment of the insurance fee within 31 days of the loss of coverage. Contact the Student Insurance Office.